Thursday, May 1, 2014

May's Across The Pond Sew Along Project !

May's ATPSA Project

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May has arrived, and  finally, so has the warm sunshine!  Maybe you are getting a new pair of sunglasses for the summer...    What kind of glasses case  do you use?

a Kate Spade sunglasses case on Ebay

This is clever but I found some styles that fit my personality better....

Want to make a fun and easy project.... in fabrics that you LOVE?  Then join us in the
fun and easy Across The Pond Sew Along, as we make eyeglass cases this month!

You can get a few ideas right here , and also at Amanda 's blog (The Patchsmith.) 

Look at these cute,  and free, patterns that I found :

Glasses Case with Ruffle & Handy Key Ring :    from Sew4Home blog

picture courtesy of  Sew4Home

What a beautiful and fancy case!!

Easy Peasy Eyeglasses Case Pattern :   by Marianne.N's Pattern Store : Hillside Quiltworks

picture courtesy of Hillside Quiltworks

This pattern is really versatile!!  And would be easy to adapt for bigger glasses and easy to embellish with extras...

Scalloped Sunglasses Case:        by Positively Splendid blog

photo courtesy of Positively
Very elegant in this fabric! I think it would be pretty without the flowers, too.

Hexagon Eye Glasses Case:   by Liesl Made blog

photo courtesy of Liesl Made blog
Hexagons!!  This is what I wanted to make first!

Some of you may remember  when I made my first eyeglasses case last year... I wanted to make something to use some of my first hexagons that I ever made.  (This  pattern is a bit tricky.)  But I loved how it showed off my hexies. I use this pouch for my magnifying glasses for handstiching.

My first hexies.... sewn onto a eyeglasses case    

Liesl's pattern taught me a new way to cut out and make hexagons, using freezer paper. 

I actually printed the hexagon patterns on to the freezer paper!  They are little hexies... at 1 1/2 inches.  I cut each hexagon out, placed  it on my scrap { black and white and PINK } fabric,   trimmed the fabric with a seam allowance, and then ironed each side flat to the freezer paper.  No thread was needed to make the hexies so far.
Next, I hand- pieced all 34  hexies together, with a slip stitch,  to make a  single piece of fabric about 7 inches x 7 inches.  (I made my pattern slightly larger than the tutorial pattern.)   I use Pellon Fusible Fleese  FF987 for both the outer fabric and the lining, to give it just the right amount of strength.     

The top side of my hexagon eyeglasses case

The bottom side

Of course I  had to use some of my stash Jennifer Paganelli  So St. Croix for the lining!
This was a fun project to make with hexies!!  I enjoyed  doing the hand sewing while watching tv in the evening.  And it's a great way to use some scraps!

Later this month, I will be making another eyeglasses case... I want to make the Easy Peasy Eyeglasses case.  Amanda told me that she made one, and that it went "lickety split!"   I need a few Mother's Day gifts, and think these would make beautiful gifts for Mother's Day and birthdays.

You can see what  folks are making  along with us, in our Across The Pond Sew Along Flickr group  !  We'd love for you to share any of the  Sew Along projects that you have made , currently and from the past!  

Meanwhile,  I'm pretty sure I won't need to be wearing my glasses... to FIND my glasses case in my purse...with these bright black and white & hot pink  fabrics!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. That looks like a fun hexie project Susie!!! I love the colors you chose and it looks pretty streamlined so it would be a nice size to fit in a purse. Beautiful work as always!!!!

  2. I was wanting to make easy Mother's Day gifts for my guests (moms and daughters that are moms as well) this is just the thing!! The problem is which one do I make? Great job on those hexies Susie! and what a great idea!

  3. I think this is a great project - so useful and fun to make. I love the little hexies made with so many favorites!

  4. Thank you for the freezer paper tip. I'd never heard that one. You've inspired me to try hexies!


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