Saturday, October 6, 2012

Repairing a bag

Help for a torn bag

Months ago,  I decided to make a  big duffle bag for my dear friend's daughter.  She is a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan, and her mom suggested a bag with the Flyers fabric.
It is so much easier to make something  when you know what a person likes for colors and theme!  Right?
Except in this case, I couldn't find  ANY Flyers fabrics anywhere.  I looked for a long time.

Then one day I shopped  in our local Walmart.   I passed the men's sport's apparel department, and   a pair of orange and black men's jammies  jumped out at me   appeared!  'Screeeeech  !!!! '  went the cart's  wheels as I applied my breaks !

The idea hit me right there- Buy the Flyer jammie pants, cut them up CAREFULLY, and fussy cut pieces for use in  the duffle bag!!!      
I used a pattern  by  Fig Tree & Co.  called My Paris Traveler's Bag.

This pattern makes a big duffle bag, with a zipper top.

The jersey fabric in the pajama bottoms was easier to manage and cut than I had imagined it would be.  I cut 4 long strips for the inside of the handles.  I figured I'd use black for the outside.  I used rectangles of  the Flyers fabric for two outside pockets, where there was a lot of space for  the design to show through.  I got bright orange fabric at Joann Fabric, and used that for the gusset.  Lastly,  I used white for the inside lining. 

My friend's daughter really liked her Flyers Traveler's Bag .  She has been using it a lot.
However, currently,   it has one little problem.  One of their little dogs managed to OPEN the zipper and cause some minor damage!  
The bag had  one handle pulling off of the side, and the pocket was loosened.  The zipper was able to be pulled all the way to one end, and come apart. :(    There was some worn-out fabric at that end of the zipper.  (I think the little poochie pulled and tugged and scratched at that end for awhile.  He was trying to get her retainer, in a bag, in it's case, INSIDE the Flyers bag!  He has a good nose!!  )  Luckily, there were no tears in it!

Sewing a patch over the worn area at the end of the zipper
 I reinforced the handle and re-attached the pocket, and added the patch at the end of the zipper.
Luckily,  it fit underneath my machine with no problems.

I added this orange patch, to cover the worn area, and to stop the zipper from going off of the track
The repaired Flyers Paris Traveler's Bag

I am so happy that the repairs went smoothly , and the bag is ready to be used again!

It made me happy to see a bag that I made was being used ....and that the person liked what I made for her!   This is a big reason that I love to sew.    (YOU, too... right?!)

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Great bag! How clever to use clothing to get theatric you need.

  2. Hmmm... I meant the fabric, not theatric! Silly autocorrect.

  3. LOL...autocorrect is so funny! You are a great friend, to make and re-make that cute bag! Maybe she should invest in a spare set of retainers...for the doggie! He really loves retainers a lot, to figure out how to get them out of there.

  4. Very creative way to find the fabric you need. lol.

  5. So am I right in thinking not only does your husband have no closet space due to your fabric hoard but you can't be trusted with his pyjamas either? Very resourceful - I like it.

  6. I think one of the reasons I love to sew is to give what I make away. You are very creative!!!

  7. I've made this bag 4 times now! I love seeing your version of it and that you were able to repair it. I agree, that it is awesome to see something you have made being used :) It really makes me happy!


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