Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trick or Treat Sue

A real "treat"  to make a " Trick or Treat Sue " block!

This week, I ran across the sweetest pattern to paper piece.  It is a Sunbonnet Sue  pattern designed by the talented Jennifer Ofenstein of ,  for the blog hop ,  Something Wicked This Way Comes.    

Jennifer created a Sunbonnet Sue , for Oct. 16, 2012 on the blog hop,   and she is trick or treating!

Block made by Jennifer, of  
 I pulled out ( from my organized stash closet ) dug  out (from under some summer fabrics )  the Halloween fabrics on my   kitchen  work table  , and made my own little Sue.

My  Trick or Treat Sue      a 10 inch block

 After I posted little Sue  on my Flickr page, and the Flickr page for Sewhooked projects,   I noticed she looked a little sad .  Could it be that  she was  still an "orphan" block.  :(
So I went back onto the  blog to look at  all of the other Halloween patterns.  I saw just what I was looking for ... on Oct. 11.  Kimi,  of, designed some wickedly delicious candy patterns!   A  tootsie roll,  smarties, lollipop, and candy corn!  Bingo!   I had my idea!
Kimi's Candy patterns
I found the right colors for making some candy corn.  I love the yellow polka dots!  They make me happy.  ( Does anyone else like polka dots this much??)
My candy corn block  - a 5 inch block. I just added more background white sashes to make it 10 inches

Notice inside her pumpkin pail,  she has candy corn!    (I saw this little touch in Jennifer's block,  and couldn't resist putting  in candy corn fabric in mine .)

I decided to make a little 10 inch pillow with my 2 blocks.   And since I used the white background, I wanted to Halloween-it up  some with a  ruffle.....  black , with orange polka dots, of course!
I cut 3 inch x WOF strips , ironed them in half lengthwise, and baste stitched the raw edges .  I was glad when I had them gathered... this is my least favorite part of making ruffles.  (I am saving for a ruffle foot on my Topaz.)

Here is little Sue,  with her little Sweet tooth.
The back side of Sue's pillow

(Don't tell anyone... but I have a big sweet tooth, too!)

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. So, so cute...front and back! And you know I do love polka dots at least as much as you do...must be genetic!

  2. You are really the queen of paper piecing!! This has SO much CHARM! And I love polka dots, too!

  3. Love your little cushions - perfect for brightening up Halloween.

  4. This pillow is just adorable! (And I also have quite the sweet tooth!)


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