Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunflower Purse

 Sunflower Bow Tucks Purse

This past week I had a fun project to work on. 
My dear friend, Mary, asked me to make a purse for her sweet daughter-in-law.  And Mary requested that I use sunflower fabrics as the main featured fabric. 

I love making things for Mary, because she often says, "You make it like you would make it for yourself. I trust you."  ( Mary is herself extremely gifted as a florist.  You should see her beautiful weddings!)

So I looked around and bought my fabrics that featured sunflowers.  
Harvest Abundance  by Wilmington Prints ; Gold-  Quilter's Linen Print -Sunflower  by Robert Kaufman
I like to use  this  Bow Tucks pattern because I get to pick out at least  3 different fabrics to coordinate , like  a beautiful "mini quilt" .  It is a tote AND a purse, that can change its looks by adding or taking away the  bowed ties at the sides. 
The Bow Tucks Tote Pattern
It is called the Bow Tucks Tote ,  by Penny Sturges.  You can see all of her patterns for bags and purses at  

This is the pattern of the  very first purse that I ever sewed!  

Inside- I have pockets on both sides.  Lots of pockets with this pattern!

This side has a zippered pocket, too.

I embroidered a K on the outer front pocket

This tote bag/purse will hold a lot of things!   
By adding some  extra length to the handles (I made these 26 inches),  and  not putting on  the side ties, it gives the bag a more modern look.

(My sister, Amy ,of AmyMadeThat!, and I  affectionately call them, "Bow Tox" purses !  I guess that's a joke only a sewer would appreciate! lol  )

Functional AND fun !
I can't wait to see if she enjoys using her new sunflower tote bag!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Very pretty! I love the style of this bag!

  2. I love the fabric choices. You did so fast again. I can't wait to get home and start sewing.


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