Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After The Superstorm

After the Big Storm 2012

I am busy checking out things , inside and outside of my house, after the big SuperStorm that hit us yesterday and last night.
We are so lucky, because we have had no damage and we did not lose our power during the storm.   

I spent a lot of time preparing for the arrival of the Frankenstorm.  
I even listened to my mother's advice, and poured water into buckets and containers , and bowls, in all of the bathrooms.  (Water to use for " minimal toilet flushing" if power went out for a loooooong time, and we lost our water source.   

One water stash - for personal use in the bathrooms
As the evening progressed, and the winds kept getting stronger, (they really did roar like a freight train , as we live up on a ridge and get a lot of wind in normal times) , and more pieces from trees began blowing up against our windows and roof, I began to repeat ,in my head,  other advice that my mother had given me for the last few days.....

"Sleep far  away from areas of the house where you have trees that could crash through the house...."

So I got up from watching The Weather Channel, and  actually moved some of my  'valuables '  away from  any windows and walls that could be affected if a tree was blown over.
First up.....   my Viking Topaz sewing machine, of course.

This faces the back yard, where LOTS of  TALL TREES are.  They SWAY and SWAY with the wind!
And  I can see tall trees swaying out of  every skylight !
Then I moved my Ott floor lamp away from that window.   (I really got a good deal on that lamp from JoAnn Fabric!)
My Ott floor lamp is squeezed into our little study.  (Some of the squeezing MIGHT be due to piles of fabric. laying around..... maybe.......
Soon, my Viking Topaz and little Baby Lock were safe on my desk in the study. There are no trees on this side of the house!   (But , it is too small for my husband and I to sleep in here...   and that is not just because there is  a lot fabric in here.  Honest.)

My  Topaz and Baby Lock  are safely  stashed in my study.... no trees on this side of the house!

This morning,  after  moving my sewing machines back into their little spots,   I have been tending to our bird feeders .  One of them got pushed down by  the wind and  the water soaked ground couldn't keep it upright.   I measured over 5.4 inches of rain in my rain gauge on the deck.  I think there was more rain, but many times the wind was blowing rain sideways and it didn't get measured in my gauge.    We have a minor leak in the basement, from the blowing winds of the Nor'Easter,  and lots of tree branches and twigs and limbs in our yard.  But that is all minor.  

We are lucky and thankful to have made it through the storm.  
(I'll be praying for all of the folks who have real problems and losses....)

Can't wait to get sewing again.  I have several projects lined up.

Take care!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you're safe and sound. I've been checking the news on the storm every now and then over the last couple of days.

    I did LOL at your moving your most valuable items...I think mine would have been the exact same items! Sewing machine, overlocker, laptop for me too lol! xx

  2. We lost electric for a little over 12 hours. It is funny how everything that our Mothers say to us seems to go over and over in our head. I do the same thing. I am glad you are ok.

  3. I woke up this morning wondering about you and Amy and hoping that all was ok. I just can't believe the devastation. Your mother gave you good advice! Hope you're sewing again soon.

  4. So glad you are fine and that your treasured possessions are untouched. Am watching the situation from afar but I feel for all the work and loss that people have experienced. Your mother is a canny woman - listen to her always. xxx


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