Saturday, February 8, 2014

Help me with my Bloglovin !

I need a little help from my friends....

Hi Friends,

I am asking for a little help and advice ....

Can you comment and tell me if you are getting my new posts by Bloglovin or some other reader ? 

for example:   No bloglovin
                       Yes  bloglovin
                       Yes  _______

You don't need to read the rest of this post  if you aren't good at Bloglovin' and setting up things on your blog....

My problem-

I have some followers by Bloglovin' that say they are not getting  any new posts  (since November.)

So, I have:
Gone to the  Bloglovin' home page
Under  - Your Blog

I  clicked on   Claim Your Blog
I have Claimed my Blog.
They still don't get my new posts in bloglovin.

Now I go  to :   Claim your blog:

I put in  for  search :  {I did put in proper name}
It says I have 3 blogs....

and goes on to say    has one follower               {I did put in proper name}

and      has 40 followers   {I did put in proper name}

***Yet, it says I have 81 followers on my widget on my home page (right side, where you sign up for Bloglovin')

I have "unclaimed these 2"   , and they show up still.  

Do I need to unite these into just 1 blog, and then claim that one?  
 Help gratefully accepted,  if you understand what is going on!! This confuses me!  (And gives me a headache!)

Thanks so much for any help and advice,


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Flicsha.
      I am glad for the feedback.

  2. No Bloglovin. I have also had this trouble - it seems to have dropped off some of the blogs I follow. So now I check your blog every couple of days.

  3. No bloglovin! And I added you on the list of my favorite blogs and I can't see your new posts there too! I don't know what problem could be, see the settings on Blogger; maybe bloglovin has a FAQ and you could find the answer there.

  4. No Bloglovin' for me, and I've got the same problem! Boo!

  5. Yes, bloglovin! I just signed up a few days ago, tho. Wish I could help, but I'm not familiar with bloglovin very much.

    1. Thanks for the feedback!
      You have given me an idea to try out....

  6. Your posts still do not come thru my BlogLovin feed. I gave up and am getting your posts thru email now :). Are there any real people at BlogLovin to talk to?

  7. I just have your posts come straight into my inbox :) I think I may have it on Feedly too but I don't look on there too often.

  8. I just searched my list of blogs I am following on Bloglovin' and was surprised yours wasn't listed as one I do follow that way. Surprised because when I follow via email, I also follow on Bloglovin' as well, just in case Charter has a problem with email so I don't miss any posts.

    I did, however do a search of all blogs and entered your blog name into that and, like you, I found 3 blogs listed. I don't know if any of the things I noticed will help you at all, but just in case, I'll mention each just in case you may not have and it might help you in some way. Sorry this is a bit long. But, if it helps in any way then it's worth it. I'm sure you're frustrated. I know I would be if it were me trying to figure it out.

    What I did notice between each of those found was that none of them are showing any current blog posts. I saw 3 different 'last post' dates; Sept 25, 2013, Nov 15, 2013, and the last one shows your last post was Nov 21, 2013.

    Another thing I noticed is that you have three different numbers. I don't have a blog, so I am not positive, but I'm assuming they are your individual registration numbers for each of your blogs on Bloglovin'.
    I think there may be some setting that isn't quite right, as well as the fact you have 3 different numbers, because none of them are showing any recent posts being done.

    I also noticed that while your name is the same in each link, the name shown on each individual Bloglovin' page is different. I don't know how Bloglovin' works, but many times with computers they are "case sensitive", and if Bloglovin' follows that as well, then that may be part of the problem. One shows susiessunroom, another susiessunroom (with the .de address), and finally another shows SusiesSunroom. Having each named slightly differently with all small alpha letters and another using caps and small alpha this could be why they were given two different numbers, and of course, the one with the ".de" blog address, would normally indicate a German blog.
    I wish I knew more about it to help you better. Hopefully another blogger will read this and maybe help you out. Have you asked Amy to see if she had any help for you?

    BTW - another thing I noticed is in your profile. The link to "My Web Page" goes to Flickr, not a necessarily a web page as one might expect to find when clicking a link that says My Web Page. Maybe that's just me, but I would click that and expect to go to a website, or blog rather than a Flickr page.


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