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Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop Day

Huggin' and Kissin'

More information and details at Madame Samm's  Sew We Quilt .com

Welcome to Susie's Sunroom!

Today is the final day of the "sweetest" blog hop ever ... The Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop !
The sweet and ruffley Mdm Samm  has arranged this Valentine's Day theme hop ....along with sweet Soma  and her  awesome paper pieced patterns !
Patterns available at Soma's Craftsy.  Proceeds go to 2 charities.

Everyone in the blog hop is making projects using these Hugs and Kisses  paper pieced patterns.  Sweet!!

 Be sure to visit everyone on the list today and see what beautiful projects they have created ! (The whole list is at the end of my post in case you have missed any days.)

Feb 19th

 Lady Bente

Lady Kristen

Lady Linda

Lady Marcy

Lady Susie
SusiesSunroom  You are here now!!

Mdm Samm

I'd love to share what I made using Soma's Hugs and Kisses  patterns....

A Hugs and Kisses Tea Towel    and a  Hearts Pincushion
Hugs and Kisses Tea Towel  and   a heart pincushion  

The Hugs and Kisses Tea Towel -

             Pattern-   Free Spirit Tea Towel  by Heidi Pridemore (link  here)  
             Fabric:   Valentine Rose  by Tanya Whelan   at Free Spirit (ADORE this fabric line!)
                          Kona solids
                          Michael Miller  Garden  Pin Dot  Petal Pink  (such a Happy pink!)

  •         the hugs and kisses patterns were reduced to 50% size, and inserted into the fabric as  part of the top of the tea towel 

The top section is perfect to feature the Hug and Kiss symbols.
And, I love  the ruffle bottom on this tea towel !

The Hearts Pincushion -

             Pattern-   Prettified Pincushion   from the  book 
      " Patchwork Please " by Ayumi Takahashi   ( Zakka projects to stitch and give)  (link here)
  •    the top and bottom pattern was substituted with the Hugs and Kisses heart blocks by Soma made in pink fabric  and one made  in  red fabric        
  •   filled with crushed walnut shell kitty litter  (Blue Buffalo )  
  •  Valentine fabric pieces for the sides
  • heart buttons                                                    

The Red Heart side of the pincushion

A Pink Heart side of the Prettified Pincushion

Now.... if you happen to be a regular follower of my blog, you probably figured out already  that I wouldn't be able to stop at making " just 2 " little old  small hearts....

What else did I make?   A  Table Runner using these hearts....
I got the idea after seeing a pretty Valentine's Day Table Runner made by Cherilyn at   A Farm Wife's Journal...  where she put heart blocks together with 9 Patch blocks. 

I decided  to use five of Soma's  paper pieced heart blocks ,  and pair them with some jaunty little pinwheel blocks.

The  I  *Heart*  Pinwheels Table Runner-

My    I *Heart* Pinwheels Table Runner

The I *Heart* Pinwheels Table Runner-

         Pattern-    Hearts-  Soma's paper pieced hearts were reduced  to become  6 1/2 "                                           blocks .  I made five of these.
                       Pinwheel blocks  - five 6 1/2 inch blocks
          Fabric-      Valentine Rose  by Tanya Whelan    at Free Spirit
                          White Garden Pin Dots   by Michael Miller
                          Stash fabrics for different pinks
          Thread -  Aurofil White  100 % cotton    (50 weight)

I love  pink gingham!
I used the Aurofil White thread  (50 weight) for the first time, for both the  piecing and the quilting.  "in love with this thread"

A pink polka dot heart..... hey, where'd that bird come from?

These little hearts are so cute, that I wanted to make something using a smaller heart.  So I made  a little door handle pillow.

Tiny Heart Door Handle Pillow-
Tiny  Heart door handle pillow   

Pattern-    Heart pattern-  Soma's Hugs and Kisses heart  -reduced to a 4 1/2 " block
Fabric -   Valentine Rose  by Tanya Whelan    at Free Spirit
                          White Garden Pin Dots   by Michael Miller
                          Stash fabrics for pink

 Embellishments-   Ruffle    2 1/2 " x 44"   made with my gathering foot  (Easy Peasy this way!)
                              Glass beads
                               White lace  -   1/2 "  wide

The Tiny  Heart Door Handle Pillow

The back side.. all plumpness and ruffley

Thank you so much,  Mdm Samm  for  cheerleading and organizing this blog hop, and giving us a fun way to stretch our imaginations and to be inspired !  (Sew We Quilt blog).
Thank you so much, Soma, for these awesome hugs and kisses designs!  (Whims and Fancies blog)

 Here is the Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop full schedule:  You will not want to miss anybody's lovely  projects....

Feb 12th

Lady Carol

Lady Sandy

Lady Cynthia

Lady Pat

Lady Jolie

Lady Susan

Feb 13th

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Lady Lyndsey

Feb 14th

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Feb 18th

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Feb 19th

 Lady Bente

Lady Kristen

Lady Linda

Lady Marcy

Lady Susie
SusiesSunroom  That's Me!

Mdm Samm

                                                         And if you were not in our hop 
but wish to get the patterns…
HERE they are ..

                        Thanks so much for stopping by today!    

          It has been a pleasure opening my heart up to you today!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Adorable! All you projects are sew sweet. I really like the way the pinwheels work with the hearts in the table runner. I think the pincushion is my favorite. Lovely fabrics. Thanks for the pattern links. XO ... have Happy Heart Day everyday ... <3 Pat

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    Congrats on being on the wall, you fully deserved it!

  21. I am exhausted looking at all your goodies. Oh my what goodies they are. The table runner is stunning. Stunning. Amazing pattern that makes the hearts dance.

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  25. You certainly had your mojo going with all your projects. My two favorites were the tea towel (Love that ruffle!) and the pincushion. I always think...You can never have too many pincushions and yours is adorable. The "Valentine Rose" fabric is absolutely gorgeous and one I want to add to my stash!

  26. Wow. I'm overwhelmed. Beautiful job! I love all the projects but especially the pin cushion and table runner. Really nice fabric choices as well!

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  28. Wow! The hits just keep coming! The tea towel is adorable - I love the fabrics you chose and the ruffle completes that towel. I love the fabrics you chose for the runner, too. I love the pink gingham. I have a thing for gingham and, of course, the polka dots, too. You did a great job. And then the door hanger with the jewels is the icing on the cake. Hearts, pin wheels, phenomenal quilting, ruffles, gingham, polka dots, pink and white, red and white - what more could a girl ask for? Thanks for participating.

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    Thank you so much for sharing.
    xo jan

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    Thank you so much for joining the blog hop, dear friend!!

  32. you are amazing!!! you never make just 1; you go to town!! each one of your projects is beautiful with such pretty details. I love all of your creative uses of the hugs and kisses pattern!!! and i really love the pink and red color combo with a bit of green!! very fresh and crisp! :)

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