Sunday, November 25, 2012

Birdie Sling

Sewing one of my favorite patterns

If you are a regular  blog reader of Susie's Sunroom, you will probably notice that I like to make a few  things A LOT! 
 (It is NOT an addiction.... it is an AFFINITY :)  )

Besides mug rugs,  I love to make purses and totes.  One of my favorite patterns  to make is the Birdie Sling,  an Amy Butler Pattern.   This is a stylish and fun tote bag, that can be used as a purse, too. 

The Birdie Sling pattern   by Amy Butler
Today's sling was made for my  cousin.  She mentioned to me that she liked the sling I had made for her sister, in the fall.  (This one, in black and white and PINK!  , seen below.)

Black and White and  PINK  Birdie Sling

  After showing her  some different fabric options, she chose this vibrant  assortment of fabrics.   I loved her choice!  (Note:   Poppies  are from a line  by,  made in 2007.)
Poppies   by

Poppies by
I added a black fabric  , with dots of gold ,  made by Bark Sackel for, 2010, which was in my stash.

First peek... the  gold  fabric lining,  with a  big pocket inside

I added a cell phone slot for easy access , in the big pocket,  and a zippered lining pocket on the other side.

I customized her bag further,  by adding  the zippered lining pocket, the magnet snaps for some closure , and her monogram.

This sling bag has fun pleats on the front and back, and  is roomy inside.  I just love its curvy shape! 

"See  my gold lining  and my curves?"

K  monogram
She really likes her  "Poppies"  Birdie Sling.  I think the colors go perfectly  with her dark brown hair, and her personality!   

Now, I need to focus on making a few more items for a bazaar.  On this  Saturday,  I will be selling items with Maxine!  Where is the time going??.....

I'm off to my sewing room!

PS   Have you thought about joining us in the  Across The Pond Sew Along?
If you are too busy,  maybe join up in December or January..... it's never too late!

PPS    I have linked my sling bag on to Can I get a Whoop Whoop on Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  This is a fun blog to check out lots of beautiful projects!  Hop on over to look at them.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Surprise from Across the Pond!

A Gift from a Friend

Earlier this week,  I found a mysterious and wonderful package in my mailbox!  It was an odd shape, and it  was all wrapped up in duck tape!   I knew that I didn't have a fabric order still "out there"....( we ALL know when we are waiting for a fabric order to arrive!!) 

Upon closer inspection inside the house, I saw the ROYAL MAIL  sticker first...   Can you see the Queen's profile?   Then,  on the bottom right-hand  corner, it had a label saying it was from my friend , Amanda!!  

This overseas package came from Amanda,  The Patchsmith !

Well , now I began to squeal with like a little child getting ready to open up a Christmas present!  But I slowed myself down, and decided to cut it open very carefully.  I didn't want to cut into any fabric... just in case there was any kind of fabric in there.  
My treasures from the UK and Amanda
Inside I found the " best of the best"  ...  thoughtful  treasures,  relating to conversations and projects shared , by internet  and pictures and blogs! 

How  did Amanda know that I LOVE  shortbread cookies?? ( I am not sharing these with anybody!!)     I will be using this  adorable tin with the Scottie dogs, in my sewing room, for fun storage!!  
Fade to ......   
The Patchsmith's Scottie Dogs pattern  (on Craftsy)
My version of the Scottie Dogs Mug Rug  (for my mom)   

I looked this up on Wikipedia after  Amanda told me she was going  "to eat an ice cream cone with Flake ,"  out by the harbor...

99 Flake can refer to an ice cream cone with a Cadbury Flake inserted in it;
And then, for my favorite part of the surprise...

My mug rug
Made by Amanda,  The Patchsmith  
Pattern made by Amy , of Amy Made That! (My sister!)

I love the echo quilting and vibrant colors Amanda chose!!  And the extra  "Patchsmith" touches that she added !
Fade to....
The Patchsmith made a mug rug designed by Amy at
(This is her picture from one of her previous blogs.... little did I know that she was sending it to the USA for me!)
Amy Made That  Tumbler Mug Rug Pattern (on Craftsy)
(This is the first Tumbler mug rug from Amy's blog.)

So , Thank you ever so much for your wonderful gifts, Amanda!   xoxoxo
Meeting you and becoming your friend is one of the blessings that I am so thankful for this Thanksgiving!
I'm off to my sewing room!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Across the Pond Sew Along Project

The Anita Vacation Tote bag .....for the Across the Pond Sew Along!!

Amanda,  of  The Patchsmith  , and Amy , of  Amy Made That!  , and myself,  are hosting this sew along group, and we'd love have YOU jump in and make the projects with us,  whenever you can!   (No pressure.... just support, encouragement and inspiration from each other!)  You can see ,and add  Yours! to, what we make on the Across the Pond Sew Along Flickr page !

If you want to learn about  the Across the Pond Sew Along , click on the Page tab under my banner heading (top of blog) or   read back on my blog to : .

This is November's Project:

You can purchase the pattern at  Amy Made That!

I have been a  busy gal this week, and made up my mind to pick out the fabrics to use to make my Anita Vacation Tote bag!   (I am lucky to have a big stash, and sometimes,  one of the hardest parts of making a project is actually deciding on the final fabric to use! )

I decided on my Denyse Schmidt fabrics from JoAnn Fabric  (happy dance!)

The fabric, on top of this pile, with the grey , teal and cream tile print , is one Fat Quarter , out of 4 fat quarters  , that are actually all included/printed  in one panel.  Denyse Schmidt , brand  DS Quilts,  sold at JoAnn Fabrics.  I still have 3 fat quarters to create something with!

This pattern has some really nice features(that are adaptable)-

  • Creating longer handles.... that you can make with 2 different fabrics!
  • Zippered inside pocket
  • Row of pockets inside
  • Big size.... but sophisticated style
  • Magnetic snaps for good closure of bag

Amy's pattern directions are clear and precise.   I love the step by step directions, WITH the great pictures !  

As I made my bag,  I liked the fabric combination so much that I  decided to embroider  an "S" on, so I couldn't give it away!

"S"  font  Emily   found at  www.

I added my " S "   with my Viking Topaz machine  

I had a few smaller pieces of the top band (for accent at the top of the bag) from the fat quarter ,  so I pieced them together to add an inch to the top of the inside pocket.   After you fold it in half,  it became about 1/4" wide, and looks a bit like binding at the top of the pocket.   I like having a pocket for my cell phone, so I  stitched a small pocket on one side, and a 2" wide pocket for pencils and pens on the opposite side.  The directions are flexible, so you can customize these pockets to what you like!
My row of pockets, with cell phone pocket, middle section pocket and pen/pencil pocket

The other pocket is a zipper pocket!   I love peeking in there and seeing my grey dotted fabric!
I also love having the magnetic snaps, that keep my bag closed tightly and easily.   

Susie's Anita Vacation Tote bag 
I'm ready for that vacation now!  Does that come with the pattern??  Just kidding, Amy!
I will use this as my  tote bag and purse  when I travel!   This  bag will make a gorgeous gift for  holiday giving!
Look over at Amanda and Amy's blogs soon,  to see their Anita Vacation tote bags!  I can't wait!
Sew ... how  are YOU making your Anita Vacation Tote bag ??    :)
I'm off to my sewing room!

*  Check out the linky to  Can I Get a Whoop Whoop Friday   at
Confessions of a Fabric Addict  !  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Announcing a Sew Along !

The    Across the Pond Sew Along

I am so delighted to tell you about a new group that YOU  can sew  along  with every month!   
                                 Across the Pond Sew Along  

The Across the Pond Sew Along is being  hosted by Amy of Amy Made That!, Amanda of the Patchsmith, and myself, Susie of  Susie's Sunroom  ,  friends who are separated by the Atlantic Ocean .  This sew along aims to combine laughter and friendship with a love of sewing. Every month there will be a different project to share.

At the start of this journey ,  we are a  group of friends, sisters, mother and daughter  .... Join in with us,  no matter which side of the pond you are on, for some fun and friendly support.  There may be some  giveaways along the way!

We have an Across the Pond Sew Along Flickr group , that  you can join and post your  own creations from the sew along, and see what other beautiful projects the members of the sew along group are creating!  Or just hop over to the Flickr page and see what everyone has made so far.  

  { One of my favorite things about being part of this sew along, is that I will be  getting to see the marvelous patterns designed by  Amy Made That! and The Patchsmith!  They both have their patterns available to purchase on Craftsy, and you can get the direct links from their blogs..... it is so easy and fast!  }

And now let's begin the "funnest" part of being in a sew along....making great projects!!                                                               
                   November's Sew Along Project:

                              The Anita Vacation Tote       designed by eamylove


Need to find this downloadable pdf pattern, so you can make the Anita Vacation tote, too?  That's easy:    visit  Amy Made That!  and her Etsy shop  
                 or-    visit her on Craftsy

You can see many bags Amy has made with this pattern, varying fabrics and some details, on her blog page.

                 I made this black and yellow nosegay Anita last year: 
The Anita Vacation Tote         by Susie

Inside peek ...   The pattern includes directions for a zippered pocket!
I can't wait to see  The Patchsmith 's bag!   I love seeing  how everybody puts together different fabrics and accents !  (Check out the Flickr page for Across the Pond Sew Along)

l be looking for you in our Flickr group!  Time to start making my Anita Vacation Tote for the sew along!

I'm off to my sewing room!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Clay Jar and Mug Rug

A Mug Rug inspired by... faith

Oh, dear little mug rug , how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways....

You are tiny... and anything "mini" is  cute!

You are a little "practice run" of a pattern or a  block or  an idea....
(translation:  if there is a mistake, I don't  lose a lot of time or fabric!!)

I am much more likely to try something different and new when making you, a  little rug  (Translation:  I am 'chicken' on big things! but will give it a try if it is small!)

Since you are little, you can be finished quickly....  that's closer to instant gratification (compared to a big quilt)

I always have a  source of PATTERNS  (easy, cute , seasonal, versatile) at my fingertips , for when I am in the mood to make a new mug rug.  Enablers Designers , The Patchsmith  and   Amy Made That! , create beautiful and fun designs for mug rugs...(Check out their  blogs to see their patterns  for sale on Craftsy!)  

One of the Patchsmith's Mug Rug Patterns-  Blackbirds
(This  Blackbirds pattern is on my "To Make" list!)

Amy Made That! 's  Tumbler Mug Rug
(I made something based on this Tumbler pattern, but can't show it until Christmas!)

You are so fun to give away!

Sometimes, my own ideas come together to  make a mug rug.  ( I also like that there are no set rules of what a mug rug HAS to be.)

One Sunday,  after hearing an inspiring sermon by Pastor Jim, at our church,   an idea for a mug rug just popped into my head.  The sermon was based on the scripture 2 Corinthians 4: 7-12 ;  treasures in clay jars.    

I found a machine embroidery pattern for the Presbyterian Church Symbol.  And also stitched the words , with my Viking Topaz.
I found a  paper pieced JAR  pattern online from Shape Moth!  Perfect!
I found a paper pieced pattern for making jars , at  Shape, and then I ordered fabric that looked like terra cotta , for clay.

Clay Jars   Mug Rug  for Pastor Jim
Thank you for inspiring us every week, Pastor Jim!
When you see this little mini quilt , remember you are appreciated!

I'm off to my sewing room!

See more about this Sew Along in my next blog post!