Friday, November 16, 2012

A Surprise from Across the Pond!

A Gift from a Friend

Earlier this week,  I found a mysterious and wonderful package in my mailbox!  It was an odd shape, and it  was all wrapped up in duck tape!   I knew that I didn't have a fabric order still "out there"....( we ALL know when we are waiting for a fabric order to arrive!!) 

Upon closer inspection inside the house, I saw the ROYAL MAIL  sticker first...   Can you see the Queen's profile?   Then,  on the bottom right-hand  corner, it had a label saying it was from my friend , Amanda!!  

This overseas package came from Amanda,  The Patchsmith !

Well , now I began to squeal with like a little child getting ready to open up a Christmas present!  But I slowed myself down, and decided to cut it open very carefully.  I didn't want to cut into any fabric... just in case there was any kind of fabric in there.  
My treasures from the UK and Amanda
Inside I found the " best of the best"  ...  thoughtful  treasures,  relating to conversations and projects shared , by internet  and pictures and blogs! 

How  did Amanda know that I LOVE  shortbread cookies?? ( I am not sharing these with anybody!!)     I will be using this  adorable tin with the Scottie dogs, in my sewing room, for fun storage!!  
Fade to ......   
The Patchsmith's Scottie Dogs pattern  (on Craftsy)
My version of the Scottie Dogs Mug Rug  (for my mom)   

I looked this up on Wikipedia after  Amanda told me she was going  "to eat an ice cream cone with Flake ,"  out by the harbor...

99 Flake can refer to an ice cream cone with a Cadbury Flake inserted in it;
And then, for my favorite part of the surprise...

My mug rug
Made by Amanda,  The Patchsmith  
Pattern made by Amy , of Amy Made That! (My sister!)

I love the echo quilting and vibrant colors Amanda chose!!  And the extra  "Patchsmith" touches that she added !
Fade to....
The Patchsmith made a mug rug designed by Amy at
(This is her picture from one of her previous blogs.... little did I know that she was sending it to the USA for me!)
Amy Made That  Tumbler Mug Rug Pattern (on Craftsy)
(This is the first Tumbler mug rug from Amy's blog.)

So , Thank you ever so much for your wonderful gifts, Amanda!   xoxoxo
Meeting you and becoming your friend is one of the blessings that I am so thankful for this Thanksgiving!
I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. You are more than welcome. Happy Thanksgiving. Though I have to say - if you eat all those biscuits by yourself you will have a bottom the size of mine!


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