Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Clay Jar and Mug Rug

A Mug Rug inspired by... faith

Oh, dear little mug rug , how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways....

You are tiny... and anything "mini" is  cute!

You are a little "practice run" of a pattern or a  block or  an idea....
(translation:  if there is a mistake, I don't  lose a lot of time or fabric!!)

I am much more likely to try something different and new when making you, a  little rug  (Translation:  I am 'chicken' on big things! but will give it a try if it is small!)

Since you are little, you can be finished quickly....  that's closer to instant gratification (compared to a big quilt)

I always have a  source of PATTERNS  (easy, cute , seasonal, versatile) at my fingertips , for when I am in the mood to make a new mug rug.  Enablers Designers , The Patchsmith  and   Amy Made That! , create beautiful and fun designs for mug rugs...(Check out their  blogs to see their patterns  for sale on Craftsy!)  

One of the Patchsmith's Mug Rug Patterns-  Blackbirds
(This  Blackbirds pattern is on my "To Make" list!)

Amy Made That! 's  Tumbler Mug Rug
(I made something based on this Tumbler pattern, but can't show it until Christmas!)

You are so fun to give away!

Sometimes, my own ideas come together to  make a mug rug.  ( I also like that there are no set rules of what a mug rug HAS to be.)

One Sunday,  after hearing an inspiring sermon by Pastor Jim, at our church,   an idea for a mug rug just popped into my head.  The sermon was based on the scripture 2 Corinthians 4: 7-12 ;  treasures in clay jars.    

I found a machine embroidery pattern for the Presbyterian Church Symbol.  And also stitched the words , with my Viking Topaz.
I found a  paper pieced JAR  pattern online from Shape Moth!  Perfect!
I found a paper pieced pattern for making jars , at  Shape Moth.com, and then I ordered fabric that looked like terra cotta , for clay.

Clay Jars   Mug Rug  for Pastor Jim
Thank you for inspiring us every week, Pastor Jim!
When you see this little mini quilt , remember you are appreciated!

I'm off to my sewing room!

See more about this Sew Along in my next blog post!


  1. That's such a nice gift...a great way of showing that you have been inspired!

  2. Oh Susie, that is a lovely mug rug. You have such a talent for paper piecing (reminds me of the story of the 'talents' from the Bible). I love the fabric you picked as well - it really does look like clay. And the machine embroidery is the perfect touch. Nice one Susie. xx

  3. I'm sure your Pastor will cherish this. It's lovely and carries a wonderful message.


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