Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Patchique Blocks

March Patchique Blocks

With the arrival of MORE UNWANTED snow, I decided to ignore any  and all winter weather, and bury myself deeply in the making of some Patchique blocks!  This is always a calming and refreshing activity for me.  I know which blocks are the next to make, and I have all of the fabrics gathered in a laundry basket in my sunroom. (No wasted time trying to decide which project to do and which fabrics to use!)

Making Patchwork and Applique Japanese Taupe Quilt blocks along with
 Amanda, The Patchsmith
First block:  # 16  ‘Kasuri kawari igeta’          “Kasuri well curb variation”
          (I have no idea what a well curb is, do you?)

Block #16  Kasuri kawari igeta   by Susan Briscoe  from the book

I liked seeing that redish/orange center square of Susan Briscoe's block , and rushed to dig out my reds and the dark brown fabric out of my laundry basket for this block!   I sewed it carefully, making sure to use my scant quarter inch seam allowance, as Amanda warned it is hard to make this block the correct size.  I think I over-compensated in the center blocks, because my block came out to be a bit larger than 9 1/2 inches.  {But.... no complaint here!!}

#16   Kasuri well curb variation     By Susie's Sunroom
I counted the number of pieces of fabric that this block uses... it is 45 ! I have decided not to count the number of pieces of fabric in these complicated blocks untilafter  I have finished the block up!!

Second block:  # 94  Block 94   ‘Kikkō guruma’    " Bellflower wheel"     

Block # 94  Kikkō guruma  by Susan Brisco from the book
Ah!   Do I see a yoyo in the center of this delicate Bellflower!  Yep!

Block # 94  Bellflower Wheel   by Susie's Sunroom

This Bellflower wheel block is one of my favorites so far. I will add embroidery to each flower to make the sections appear.    I actually have White Peachleaf Bellflowers  growing  in my front yard!  They are so lovely and delicate !  And they are shaped like a bell! 

 White Peachleaf Bellflower       photo by Susie's Sunroom

This is Amanda, The Patchsmith's # 94 block....  I love her pink and green color pallet !   Isn't this a gorgeous block?  

Block #94  Bellflower wheel   by The Patchsmith
You can see all of Amanda's beautiful blocks on The Patchsmith blog,  and on her Flickr group !  I like to see how differently  2 people make their blocks, using the  exact same patterns!

Completed Patchique Blocks   by Susie's Sunroom

I think that Amanda has figured out that we have made half of the blocks needed for a queen size quilt!  

And, after looking at my flower pictures, I am so ready for spring and summer to arrive! 

I'm off to my sewing room!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Work on my BoM's

Block of the Months

I've been busy working on my Block of the Month's, so I can go outside and prune my rose bushes today.  It's still cold, but the sun is out and most of the snow is gone!

Kristy's Quiet Play BoM    paper pieced Retro Kitchen blocks

Sew Kitschy Block for March -  Mixing Bowl and Spoon

March's pattern    Mixing bowl and spoon   available during March for free!  

And here is my block....

Sew Kitschy Mixing bowl and spoon     by Susie's Sunroom
The bowl was super fun to make,  and a fun pattern to use for tea towels, etc.
(hmmm   ,  an idea is forming for future gift ideas.)
January, February and March blocks:

Modern Blocks Quilt A Long  at  And Sew We Craft

March Modern Blocks Quilt A Long Block:   Binary

This block is from page 22 in the book.  Binary is designed by Angela Pingel
photo by  Actually Amy  And Sew We Craft
I like the simplicity of this block.   

March's block-  Binary    Susie's Sunroom

We only have one more block ...

Blocks in the Modern Block Quilt A Long       by Susie's Sunroom
I can't believe that we've completed 11 months already!  Time has flown by.
I hope that you can catch a little bit of spring this weekend!

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March Block Talk

March Block 

Even though we had another batch of snow yesterday, I can just feel the earth "waking up"  slowly, getting ready for spring to take over.
I needed  to feel some "spring" inside, so I made that cute Shamrock Coaster,  that Amanda, The Patchsmith, designed for March!  This is a FREE pattern!!

Shamrock Coaster pattern      click  here for Free Pattern
photo by Amanda, The Patchsmith

My Shamrock Coaster 
I am amazed at how Amanda can think "shamrock", and then use blocks and flying geese to create a shamrock block!!  

I used scraps for the back of the coaster  and the binding

I sewed the binding by machine, and took time to iron all of  it carefully

A 2014 Across The Pond Sew Along (Shamrock Coaster)  and a 2013 ATPSA project  (Bird pincushion)

Now, I'll share the latest Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Blocks that I have made....

Block # 13  Buckwheat:

FWSQ Block #13  Buckwheat   by Susie's Sunroom

I made this Buckwheat block using the paper pieced pattern, and just love it! 
These are going to make my quilt look more scrappy, as they are introducing some new colors... citron and a different shade of blue, in some  DS Quilts fabric by Denyse Schmidt.

Block # 14:  Butterfly at the Crossroads

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt  Block # 14  Butterfly at the Crossroads

Block #15 :  Buzzard's Roost

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt block # 15 Buzzard's Roost
Block # 16 Calico  Puzzle :

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt block # 16  Calico Puzzle
I really like how the solid dark colors look in these blocks.

Here are the blocks laying out:

March completed blocks

I do enjoy making these blocks, in between other projects.      
Elaine,  The Summercrafter, is making the FWSQ in her weekly series Friday Night Block Party.   You can see a  whole bunch of  FWSQ blocks in my Flickr group here.

Before I say goodbye,  I wanted to let you know there is a  Springtime Flowers Mug Rug Swap at Quilting Gallery !    

Quilting Gallery  mug rug sign up   by March 25
Guess who designed the mug rugs for the swap?  Yes, our Amanda, The Patchsmith!  Look at these cute mug rugs!!  They just make me happy to see look at them!
This is a fun way to meet new friends from all over the world!  I am going to sign up!  

I'm off to my sewing room!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Making New Friends

Making New Swap Friends

Have you ever been involved in a sewing swap?  You know, where you  are assigned a person , then you make the swap item, and mail it out to her, usually with some extra "goodies"... Then you patiently wait  for YOUR special item to arrive at your house...

I recently participated in Amy's  ( Amy Made That! blog) The  Skinny Pincushion Swap !

Amy got this all from her swap partner

The swap item that we made for our secret partner was the Skinny Pincushion.  This is a free pattern  by Green Bee Patterns.

pdf pattern available for free at Green Bee Patterns

Maybe some of you remember that we  made these super cute skinny pincushions, which we affectionately call "Skinny Pinnies"!, as a past project in our Across The Pond Sew Along. (find here . )

The Skinny Pincushion    An Across The Pond Sew Along project 
This is the Skinny Pinny that I made for my partner... Rebecca (from Texas)
     ~she said she liked black and white, with a pink accent.... so.....  hold on to your seats....

My skinny pinny for Rebecca        side one

And since I couldn't decide which fabrics to use.... so I made a "side 2"  ....

Side 2   for Rebecca

I added some pinwheels for the ends...

... and made a little needle book for an extra goodie....

A needle book for Rebecca   pattern by  Nana Company  (free tutorial)
I added a pinwheel for the back cover

My pack of goodies sent off to Rebecca in Texas

Well, now comes the rest of the fun!   Look what delightful goodies came to me.... from the partner who made MY skinny pinny....   she's from Ohio!

Here is my Skinny Pinny gift from Stephanie !   I just love the measuring tape fabrics!

This is the other side of my skinny pinny from Stephanie !

And.... look at  all of the delightful goodies that she sent to me!  How lucky am I?
Thank you so much, Stephanie!!  

I really did love participating in this fun swap... and meeting new sewing friends!!  Thanks so much, Amy, for organizing it!   I know she is thinking of another swap of some kind soon....

If you'd like to see the Skinny pincushions that were swapped, click  here  for the
Flickr group.    

This was so much fun... drop me a note if You would like be in a swap, here at Susie's Sunroom.... what would you want to  make and share?
I'm off to my sewing room!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pouch Madness

Ready to travel....

Guess what I found?  Another pretty and super functional pouch pattern!  I'm "mad" about it!    
Geta ,of Geta's Quilting Studio, has  just recently released a new  and sooo useful pouch pattern!!  It's a downloadable pdf pattern, so you can quickly  sew it up  before your next trip!

The Little Wonders Pouch Pattern (two pouches)
Pattern availabe at Geta's Quilting Studio

 The Little Wonders Pouch ~     

Size:   Large (double zippered) pouch:   6 " wide at the bottom and 9 " wide at the top x 7 1/2 " tall  x 3 " deep
           Small (single zippered) pouch:  10 " wide x 5 1/2 " tall

Zippers:  I buy them from  Zip It  , an Etsy shop,   with awesome prices and selection and service  (I just like to recommend this shop)

A big and a small zippered pouch  ... Little Wonders Pouch      Made by Susie's Sunroom

Have you noticed that extra zippered pocket on the outside of the larger pouch!!  Sweet!
Geta's directions are excellent....  a  tutorial style pattern,  with clear  directions and detailed pictures.  

Perfect for organizing makeup and jewelry while traveling!

The zippers lay nice and flat!

They hold a lot!

I am linking my Little  Wonder pouches over at  Ellison Lane  for  The Crafty Traveler     
Ellison Lane

I'm off to my sewing room!