Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Catching up on my Patchique' Blocks

Block Talking.....  Patchique Catch Up!

Have you  noticed that lately I haven't made any of my Japanese Taupe Quilt blocks, while sewing along with Amanda, at The Patchsmith blog?   Yes, I have been that busy!

But lately I did make time to sew up 6 blocks!

See all of Amanda's beautiful  blocks at  The 

Block # 26:  Ichimatsu yotsu me       ( which means four checkered squares)
 Block  # 26  from the book by Susan BriscoeJapanese Taupe Quilts 
I am very relieved to have found my accurate "scant quarter inch " method, as this is making the blocks come out to just at  the right size!  And, of course, it is SO great to read Amanda's tips and observations BEFORE I sew my blocks!!

Block # 26  Four checkered Squares      Susie's Sunroom

 Block # 77:  Ken yotsu me   ( means Four sword squares)
Block # 77  from the book

#77  Four sword squares     Susie's Sunroom

Block # 24:   Hira izutsu ni kugi   (which means Flat well curb nail )

# 24  flat well curb nail     from the book

Well,  I learned a lot making this block.   "The third time is the charm! "

Block # 24  Flat well curb Nail    Attempt 1, 2 and finally 3 !!

So what happened?  Well....
Attempt 1:      I didn't turn my computer on to look at Amanda's directions and                                         observations.       (It had a horrible center and was way too small.)  I must've been half asleep while making this block, because I just thought that the book gave longer strip dimensions "so I could trim them off."  WHAT was I thinking???!!! Doh!

Attempt 2:  I used some freezer paper and the templates, and really focused on the center  to make the nice points.   The block was still way too small. That center diamond was way too small.    (Must've still been half asleep!)

Attempt 3:  I read The Patchsmith's blog notes about block #24.  I made the block according to her directions.    It worked!! Yay!   'Nuff said.   

# 24   Flat well curb nail       Susie's Sunroom

Block # 69:  Kawari kazaguruma  (which means windmill variation)

Block # 69  from the book

I only had to make this block once!!

# 69   Windmill variation      Susie's Sunroom
Block # 17:   Kasuri taikaku   (which means Kasuri diagonal)

Block # 17  from the book 
Raise your hand if you think that I read Amanda's blog before I began making this block?
You are correct!
This block was very fun for me to make!  I do love having the correct scant quarter inch for my machine now!

Block # 17  Kasuri diagonal      Susie's Sunroom

Block # 84:   Yamabuki   (which means Kerria rose)

# 84  Kerria rose    from the book

# 84  Kerria rose      Susie's Sunroom
Wow, that's a lot of blocks to add to my pile of Patchique' blocks!
My Patchique blocks                                      Susie's Sunroom

I'll be posting my blocks in Amanda's  Flickr group for the Patchique blocks.   Hop on over to see all over her beautiful blocks.  Her precision and style  is amazing!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. wow Susie, it looks like these blocks are pretty challenging and you are conquering them! i have love seeing the progression of this quilt; it has a very calming and peaceful feel to it!!

  2. I love your blocks. I sure wish I had the patience for blocks like these, but alas... I don't. They are beautiful.


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