Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where I Sew

Today, I thought I'd   show you where the sewing gets done... in Susie's Sunroom.  

Warning:     Please  discontinue viewing the pictures in this blog if you are a neatnick, exhibit  any  OCD  behaviors, hate clutter, ( and especially , if you) hate Country Clutter intermingled with fabric piles and patterns.
Fabric piles are technically  potential fabrics for consideration for a project , by the way.  I'm just sayin' that up front.

Welcome to Susie's Sunroom:
My mini quilt of "those classic" dishes greets me at the door.  
Once upon a time, this  room was "just a sunroom" , where the we looked out the windows at the birds at the  feeders, and enjoyed the southern exposure on winter days.   Then one day, 3 years ago,  I confiscated it and started filling it  up with notions,  threads, patterns, material and sewing machines.
I picked a room where I could set up not only one sewing machine, but eventually two!  (I admit I knew the computer was on its last leg and when gone, would free up this desk.  I  may be am cluttery, but I am not dumb. )
My BabyLock Creative Pro sits at this window. ( It overlooks the neighbor's beautiful pool area.)

Then, one day my little BabyLock was in for a broken reverse switch,  and she stayed for nearly a month ! I got very   ill   grouchy and my husband INSISTED   suggested that  I get another machine so I could sew even while one girl is down.   
That is when my Viking Topaz 30 came to live with us!  She sits at this table, and I can see our backyard and a lot of blossoms, butterflies and birds out of this window when I sew. Oh, and those  pesky squirrels, too.

Now we come to the problematic parts of my sunroom.... my storage systems.  They work in theory, but I keep way  too much in them,  and I shushily (I think that's a Pa Dutch word)  fold  ,  sloppily criss-cross or smush together....my fabrics.  ugh

I keep my notions, threads, books, zippers, magnetic snaps ,and more zippers in this area.  The small cupboard is actually a pantry shelf  from a real caboose.   
Well, I might as well get it over with and show you my bins in a bookcase , that hold my downstairs stash.  This ain't pretty.... I'm warning you.      But I think if I show you this BEFORE picture, someday soon I will be forced to clean it up and show you the AFTER picture! 
One shining note-  see the beautiful mini quilt hanging above the baskets.  That was created by my talented sister, Amy, of  AmyMadeThat! blog.  

And yes, I have a lot of Moda Fabric in my stash!  
I'll show you my Upstairs Stash some other time..
(My daughter made me this sign, after she lovingly folded all of my stash in the walk-in closet upstairs.)

 There.  I feel better not having to hide my problem from you .  Please don't judge me.  I used to be a super clean housekeeper. (Yes, you guessed it- before I took up sewing.) Now, my floors are pretty clean, my bathrooms do get cleaned regularly, I wash my outside windows every summer, and do laundry all the time.... but my sunroom and closet Stash do get messy and cluttered.   I just don't want to  lose that good idea that might slip away if the fabrics aren't "there in that pile" any longer....

Where do you sew?  Are you organized or relaxed?
Check out  Moda Bake Shop Stash Link Party !   I have joined up on it, and lots of other sewers and crafters have,too!  Get to peek into their stashes!

{Don't tell anyone this, but I asked my sister why their Link Party had a big mustache on it...  }
I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Actually it isn't so bad. As long as you know where everything is. I really like your window where you so.
    thanks for coming by my blog during the bowl blog hop. I like your Fiesta ware too.

    1. Thanks for coming by here, too. Strangely enough , I do know where most of it is.

  2. Looks super! I'll have to check out all the sewing rooms. You always find some good ideas.

  3. Hi Susie! Love your disclaimer! It made me laugh! Your sunroom sewing area seems really lovely. What an inspiring place to sew looking out over those beautiful yards and trees! I'm glad you explained about the sunroom because I now know the little story behind the title of your blog. Your cabinet from a caboose... like from an actual train!? Sweet!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog as well :D I've responded to your comments!

  4. I enjoyed your disclaimer as well! :) I must admit, I'd LOVE to come over and organize it with you! I enjoy that kind-of sutff... LOL I just re-organized my stuff (my link is #44 from the Moda Bake Shop)and I'm still in the process of re-organizing other areas in my house.

    The natural light in your room is fabulous! And you have 2 machines! How lucky are you?!

    Jennifer D from The Days Dewings @ www.dewings.us/blog/

    1. How soon can you come over to get started?! LOL

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I got to go see yours, too, and admire how many beautiful things you have made while raising AND teaching your family!!

  5. I'm a "cluttery" quilter too and I loved this post. It looks like you have beautiful views outside your window to look at while you are playing with your fabric.


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