Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Block Talk in February

Back to some block-making!

Lately ,I have been so busy , that I didn't have time to keep up with my weekly blocks.
So it was fun to get some blocks  completed from my books.

 First block:  Modern Blocks Quilt A Long

And Sew We

February's  Block :    Parisian Star      designed by Leanne Cohen (p 128 )
                         Book:  Modern Blocks   compiled by Susanne Woods
 The Crafty Mummy is host for the tutorial this month.   This star is simple to make... a kind of wonky star.  I like this pattern.  It didn't take long to whip up!

The Parisian Star block    design by Leanne Cohen  (p 128 )
Susie's Sunroom

We have 10 blocks finished now!  We're on the home stretch....

10 blocks completed                              Susie's Sunroom
The Second Block: The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Block

Block # 12:  Broken Sugar Bowl

FWSQ block # 12  Broken Sugar Bowl    Susie's Sunroom

I like how my Broken Sugar Bowl block came out, using the paper pieced pattern. However,  I did have to rip out a few seams ... after it was all done.   I told myself I would just let it go, but when I ironed it,  I couldn't "just let it go."     I had the wrong fabric in the center, in  one of the small blocks.  It was worth fixing it up!
Next time, I'll show some photos of the blocks all together.  

My Completed FWSQ Blocks so far    Susie's Sunroom
I'm off to my sewing room!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sew Kitschy February Block

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar....
Kristy's Retro Kitchen Block of the Month... click here

I just made my February BoM ....the Cookie Jar !  It's too adorable!!

This pattern is available during Feb for free  HERE
at Kristy's Craftsy Shop

My two Cookie Jar blocks... why are there two of them?

After making this adorable block, I realized it was "way too small."  (Ultra-cute... but too small for the wallhanging blocks .) It measured only 7 1/4 inches. It is supposed to be 10 1/2 " unfinished.

Now,  I should have measured some  the pattern after I cut out  the pieces.... but I was doing it late at night.  (Duh!  )  
Note to self:   always  check the measurements  on an non- USA pattern,   to double check it before making the whole block!)  ( I could say, "Don't sew at night."... but that isn't goin' to happen!!)

I  have spent many hours trying to figure out my pattern printing issues, on certain patterns from the UK and Australia.   More issues came up after I got my new laptop, which has Windows 8.0 (and  8.1 now after an update.)

So file these tips  away,  if you have printing size problems on patterns, and you have a newer computer , using Windows 8.  

Please note that I am not an IT person.  This is what works for me with my   new Windows 8.0   software and older HP printers, through much trial and error.

Some printing and size tips-

for any other  USA  folks who happen to print out patterns that are from  outside of the USA,  and have the latest  Windows 8 on their computers....

When printing patterns from non-USA designers-

  • Use LEGAL size paper in your printer  ( it is cheaper than finding A4 paper in the US.)
  • Select   the A4 size paper in the print options  
  • Select  LANDSCAPE orientation option  (in most cases)

How did I find this out?  Read on, if you are interested in the process...  if not,  feel free to skip on to the end now!

The Process:    while working on The Cookie Jar  block:

I found this out, because when I printed out the pattern , for my files,  it wouldn't print pages " 1-4  "out.  So I decided to print them out, one page at a time.    I could print out 1,3, and 4 individually , but it would not print out page 2 !   
I thought.... weird...

So,   picking pages individually  to print out,   I did get  pages 1,3 and 4  printed out on A4 size paper.  It just ignored page 2 for some reason.    (I thought I 'll look on the computer for page 2.)
I made my pattern.
I noticed it was such a cute little block.... wait... little??

Something just  looked "smallish" about this cute little block. I measured it, and it is only 7 1/4 " unfinished.  It is supposed to be 10 1/2 inches unfinished.

The next morning,  I decided to use my second  printer (in case the one I had used was acting goofy for some odd reason).  When I  looked at the previously printed pattern page 3,   it came to me  like a flash ,.... change it to the LANDSCAPE  layout of paper.
Then it wouldn't be constricted to the width of the paper. 
So, now .....

  •   I  use  US  LEGAL size paper to print patterns  for all of the Aussie  and non-USA patterns
  • I select A4  for paper size option
  •   I will select  LANDSCAPE  orientation  

You see, on the windows 8 software, to print  Adobe pdf files ,  it no longer says "NO SCALE" to page,  That is not an option any longer .  The options are PICK A SIZE of paper,  and pick  PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE.

I know that I should've  measured  the WIDTH of the cookie jar  pattern  BEFORE I SEWED it up!   I will do this extra measurement step , prior to sewing,  from now on. 

  As more folks replace their old computers,  more people in the USA will be using  the Windows 8 software,  with the options changed  for printing,  and they may find some isolated printing  problems.   I think these points could  help them.

I  realize that I am in a  very small  niche right now....
A quilter printing out sewing patterns... A Paper Piecer .... in The Sew Kitschy BoM ..... from the USA... using Windows 8 software on their computer ....
but maybe these tips will help somebody down the road....  { I love being in this niche !!}

I put "Cookies"  on the jar.  I then  decided to add my name, and the year of the Block of the Month  (machine embroidery)

The first two months of Sew Kitschy BoM   by Susie's Sunroom
I'm on my way to to  a fun 9 months of Sew Kitschy block making!

May your sewing (and printing) problems be few...

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop Day

Huggin' and Kissin'

More information and details at Madame Samm's  Sew We Quilt .com

Welcome to Susie's Sunroom!

Today is the final day of the "sweetest" blog hop ever ... The Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop !
The sweet and ruffley Mdm Samm  has arranged this Valentine's Day theme hop ....along with sweet Soma  and her  awesome paper pieced patterns !
Patterns available at Soma's Craftsy.  Proceeds go to 2 charities.

Everyone in the blog hop is making projects using these Hugs and Kisses  paper pieced patterns.  Sweet!!

 Be sure to visit everyone on the list today and see what beautiful projects they have created ! (The whole list is at the end of my post in case you have missed any days.)

Feb 19th

 Lady Bente

Lady Kristen

Lady Linda

Lady Marcy

Lady Susie
SusiesSunroom  You are here now!!

Mdm Samm

I'd love to share what I made using Soma's Hugs and Kisses  patterns....

A Hugs and Kisses Tea Towel    and a  Hearts Pincushion
Hugs and Kisses Tea Towel  and   a heart pincushion  

The Hugs and Kisses Tea Towel -

             Pattern-   Free Spirit Tea Towel  by Heidi Pridemore (link  here)  
             Fabric:   Valentine Rose  by Tanya Whelan   at Free Spirit (ADORE this fabric line!)
                          Kona solids
                          Michael Miller  Garden  Pin Dot  Petal Pink  (such a Happy pink!)

  •         the hugs and kisses patterns were reduced to 50% size, and inserted into the fabric as  part of the top of the tea towel 

The top section is perfect to feature the Hug and Kiss symbols.
And, I love  the ruffle bottom on this tea towel !

The Hearts Pincushion -

             Pattern-   Prettified Pincushion   from the  book 
      " Patchwork Please " by Ayumi Takahashi   ( Zakka projects to stitch and give)  (link here)
  •    the top and bottom pattern was substituted with the Hugs and Kisses heart blocks by Soma made in pink fabric  and one made  in  red fabric        
  •   filled with crushed walnut shell kitty litter  (Blue Buffalo )  
  •  Valentine fabric pieces for the sides
  • heart buttons                                                    

The Red Heart side of the pincushion

A Pink Heart side of the Prettified Pincushion

Now.... if you happen to be a regular follower of my blog, you probably figured out already  that I wouldn't be able to stop at making " just 2 " little old  small hearts....

What else did I make?   A  Table Runner using these hearts....
I got the idea after seeing a pretty Valentine's Day Table Runner made by Cherilyn at   A Farm Wife's Journal...  where she put heart blocks together with 9 Patch blocks. 

I decided  to use five of Soma's  paper pieced heart blocks ,  and pair them with some jaunty little pinwheel blocks.

The  I  *Heart*  Pinwheels Table Runner-

My    I *Heart* Pinwheels Table Runner

The I *Heart* Pinwheels Table Runner-

         Pattern-    Hearts-  Soma's paper pieced hearts were reduced  to become  6 1/2 "                                           blocks .  I made five of these.
                       Pinwheel blocks  - five 6 1/2 inch blocks
          Fabric-      Valentine Rose  by Tanya Whelan    at Free Spirit
                          White Garden Pin Dots   by Michael Miller
                          Stash fabrics for different pinks
          Thread -  Aurofil White  100 % cotton    (50 weight)

I love  pink gingham!
I used the Aurofil White thread  (50 weight) for the first time, for both the  piecing and the quilting.  "in love with this thread"

A pink polka dot heart..... hey, where'd that bird come from?

These little hearts are so cute, that I wanted to make something using a smaller heart.  So I made  a little door handle pillow.

Tiny Heart Door Handle Pillow-
Tiny  Heart door handle pillow   

Pattern-    Heart pattern-  Soma's Hugs and Kisses heart  -reduced to a 4 1/2 " block
Fabric -   Valentine Rose  by Tanya Whelan    at Free Spirit
                          White Garden Pin Dots   by Michael Miller
                          Stash fabrics for pink

 Embellishments-   Ruffle    2 1/2 " x 44"   made with my gathering foot  (Easy Peasy this way!)
                              Glass beads
                               White lace  -   1/2 "  wide

The Tiny  Heart Door Handle Pillow

The back side.. all plumpness and ruffley

Thank you so much,  Mdm Samm  for  cheerleading and organizing this blog hop, and giving us a fun way to stretch our imaginations and to be inspired !  (Sew We Quilt blog).
Thank you so much, Soma, for these awesome hugs and kisses designs!  (Whims and Fancies blog)

 Here is the Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop full schedule:  You will not want to miss anybody's lovely  projects....

Feb 12th

Lady Carol

Lady Sandy

Lady Cynthia

Lady Pat

Lady Jolie

Lady Susan

Feb 13th

Lady Beth

Lady Jenny

Lady Britt-Inger

Lady Carla

Lady Marian 

Lady Lyndsey

Feb 14th

Lady Soma

Lady Laura Ann

Lady Doris

Lady Rexie

Lady Shari

Feb 17th

Lady Mary

Lady Vickie

Lady Anne

Lady Selina

Lady Theresa

Lady Jane

Feb 18th

Lady Lana

Lady Judy

Lady Shanna

Lady Amanda

Lady Kay

Feb 19th

 Lady Bente

Lady Kristen

Lady Linda

Lady Marcy

Lady Susie
SusiesSunroom  That's Me!

Mdm Samm

                                                         And if you were not in our hop 
but wish to get the patterns…
HERE they are ..

                        Thanks so much for stopping by today!    

          It has been a pleasure opening my heart up to you today!

I'm off to my sewing room!