Thursday, April 28, 2016

Busy Sewing

April Work

I have been sewing , in between some "spring cleaning" projects.  (After I do the job, I get to sew as my "reward!"  Does anyone else do this?)

First up:      Sherbet & Creams Quilt Along  by Joanna Figueroa at Fig Tree Quilts

Joanna posted one day.... how about a quilt along with low volume prints and sherbet solids?  Are you in?  Well, she " had me " at the low volume prints!   

I went  ran into my stash of treasured Fig Tree Fabrics and found these beauties :
 Fig Tree  Millhouse Inn,  Buttercup, Dots. I threw in a  Wyndham Fabrics beige tonal, and a fat quarter of the darker beige tonal because I like how they looked together.

My Low Volume Fabrics for the Sherbet & Creams Quilt Along  at Fig Tree Quilts
I have had some of these fabrics in my closet for a long time!

Then, I went in search of solid fabrics that would look good with the low volumes and look "sherbet-y."    How did I do?

My "Sherbet solids".
 ( I ended up not using the darker greens on the bottom right.)
  Do you see the bundle that Joanna has for sale on the paper in the background?
After we gathered the fabrics, we  were to cut the low volume fabrics into 3.5 " squares....

and  then sew them into scrappy 4-Patch blocks.  Joanna said not to stress out with the  fabric placements.  Just put a "light" with a "dark"-ish block.  So I had fun and did not get "fussed-up" figuring out how to put the blocks together.  There are 80 of them.

My low volume Fig Tree 4-Patches
I love them!  (And I still have yardage of most of the fabrics left for other low volume projects!!)

In the  #2 segment of the Sherbet & Creams Quilt Along-   Joanna told us we were to make 80 pumpkin seed applique' pieces.  She really encouraged us to try her Starch Applique' technique, and "learn something new."  She assures us that the ends of the pumpkin seeds will be totally covered in the end.  So I trusted Joanna,   got out my freezer paper, starch , and her pumpkin seed template, and gave it a try.  (Joanna wrote some more details on Sew Mama Sew here, too.)

The doubled freezer paper templates... the bottom was used 22 times
I actually made the first two pumpkin seeds with  glue ,from a glue stick, on the turned edges.  But I  decided to try the spray starch on the third seed .  The starch ended up being so much easier to use, and created cleaner edges.   Surprisingly, I was able to reuse the doubled freezer paper templates about 22 times each!  I cut a hole out of the center of the seed, as this made it easier for me to remove the template after it was all pressed.

80 Sherbet Pumpkin Seed Appliques

I am wondering if Joanna will be having us sew them onto the blocks with  "matching" petals...

or.... into scrappy flowers?

Can you guess which way I may select to assemble them?
I am happy with my pumpkin seeds, and can't wait for the #3 time to come in this Sherbet & Creams Quilt Along.  You can see other folks' work on InstaGram at
 #SherbetandCreamsQuiltAlong  and  #SherbetsandCreamQuiltAlong .

And by the way, I am also learning another cool  method of applique', too.
This new technique  is taught by the creative and talented Lara at BuzzinBumble blog.
She has her first book out now!   It is called, "Crafted Applique'  - New Possibilities "

Available here and here 
         Lara has lined up a super-charged Crafted Applique' Blog Hop in May!  I was lucky enough to be invited, and will be sharing my project and a bit about this awesome book, on May 22 !!   Check back here  soon for the blog hop line- up... there will be giveaways all along the way!!!

See you soon!                                            

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Clambake Quilt

The Clambake Quilt

Ding! Ding!  Ding!
I found a winner -a fun and easy way to make the popular clamshell quilt!

Image of Clambake pattern- PDF pattern 191
The Clambake quilt pattern  
The design is by  Camille Roskelley  , " Thimble Blossoms".   ( available here), and also  at the Fat Quarter Shop ( here ).

Camille's pattern had me hooked  when I saw it was Layer Cake friendly, and no curves!
She featured this pattern with the new Bonnie & Camille fabric " Vintage Picnic", but I have  stashed  curated a  huge  nice selection of their "Hello Darling" fabric, and thought the Clambake quilt would work well with that gorgeous fabric . 

Hello Darling ( B & C by Moda)  has  the ultra-cute strawberry fabrics in five colorways!
Five colors of Strawberries!!

My March OMG was to make the flimsy top 
In early March, I wrote in  my blog {here}, stating my  OMG,  One Monthly Goal for March, but I realized that I forgot to link up the blog post at Red Letter Quilts!  O.M.G. !!

I still won.... I did accomplish my goal!
Lay out of the basic bricks
I had sixteen different fabrics to lay out.  I wanted LOTS of strawberries in my quilt!

Now I was joining the rows together

And before I knew it, I had the flimsy top of the quilt all sewn together!

They look like clam shells now!!

It was time to decide how to make the quilt backing.  Do I use up my precious stash of leftover Hello Darling fabrics,  or do I make something else  for the back of the quilt?  

Fortunately,  I had started  viewing the Craftsy Class by Camille, " Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple, " where she teaches us how to make her Swoon block.  I officially  *heart* everything that Camille makes now !    I have seen the Swoon quilts out there, and always wanted to make one.  Now was my chance to try a Swoon block out!

 I chose the green strawberry fabric , and the red floral fabric for some pop and jolts of color.  This is a 24 inch finished block.

This is my first Swoon Block!  

I noticed that  somebody else began to swoon, too......

Whiskers , on her first swoon block!
Well, there was no turning back at this point... I had room on the quilt to make a total of four Swoon Blocks.

I used strawberry fabrics for each center fabric

And , I needed a label.  I just love these strawberry star points!

I only had room for the inner star of the Swoon Block.... so I made up a scrappy star!
And here is my finished Clambake Quilt!

Quilt Stats:

Patterns:    Clambake  and Swoon Block    by Camille Roskelley of  "thimble blossoms"                                                                                                          (here)
Size:  70 inches across x 76 inches high

Fabrics:   Hello Darling   by Bonnie and Camille for Moda    I used 16 fabrics of the line
              White on white tonal fabric from my stash

Batting:  Warm and Natural  100% cotton

Thread:  Aurifil  50 wt.  color #2024  my favorite for piecing

Quilting:  I made fine,  Serpentine  "S" lines , on the diagonal, approx 5 inches apart 

I used my walking foot to quilt the curvy  diagonal lines ,  from edge to edge, using Aurifil 50 wt thread. I set my Viking Topaz on the largest S shape stitch, and  followed the edges of the clam shells to make the diagonals.  

Things I like about these two  patterns:

  • The size of the "rectangle" for  each clam shell is 7.5 " across x 4.5 " high.  This allows the design of each fabric to really shine through!
  • It was fast and fun to piece the clamshells
  • There is a mini Clambake pattern available, too!
  • Camille's directions are excellent 
  • The Swoon blocks are addictive!!

See all of the strawberry fabrics!

The quilting - Fine lines of the wavy s line on the diagonal

I love the back as much as the front !
I like the way the FINE lines of quilting create  diamonds , as seen on the back of the quilt. 

 photo LeChalleng
April- FINE challenge

  I am linking my Clambake Quilt up to the Le Challenge blog, for the April "Fine" challenge.   

"Fine" Quilting lines
And, since I am allergic to seafood,  this is is close as I am going to get to a "fine dining" ,with clams ,meal!!  Hop on over here to see the other entries.

I am enjoying my quilt , laying over top of the railing, in the back of my kitchen.
Whiskers likes to lay on the fourth step, while we eat dinner and clean up.  She likes "hiding" behind the quilt.  I think it must be warmer there with the quilt.  Plus, she may be or may not be a little bit spoiled!

I'm off to my sewing room!

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