Patchique' Quilt Project
Sewing Along with The Patchsmith ,   Amanda~

Book:   Japanese Taupe Quilts   by Susan Briscoe   
Flickr group

Amanda, The Patchsmith, explains a patchwork block and an applique block every fortnight.  See the blocks being shared at her Patchique' Flickr group.

My journal of blocks completed so far:









  1. Oh. my. goodness. Susie, these blocks you've done are beyond beautiful! Do you sometimes get lost gazing in awe at them? I would! I love Japanese taupes and think the way you've worked with them here is simply amazing! I shall be eagerly watching to see you work with the rest!

  2. I have never heard of this before and now I am amazed. Your skill at both piecing and fabríc selection is stunning. I think I almost found it more fun to scroll down and see each revealed individually. Although, of course, I know that once you put all of these together it will be a quilt of unparalleled beauty. I look forward to seeing the full quilt someday.


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