Friday, October 2, 2015


Cardinals Modern Mini

I love making holiday projects early.   I also  have found that if I don't make my Christmas projects "way- before" ( that's not a real word, is it? ) Christmas, I end up making no major projects. 

Do you sew this way, or do you "sew well" under pressure?

I was delighted to make a modern mini pattern during SeptemberIt is a cool  design from the new issue of the digital magazine Paper Piecing 1/4 "  ( issue 7  Oct-Dec 2015).

The designs are by Janeen, over at Quilt Art Designs blog!  Her modern designs are incredible and fun, and take me out of my  traditional "comfort zone" !  

Paper Piecing 1/4 "   issue 7  Oct-Dec 2015  (Here)

*** This new issue  # 7 includes-  Pine Cones, Cardinals, Santa, Deer, Baby Rudolph, Stars, Christmas Bells, Modern Mini Ornaments , and more!!   ***

Cardinals-            design by Janeen  at Quilt Art Designs      { here }

Size -   14 "  x 18 "     Mini wallhanging or quilt

Foundation Paper Piecing -   Intermediate level

Fabrics-    White    Lotta Dots- White on White tonal   from Connecting Threads 
                Cardinals-  scraps Moda fabrics
               Pine Needles-   Lime Green  Kona Cotton  Michael Miller
Batting-   Warm and Natural   (scraps sewn together)

Thread-   Aurifil White  50 weight

Cardinals        made by Susie's Sunroom

I was so excited to put all of the sections together!   Can you see the white dots on the white background fabric?  I wanted it to feel like it was snowing on Mr  and Mrs Cardinal.
This may become my favorite winter background fabric. ( Lotta Dots by Connecting Threads)

The flimsy top

I was "auditioning" binding fabrics,in the above photo .  I  liked seeing  something that felt earthy and bark-like.

  I  also had to figure out how to quilt and  fill up  the "negative" space on this design.
I decided to pick a focal point :  the center of the  spray of pine needles in the top right corner . Then I would continue lines of quilting outward from this point.    
I hoped it would give a feeling of  light radiating from this point, and also of snow blowing from  this direction.

I used my  trusty Walking Foot and Aurifil White 2024 thread,  for machine quilting the flimsy top .   It didn't take long to mark my lines with creases , using a long ruler and a Clover Hera Marker tool.  (here )

The  quilting focal point is the spray of pine needles
 in the right hand corner of the quilt 

This is a close up of Mr and Mrs Cardinal.   I love the details that Janeen put into each of these birds!  The eye sections have 9 and 10 sections in them, with  just a teensy bit of white!           

Close up of the Cardinals              

The binding was sewn  on the front, by machine, using my walking foot.  Then I  pressed it into place,  and sewed it  by hand onto the back.  ( I love using these small,  but mighty, Wonder Clips. )   I finished the hand sewing in one evening on this small quilt.  This  last bit of sewing the binding by hand is very comforting to me.  It really connects me to the "quilt part" of the project !

It's  ready for sewing the binding to the back of the quilt!

This  Cardinals Mini project even  got the "husband seal of approval !"  

Stay tuned for more projects coming from this issue 7  of Paper Piecing 1/4 "  !

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I'm off to my sewing room!

Pattern provided by QAD Publishing

Friday, September 25, 2015


A 'Lil Catz  Mini Wallhanging Finish

                                              'Lil Cat  Cat Show and Tell  at
                                         Quilt Art Designs blog    with Janeen   Sept. 25

Remember what I shared with you earlier this month?    { here }

 My WIP  -'Lil Catz    pattern   by Quilt Art Designs   {HERE}

You know what happens  after you say "Yes" to  more than one cat..... 

'Lil Catz Mini wallhanging         made by Susie's Sunroom

'Lil Catz Mini Wallhanging -     design by Janeen at Quilt Art Designs  {here}
Size:    28 "  by 28 "   
Foundation paper pieced pattern -   easy level
Fabrics:      Color Me Happy  by V. and Company  Moda fabrics   - scraps left from a quilt
                  Various black  fabrics from my stash
                  Kona cotton  gray   for the cat block background
                  Navy solid from my stash for the inner border

Quilting thread:   Aurifil   50 weight   teal color from the Color Me Happy Collection

I love the "vivid" border fabric!  It reminds me of kitty cat ears, and  cat's eyes.
And it seemed to make all of the other fabrics  "pop" .  Most of all, it made me smile.

I love how  there are nine different  cat patterns  , giving each cat a  slightly different personality!  And,  this is a great scrap buster project!  Also, a good pattern for beginner paper piecing folks.   

I made simple triangle shaped corner pockets , to hold a dowel rod, for hanging my mini wallhanging....

                          And I am sure that you noticed the little black kitty in the middle ?                                   That's my Whiskers, of course!!  I used several tonal black- on -black                                   fabrics for her face, and of course the emerald green Color Me Happy                                    fabric for her green eyes!

Whiskers is the little black kitten in the center block

I think she likes "her" new little quilt!!

I am sure you'll want to hop on over to see the other 'Lil Catz projects that will be shared at  Quilt Art Designs blog.  click  here        
We had a sneak peek last week,{  here },  and they are really  creative and beautiful!!
Take a minute to look at all of Janeen's awesome paper pieced designs.  They will amaze you!

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

'Lil Catz

'Lil Catz Fun !


                          Catz - Travaganza- September 25 at Quilt Art Designs blog

Three  words:    Adorable Cats Pattern

Event:    Cat Show  -     show and share  your 'Lil Catz mini quilt project- on Sept 25

Pattern:    'Lil Catz  -  a paper pieced pattern    avail.  at Quilt Art Designs  {here }
                 8 " square block size

'Lil Catz Mini Quilt pattern  

I've been away , but still had time to make these....

This block truly is an easy paper pieced pattern to make!  (Perfect  for anyone who is a bit afraid to try paper piecing a block !! )

Catz  -  using  Color Me Happy fabric, by Moda,  leftover from my quilt

I have some   lots of fabric left over from my Spinning in the Rain quilt.  I decided to use that for my little kitty blocks.   

 Well,   you know what happens next.....

Meowwww !!  

Have a wonderful weekend!  (You know what I'll be doing! )

I'm off to my sewing room!

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