Monday, October 17, 2016

A Kissy Fishy Finish

The Finished "  Kissy Fishy "  Quilt

I have been on a roll with finishing  up my quilts.  (Lots of Happy Dancing  going on now as I write this ... so  excuse any spelling errors! )

My latest finish:  The Kissy Fishy Quilt       ** Super Cute Pattern Alert  **

Kissy Fishy Quilt    pattern by Sew Fresh Quilts  { here }
Pattern:   Kissy Fishy Quilt    by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts   ( here )
Size:   54 " x 54"  approximately
Fabrics:  Fish-  Color Wheel Stashbuilders  by Connecting Threads  ( a variety of Quilter's Candy prints)
            Background:   Lotta Dots- a  white on white dots tonal ,  by Connecting Thread
Thread:   Aurifil  - # 2024  50 weight - for piecing
Batting:  Pellon 970  Thermolam   
Quilting:    wavy , horizontal lines, using my Walking Foot-  Aurifil  -  # 4655  - 50 weight- a varigated blue , to look like water

The quilt top-

And, then, for the back of the quilt,  I made a few more of Lorna's friends,  from the Elephant Parade Quilt Along (here)...  the turtle, frog and bird !  (Aren't they sweet?!)

The turtle, frog and bird, "the neighbors",  will be the stars of the back of my quilt!

I made the quilt sandwich, and quilted wavy lines horizontally across the quilt, using my walking foot. The quilting thread is  Aurifil #4655, which has a blue and white varigation. I hope this gives the feeling that the fish are swimming in water.  

The horizontal rows were marked  by pinning on both sides of my  1.5" - wide ruler.  I just had to keep the quilting  inside of  these  pinned lines.

Pinning to mark the boundaries of the wavy lines

I used a pretty blue Tic Tac   fabric for the binding-

My Kissy Fishy Quilt     by Susie's Sunroom

Here is the finished back of the quilt... featuring these cute characters!!  ( I am just going to have to make an Elephant Parade quilt some day!!)

The Kissy Fishy quilt is a perfect size for a children's quilt.  (I'll be saving this quilt for any grandchildren that may come down the road....)  

I think it's  a splashing success!   

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

Camera And Photography Linky Party | Whims And Fancies
Whims and Fancies blog

It was a cloudy day, and I was tempted to say it was not pretty enough for a walk .
But we went anyway...

The lush  vegetation contrasted with  the  jagged-edged barks ,  in the woodlands surrounding the old mansion .

I wondered what lie beyond the stone wall, topped by the elegant stonework arches...

Ivy-covered stones and  gangly pines in a row ...

and .... yet more  English Ivy vines , persistently creeping  towards the sky.

It  turned out to be a perfect day for exploring some paths. And for looking around an old mansion's gardens , at  Ridley Creek State Park.

Go on over to Soma's blog , Whims and Fancies,  to see so many beautiful photographs!

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I'm off to my sewing room!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Apple Picking Tree Skirt

How About Them Apples....

I bought this super cute pattern, Apple Picking Quilt,  by Lori Holt, a long time ago. 
Apple Picking Quilt   by Lori Holt  { here }
Last week, I bought a bag of Ginger Crisp apples for my mother, and remembered that I had this  Lori Holt apple quilt pattern in my files.

So, I dug into my laundry basket of fabrics that I had pulled to together for making my Farm Girl Vintage Quilt.  ( FGV quilt  block patterns from the book, "Farm Girl Vintage" by Lori Holt.)   You can see my quilt Here

This is what I made....

 A Green Apple 

These 12 inch blocks make up so quickly!

A Red apple

Adding on a third scrappy apple

Before I knew it....

Whiskers is heading over to the quilt top to check out all of the apples
As I was making the apple blocks, I realized that this would make a really "delicious"  tree skirt  !

Inspiration:   I saw a video by Rob, at ManSewing, with Violet Craft, on how to turn an unfinished quilt into a tree skirt  {here }

The finished quilt came out to be 33 " by 33 " , after adding some sashing to the four sides.  
I made the quilt sandwich,  and quilted straight lines, at 1.5 " apart, both horizontally and vertically, using my walking foot.

Then it got hard.... 
I became REALLY nervous when I had to cut out the center circle, and the line out to the edge!!  I held my breath and used my special ( very sharp) Gingher Dressmaking shears, and cut!   Success!!

Next, I  sewed  up 4 ties, and pinned them on to the opening, before sewing on the bias binding.

The ties are pinned 
 I machine sewed the bias binding to the front of the tree skirt.  The binding was then hand stitched to the back side.  

Oops... after reading  checking out the pattern, I realized that I should have embroidered the seeds to the apple blocks  before putting the front and back together!  Carefully, I  stitched the apple seeds without thread coming through to the quilt back .  It was slow going, but worth the effort. I  like the addition of the seeds to the cut apples!   ( Note to self:  make a note on the pattern to embroider seeds right after making the quilt top !!)

Embroidering the apple seeds

And here is the finished " Apple Picking Quilt" tree skirt for my pencil tree!

My "Apple Picking " tree skirt    Susie's Sunroom

Before: The Apple Picking Quilt ...After: the Apple Picking Tree Skirt  ! 
by  Susie's Sunroom

I love the little patchwork apples!
I am so happy with my new little tree skirt!

I wonder how long it will be until it is covered with little black kitty hairs?!  LOL

Don't be afraid to cut into that small quilt to make your own tree skirt!
Next on my "To Make" List-   make a Christmas Tree Skirt before December.  (  I won't be  limited to tree skirt patterns to find what I like!)

I'm off to my sewing room!

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