Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Finished Ribbons Quilt

Sherbet and Creams Quilt Along Quilt 

It seems like just yesterday that I jumped in with Joanna Figueroa in the  Sherbet & Creams Quilt Along  { at Fig Tree Quilts .}  It was April when I picked out these fabrics from my stash, to match, as closely as possible , to the  Fig Tree's Sherbet and Low Volume Bundles.

My pile of Sherbets:
I pulled these solid "Sherbet" fabrics from my stash

My pile of Low Volumes:
These are all gorgeous Fig Tree fabrics, except for the first and second fabrics
on the left

I didn't know what we were making, but was ready to make anything coming from Joanna!
This is what Joanna made... a Ribbons Quilt!  (here)  We didn't see the final quilt details until the 5th week of sewing!
Joanna's Ribbons Quilt.... a Sherbet and Creams Quilt pattern
I made a few changes from Joanna's quilt:

Since my low volume fabrics did not have any black or gray colors in them, I did not use black fabric circles and squares for the centers of the 4- Blocks.  I had a  lot of Millhouse Inn yardage, and found that it was perfect color for the centers.

I got "sew" excited at this step....

Aplique's sewn onto each 4-block

My little helper and I got busy laying out the 4 patch blocks ....

Whiskers helped me layout the blocks

I sewed  four 4 -blocks together to make the 12 1/2 unfinished blocks ....   and then I re-read Joanna's directions.  I should have added squares on some blocks , at the corner, before I sewed them together!  Oops!!

I thought about it , and realized that I could add the squares, if they were treated with the Crafted Applique' technique !  { See my post about the "Crafted Applique'.... New Possibilities" book  {here}  } Ta Da!  The little 2 inch squares  won't fray, and will be easy to sew on at  all of those intersections!  

I also  added half squares at the edges. Next it was time to sew  a 1 1/2 " cream border on all sides, and then the 6 1/2 " wide Millhouse Inn fabric border.

Here is my flimsy top-

Ribbons  Quilt     made by Susie's Sunroom

And here is my completed Ribbons- Sherbet and Creams Quilt:

Ribbons     by Susie's Sunroom

Quilt Details:  

Pattern:  Ribbons    by Joanna Figueroa at Fig Tree Quilts , in Sherbet and Creams Book
Size:   62 "  x 74 "
Fabrics:  various Fig Tree & Co.  fabrics  ( Millhouse Inn, Dots, Buttercup )
Batting:  Warm and Natural cotton
Thread:  Aurifil  50 weight #2024  for piecing and machine quilting
Applique' :  Starch Applique for the pumpkin seeds, and Crafted Applique' for the red squares
Quilting:   Walking Foot -  serpentine "s" stitch -  plus - hand  quilting  stitches of 2 " squares in the scrappy 4-patch areas with   Gutermann thread

Hand quilted stitches  - 2 inch squares

I had a large piece of the green Millhouse Inn fabric, which I pieced with some cream tonal fabric, for the back of the quilt. It matches the green sherbet pumpkin seeds on the front.

The back of the quilt is green and cream!

This is a close up of the back... you can see a hand quilted square.

The back of the quilt.  See the little square?

You can see the serpentine "s" stitch quilting

I love the crinkling.... and it isn't even washed yet!  I also love the extra texture that the hand quilting has added!

This was such a fun quilt along!  Thank you, Joanna!


I'm off to my sewing room!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June Flowers on a Walk

There are lots of beautiful things  that can be seen while taking walks on a warm summer evening .....

Stone bridge and creek-

Ferns -

Queen Anne's Lace-

Some more Queen Anne's Lace ... because I really love them! -

A Day Lily -

Some kind wild daisy -

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Book Bag for a Boy

 "Boy Hiking" Block

The first of July means there is a new edition of " Paper Piecing 1/4 " " digital magazine! 
These magazines are simply  filled with  modern, creative paper piecing patterns designed by Janeen, of Quilt Art Designs!

This issue #10 has 12 summertime  blocks depicting families and their fun outdoor summer activities !   There is everything from the  beach to a  picnic, and  from fishing to soccer!
You can make them up into a fabulous quilt, or use the blocks individually.
(7) Name: 'Quilting : Paper Piecing 1/4' Dig Mag Iss 10
                                                      Issue #10  July - Sept     {here}                                        

Here's a look at the paper pieced patterns included in this issue !!   Aren't these cute?   And they are even better when you make them come to life with fabrics!!

(7) Name: 'Quilting : Paper Piecing 1/4' Dig Mag Iss 10
In Issue # 10  July- Sept 2016

    The block that I got to test is made :  Hiking Boy  (I just call him that)       

Boy Hiking    made by Susie's Sunroom
 Block stats:    Hiking Boy     pattern design by Janeen, at Quilt Art Designs, in the issue #10  July-Sept 2016  of " Paper Piecing 1/4 " digital magazine   {here }                 
Size: 14.5 " x 14.5 "  unfinished
Fabrics:  Solids and a few textured blenders from my stash

Things I love about this block:  The mountains in the background
                                               The boys little knees  ( it reminds me of my son , when he was a toddler and wore shorts that showed his little chubby knees !)

I thought this block would make a cute book bag for a little boy.  I added some sashing to the front, and made up a simple tote bag.  It measures about 16" across and 16" high. 

Hiking Boy Book Bag   

  It is big enough to hold lots of books from the library!!

I also added a large slip pocket in the inside.

You'll want to check out the other adorable blocks in this issue, depicting families in outside activities!  click {here}   They are really cool !

I'm off to my sewing room!

Pattern provided by QAD Publishing

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