Friday, July 25, 2014

Spinning in the Rain BoM

Spinning in the Rain BoM

Spinning in the Rain BoM  at Sew Lux Fabric

In late February,  Sew Lux Fabric shop announced their newest  block-of-the-month...
a pinwheel themed, Moda fabric BoM!  What's not to love?  I love this shop, too.  They carry the prettiest fabrics, gorgeous bundles and have great sales and service!!  

The BoM has two beautiful fabric lines, April Showers and Color Me Happy.  Each has two colorways to choose from!  I fell in love with...

Color Me Happy,   by V & Co.,  with the  blues and greens, grays and pinks!

I  already received all of my fabric for the blocks, and the sashing to put the blocks together.  Each month,  the new pinwheel pattern comes in my email in a pdf file!
 And...  there are two sizes of blocks in the patterns.... a 12 1/2 inch unfinished AND a 6 1/2 inch unfinished!!  {Better cover your ears while I let out a little squeal now!}

So here is Block #1  June: 

Block #1  Spinning in the Rain BoM                     Susie's Sunroom

Block #2  July:

#2  Block    Spinning in the Rain BoM           Susie's Sunroom

Blocks #2  and #1    Spinning in the Rain BoM

And, here are the 12 inch AND the "mini me" 6 inch blocks together!!

Blocks #1  and #2     with the  'mini me's'    Spinning in the Rain BoM
These are so fun to make , and next month, I'll share with you the new ruler that I started using to accurately trim  any HSTs !  

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Patchique' Blocks 25 and 125

Patchique' Blocks 25 and 125

Sewing Along with Amanda, The Patchsmith
This week's Patchique' blocks were enjoyable for me to make.  They do have some tricky parts in them,  but luckily for me, Amanda,  The Patchsmith,  made the blocks first.  She then looks the directions over and  figures out the best way to make each block!  

 Block #25:   Chigai igeta  (Staggered igeta)  (inspired by a family crest)

Block #25  Chigai igeta   from the book    Japanese Taupe Quilts  page 49  

Now when you look at this block in the book, it is very difficult to see differences between the two dark  brown fabrics in this design. Her diagram was not much help on this pattern, either.    But,  Amanda figured out how to make hers,  and then blogged about it.  This is her pretty  Block #25 (  a fusion of  English country and Japanese colors and style):  I love her fabrics!
Block #25    by The Patchsmith
Ahhh,  now I  can see the 'staggering.'  
So I got busy, printed out Amanda's block, labeled the sections so I could sew the pieces together.....

I made my block, laying it  right beside a picture of Amanda's block,  with the blocks numbered in a grid.
I confused myself,  because I made my light fabric assigned to Amanda's dark fabric in the picture. And visa versa.   

 I looked and all of the  edges all lined up nicely.    YAY!
Uh-oh.  Did you see  my  mistake? 
  I didn't put the sections together in the right order.   Boo!

Fortunately,  I could rip out the seams easily on the bigger sections,  and re-join them in the proper order!

Block #25  Staggered igeta               Susie's Sunroom
It was well worth taking the time to fix the design.  

Block #125:    Kano rinpo (means Kano treasure wheel)  (family crests featuring plants, leaves and objects)

Block #125   from Japanese Taupe Quilts   page 107
Amanda's directions made this block a breeze.   I found two Tupperware lids the perfect size of 7 inches and 4 1/2 inches in diameter, to make my donut circle.

I centered my circle onto the block

Block #125  kano treasure wheel
It didn't take long to choose the fabrics for this block. I dug into  my bag of scraps ,left from making the other Patchique' blocks.   

Blocks #25  and #125   together     Susie's Sunroom

32 blocks completed!!

Amanda says we are over the half-way mark now!   
I'm off to my sewing room!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Catching Up on Some Blocks

Catching up on June's Sew Kitschy Block

Yes, I know that June has  already come and gone!  But, somehow, I got behind on making  a bunch my regular blocks.

Sew Kitschy BoM   by Kristy  at Quiet Play blog

This is the "late"  June Paper Pieced  Block of the Month:

June's block  Water jug and cups   Available at the Quiet Play Craftsy shop

And here is my own version.....
June's block   Jug and Cups   Sew Kitschy    made by Susie's Sunroom

And here are all six of my blocks so far...

Sew Kitschy BoM             Susie's Sunroom

Come back soon , to see July's block. And I'll be making my late Patchique' blocks, too!   Are you behind at anything this summer?....

I'm off to my sewing room!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Denim and Batik Tote Bags

Denim and Batik Anita Vacation Tote Bags

What you get when you combine denim fabric, brightly colored Batik fabrics, and a wonderfully versatile tote  bag pattern?    

Why,   you get a couple of brightly colored , yet practical, Anita Vacation Tote bags!!

Anita Vacation Tote bags , using Batik fabric                   Susie's Sunroom

Here are the details:

Pattern:   Anita Vacation Tote bag -     pdf pattern    by Eamylove @ Amy Made That! 
Amy's pattern is written clearly, in tutorial style, with lots of pictures.
              ( This pattern is available at the sale price of $5 now on Craftsy !)

Fabrics used:  Dark blue bottom weight Denim
                     A Batik  , with a rainbow of colors , from my stash  

Bag Dimensions:   10" wide x 13" tall x 6" deep

Tote Bag Features:  Straps with 2 fabrics,  Zippered pocket in the lining, and  magnetic snap top closure

Before I began to sew, I made sure to pre-wash the denim and batik, to minimize  any dark colors running  and any possible shrinkage.

I chose to feature the blues and greens in this bag

I featured the yellows and oranges in this tote

See the bright linings

Wow,  these Anita Vacation Totes can hold a lot!!

I made these bags for Nancy, who is using one bag for carrying things to work ( a small purse , her lunch, and book ),  and the other bag  for her gym/workout clothes.

I am going to post my Anita Vacation Totes in Amy's flickr group "  Amy Made That! and So Did I " ,  where you can see some other  beautiful totes !  Come on and make one for yourself this summer.... you know you've been wanting to make something for yourself!

I'm off to my sewing room!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Making a Baby Boy Quilt

Sometimes I get lucky, and a cute sewing project or pattern crosses my path, at the same time that I need to make a gift for somebody. I love when that happens!!

Recently,  I set out to make something special  for the first grandchild of my dear friend, Mary.  She is now the proud grandmother of a cute little baby boy!

What adorable baby  project "sailed into my horizon" at just the right  time?   
It is The Summercrafter's  new baby quilt   pattern...   High Seas
High Seas   by Summercrafter

And here is the High Seas  baby quilt that I made:

High Seas Baby Quilt                                  by Susie's Sunroom

High Seas  Baby Quilt      design by Elaine  Perez  @ Summercrafter blog
Dimensions:   37 inches  x 37 inches
Fabrics used:    Thar She Blows   by Michael Miller    ~ for the backing (whales)
                       Point of Sail        by Michael Miller    ~ for the border
                       Out to Sea  by Sarah Jane   Michael Miller  ~ the red striped binding
                       Ombre Fabric in blue   from my stash
I really enjoyed sewing these blocks!  Each block that I finished became my new "favorite" one.

The anchor block -  I used some blue  Ombre  fabric for the ocean water
The pirate ship block

The pirate block

The whale block

I quilted some simple 'wave lines'  in the border 
I just love the striped binding  ( sewn by machine on both sides)  and all of these spouting whales!

The back side

After looking at all of the whales, I remembered seeing a cute softy pattern for a whale...

Whale of A Time Plushies    by Christina McKinney  Birchfabrics

You know I just HAD to make a little ole' whale to go along with this pirate quilt!

Whale plushie and High Seas quilt gift set        by Susie's Sunroom

My gift set for baby

This quilt was so much fun to make, and easily started and finished in my weekend.  
Go on over to Elaine's blog, Summercrafter , to see all of her patterns and beautiful work!

I can't wait to give them to the little guy!

I'm off to my sewing room!
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July' s New Across The Pond Sew Along Project

July's New Across The Pond Sew Along Project

It's never too late to start in... make a project with us!!
See here what we have made so far in our Sew Along....{ there's no pressure}
July is here already!  This month's Across The Pond Sew Along project is....

                    Theme:   Red  White    &  Blue

You can make anything with some red, white & blue....  let your creativity flow!  

Would you like to see some project  ideas? 
That's easy!  Check out  The Patchsmith (Amanda's blog),  Amy Made That! (Amy's blog) , and right here, for some great red, white and blue  projects!

 Make a pouch!   

Pattern:   Twice As Nice Double Zippered Pouch   by  Geta Grama  
                                       at   Geta's Quilting Studio 

This is such a cool pattern.... inside is a zippered pouch as the divider!    I used lots of RW and B in this Twice As Nice Pouch

  Did you see the red and the blue zippers?  Got them at Zip It  etsy shop.  

Make a quilt  ( or take a block and make it into a pillow like I did!!)

Pattern:   Independence Quilt       by  June82000 Marcia Hohn  at Quilter's Cache

Independence Quilt   I want to make this some day!   

A Dandy block

Log Cabin block
Starflower block
Flag block


Block  I used:  Pieced Star    
Pieced Star   by  Marcia Hohn

I was happy to have some red , white and blue star fabric in my stash!!

Pieced Star  pillow                        by Susie's Sunroom

Next, I  added some red piping around the edges of this  12 inch  block, to make the inside pinwheel "pop."     I made my own piping... using this tutorial  and some Stitch Witchery , by Dritz  (5/8 in  width) ,  to press the bias tape around the 1/4 in cording .

(Don't look too closely at the piping... I need to practice   a little a lot going around the corners!!)  

The back......  denim material and the Covered Zipper Pillow Back.  
It's easy to make  using Amy's free tutorial  at   Amy Made That!

My Patriotic pillow      I love this block!                        Susie's Sunroom

Want to see another pillow idea? 
*Disclaimer*  It is hard to stop at making 'just one pillow'....

Pattern:    Ruffle Flag Pillow   (reverse applique detail)  by  Heather at The Sewing Loft

Heather's blog has a great tutorial showing how to make this cute ruffle flag pillow.  There is  even a video, that taught me how to do the stars in the reverse applique.   It was really a fun technique to learn!!  And easy.   I made this pillow in less than 2 hours.  Thanks, Heather !

Ruffle Flag Pillow    ( 12 in x 16 in )    made by Susie's Sunroom

I used denim fabric on the front, and some Patriotic fabric for the back.   

Of course I made the  Covered Zipper for the back !  A bit of denim scrap made the perfect cover for the zipper.

I'll just have to keep my kitty cat away from the little pieces of thread!!

When you make something Red  White and Blue,   you can link it up into our 
                           Across The Pond Sew Along Flickr group !   
(Just join the group  add your photos next, to your own Flickr page, and then add it into our group !)   

Oh,  and you can always add something that the Across The Pond Sew Along has made... at any time!   {No deadlines to fuss about! }

I'm off to my sewing room!