Monday, July 21, 2014

Patchique' Blocks 25 and 125

Patchique' Blocks 25 and 125

Sewing Along with Amanda, The Patchsmith
This week's Patchique' blocks were enjoyable for me to make.  They do have some tricky parts in them,  but luckily for me, Amanda,  The Patchsmith,  made the blocks first.  She then looks the directions over and  figures out the best way to make each block!  

 Block #25:   Chigai igeta  (Staggered igeta)  (inspired by a family crest)

Block #25  Chigai igeta   from the book    Japanese Taupe Quilts  page 49  

Now when you look at this block in the book, it is very difficult to see differences between the two dark  brown fabrics in this design. Her diagram was not much help on this pattern, either.    But,  Amanda figured out how to make hers,  and then blogged about it.  This is her pretty  Block #25 (  a fusion of  English country and Japanese colors and style):  I love her fabrics!
Block #25    by The Patchsmith
Ahhh,  now I  can see the 'staggering.'  
So I got busy, printed out Amanda's block, labeled the sections so I could sew the pieces together.....

I made my block, laying it  right beside a picture of Amanda's block,  with the blocks numbered in a grid.
I confused myself,  because I made my light fabric assigned to Amanda's dark fabric in the picture. And visa versa.   

 I looked and all of the  edges all lined up nicely.    YAY!
Uh-oh.  Did you see  my  mistake? 
  I didn't put the sections together in the right order.   Boo!

Fortunately,  I could rip out the seams easily on the bigger sections,  and re-join them in the proper order!

Block #25  Staggered igeta               Susie's Sunroom
It was well worth taking the time to fix the design.  

Block #125:    Kano rinpo (means Kano treasure wheel)  (family crests featuring plants, leaves and objects)

Block #125   from Japanese Taupe Quilts   page 107
Amanda's directions made this block a breeze.   I found two Tupperware lids the perfect size of 7 inches and 4 1/2 inches in diameter, to make my donut circle.

I centered my circle onto the block

Block #125  kano treasure wheel
It didn't take long to choose the fabrics for this block. I dug into  my bag of scraps ,left from making the other Patchique' blocks.   

Blocks #25  and #125   together     Susie's Sunroom

32 blocks completed!!

Amanda says we are over the half-way mark now!   
I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. So pretty - both of your blocks are perfect and very, very pretty. Nice work Susie.

  2. I always enjoy seeing what you're up to in the sewing room, Susie! I love your version of the Patchique blocks. It's going to be beautiful when it's all done.
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  3. Oh wow I can imagine how confusing that block would have been! Good luck with the rest of the blocks.

  4. Beautiful blocks Susie!!! The first one reminds me of the ever popular hashtag! This quilt is going to be amazing!!!

  5. Oh my gosh how on Earth did you keep your sanity making that staggering block? LOL It looks so difficult! Well done you. X

  6. The Kano Rinpo is so pretty! Wow! 32 blocks! That's an achievement and beautifully accomplished too!



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