Friday, March 31, 2017

Wakey, Wakey!

Wakey, Wakey, Little Birdy!

It's the first of April... and that means a new edition of "Paper Piecing 1/4"  " is here!
It is titled:  Springtime Garden Patterns

Latest Issue:   Issue #13 April  -  June 2017
{avail HERE}

The super talented artist and designer, Janeen, at Quilt Art Designs, creates these amazing and fun foundation paper pieced patterns quarterly. 

The pattern that Janeen asked me to "bring to life" from this edition is called,
 " Cat and Bird in Tree."  I think she knows that I love cats... and especially little ,impish, black cats!!

Pattern:     Cat and Bird in Tree       {here }  found in Paper Piecing 1/4" dig mag 
                                                       issue  #13  April-June 2017        by Quilt Art Designs
                   An 18" finished block

"Wakey, wakey, little birdy!"
It is cute looking on paper.... but is even more delightful after it is made up in fabrics !

My sister, Amy, at " Amy Made That!" blog, told me : "How would YOU like to wake up that way... nose to nose?!  "     I laughed out loud when I read that!

"Yoooo Hoooo.... Let's PLAY!! "
I think that Janeen is going to make this cute little fellow into a regular feature, called "Mr. Whiskers!"       

I decided to plan on making this block, and 3 more future Mr Whiskers blocks , into a cute wall hanging or mini quilt! 

"What's your name?  I 'm Mr Whiskers! "

This is a fast and fun block to make up.  You'll want to check out the other awesome patterns in this new edition.  {here}  I have my eye on few of those patterns, so you may see them on my blog in the near future!.     I  just can't wait for another "Mr Whiskers" block to be created in the next issue!

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I'm off to my sewing room!

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Pattern provided by Quilt Art Design

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Baby Shower Gift

A Baby Shower Gift

I had lots of fun making a few gifts for my cousin's baby shower.  I can't attend the shower , but I wanted to let them know I was thinking of them , and excited for them as they start their family.

I was determined  to use fabric from my stash.  They are expecting a girl, and she likes softer colors.  After perusing my stash, I happened upon my lovely little pile of pale pink and brown  "Lily and Will" fabrics { from Bunny Hill , by Moda. }  This is from the original fabric line.... I see Anne Sutton is coming out with a new  "Lily and Will Revisited" line in late spring.  

Now, all  I had to do was think of a gift!  I ran across  a fun and free  pattern for a softie animal ...  called , "Make It Yourself Softie Pattern " , by Cintia at My Poppet blog. {here}
Cintia made up one body shape, with various ears and tails to make it a bunny, a bear or a cat. I chose to make a bunny...  since I am using Bunny Hill fabrics!  

Disclosure:  I just made a flop.

{ Flop.  Bunny.  #SorryButNotSorryForThePun !)

My Flop:   Goofy Bunny Softie  in "Lily and Will" fabrics

 My bunny softie is just plain GOOFY looking.    Where did  I go wrong???

Cintia's softies had furry fabric, with no designs in the fabric. ( You can look here.)  Maybe I should have made my bunny ears closer together and used furry fabric.  

 I was  all ready to scrap my goofy softie bunny, and then my husband and S-I-L said to send it. WHAAAAAAAT ??   It had kinda been "growing on them " as they saw him  laying on my cutting table throughout the weekend, and they had picked him up to feel his plumpness.  It's  just possible that it may "grow on you" with time ...  Could it "grow on " a little baby??

So I tried to salvage my  Mr Goofy....
And wondered if I could shamelessly camouflage a "not very bunny-like " bunny with another legitimate gift.....  hmmmm .  Then, the  versatile "Divided Basket" came to mind.

The " Trojan Horse"  :   A  useful " Divided Basket"  by Anna                                                                                                            of    Noodlehead {found here }

Divided Basket  in "Lily and Will"  fabric
by Susie's Sunroom

See that divider inside the bag?  How clever is that?

 Divided Basket    in  "Lily and Will"
Susie's Sunroom

This basket can be useful  in a nursery in so many ways....from holding diapers , to  small toys, to small books, to bows, to socks ....         to ugly little bunny softies...

Peek-A-Boo !!  Looks who is inside this Divided Basket !
made by Susie's Sunroom    in "Lily and Will" fabric

Here are a few more  pictures . Feel free  to stop looking at this point if you don't want to see more of Mr Goofy!

I think that Mr Goofy is playing "Hide & Seek!"

Story Time for Mr Goofy

I thoroughly enjoyed making the Divided Basket,  and yes,  even Mr Goofy.
And, I hope the soon-to-be parents like the gifts.  (They don't have to use the softie... I just couldn't resist sending him along with the basket.)

Making this basket has given me another idea for a Divided basket.... come back to see my next one!

I'm off to my sewing room!

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