Thursday, November 28, 2013

Winner of the giveaway

I asked Mr. Random Number Generator to stop eating turkey and pumpkin pie long enough, to help me select a number for my giveway .

Quilting Gallery hosted  this blog hop last week

Congratulations, Charlene!  You are the winner!
  1. I'm thankful for all you wonderful bloggers willing to share everything. I've learned and seen so many things. Have also met so many awesome people. Thank you for the beautiful giveaway and chance to win.

    I will be sending it out to you as soon as I get your mailing information.
Thank you to everybody who stopped by and left me a comment. 

I'm off to my sewing room!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gobble Gobble!

Tom Turkey Wallhanging

Thanksgiving is nearly here.  I cooked our turkey today, and then tomorrow I only have to reheat the meat and serve it.  I tried this  method last year, because I didn't want to have to wake up super-early to prepare the food for a 1 pm meal.  

Tom Turkey cooking away.... he stays moist in the bag
This isn't the  actual Tom Turkey that I was talking about for a wallhanging, of course.

I am talking about a turkey pattern from the book,
  A Year of Paper Piecing   12 Sensational Seasonal Designs   by Beverly A Maxvill

I bought my book at
I got to pick out some pretty browns , reds, oranges and golds for this pattern.

All ready to connect the different sections

Pieces all put together.   Now it needs border sashes and a back

 "Move the right corner up a little  bit more, Whiskers...."

I added these folded squares in the corners, for hanging, on the back

The little dowel rod fits easily into the corner pockets

Tom Turkey is hanging just in time for Thanksgiving

I had fun making the wing and tail feathers

Next year, Tom Turkey will be hanging for much of November... he's ready to go 

Wishing  everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving  a wonderful holiday!

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I'm off to my sewing room!

Monday, November 25, 2013

FWSQ Block 6, 7 and 9 Block Talk

I've had time to work on  three Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks.

Block #6  Big Dipper    page 133

First attempt on this block , I made with  half square triangle blocks.  I want to figure out how to make my block piecing more consistent, and so I  printed out some sheets, from a  program I bought, called Triangulations.  (Brenda Henning's program.)

available at Bear Paw Productions
For some reason, I have  a few quirky printing and  size issues, using my  new Windows 8 and an  older HP printer.  I  do choose Print at Actual Size (no scaling) and they still did not measure what the pattern calls for a scale.  (And sometimes they get way too big if I choose borderless paper.)   So , when do I get accurate print- outs with the correct size, I am going to save that print out and use it as a template  to copy for new blocks. 

Otherwise, I love this Triangulations program.  You sew along the lines, like paper piecing, and then cut on the 'cut'  lines to make your  HST blocks.  I  think it will enable me make accurate half square triangle blocks. (I know I must not use steam to press the blocks, too.)
{If anyone else has experience with this problem with printing sizes , older HP printers and  Windows 8 , please let me know!}

Practice block #6  Big Dipper using  HST blocks from Triangulations

I think one  or two triangles  are a little smaller than the rest... but the overall size is too big...compared to my  other paper pieced 6 inch  blocks.  

So I printed out the paper pieced pattern,  from the Yahoo FWSQ group, and used that.

FWSQ Block # 6   Big Dipper   Susie's Sunroom
This block turned out to be fun and bright!  (And low stress!)

Block #7 Birds in the Air   page 134

I decided to use the paper pieced pattern from the get-go, for 2 good reasons:

  • 1  Amanda, The Patchsmith, told me that this pattern was a bit  tricky to patch work together  
  • 2  Elaine,,  said she had a "tight feeling in her chest" after making the block

That's a no- brainer, for me. "Paper piecing it"  went very smoothly.  (I'm all for doing things "smoothly" before the holidays.)

FWSQ Block #7  Birds in the Air   Susie's Sunroom

Block #9  Box   page 136

Block # 9  Box    Susie's Sunroom
This paper pieced pattern was so fast to complete, after having made the more complicated block 7 Birds in the Air.

Finished blocks so far:

FWSQ Blocks Finished    by Susie's Sunroom
If you'd like to see my blocks in more detail, as a group, hop on over to Flickr group      "Share your Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks with Susie's Sunroom."

This is a  new Flickr group, in which  you  can add any FWSQ block  that you've made.

Amanda, The Patchsmith, is sewing along with me  and has joined the  Flickr group to show off her gorgeous blocks.   Her blocks are so precise and pretty! They just inspire me to keep practicing and try to improve!  Hop on over to see her work!

  #6  Big Dipper  by The Patchsmith  photo courtesy of  Amanda  

#3  Basket   by The Patchsmith    photo courtesy of Amanda

I will be linking these blocks up to Elaine's Friday Night Block Party  linky at This linky group  is for ANY block that you make... not just Farmer's Wife blocks.   When  you enter during November, you will be eligible for a giveway of TWO charm packs from Elaine!! 
   Friday Night Block Party is how I got started making blocks from my book.  Sometimes it just takes that nudge, to  get started making  a project along with a  few friends...    

Don't forget to enter the Thank You Blog Hop giveway here on my blog...  you have until Tuesday Nov. 26, 2013  11:00 pm EST to enter!
I'm off to my sewing room!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thank You Blog Hop Party and Giveaway

Welcome to the Blog Hop Party... and Give-Away!
go to Quilting Gallery  for the list of blogs in the party

Welcome to Susie's Sunroom.  If you are visiting me for the first time, this is...

Where I  Susie's Sunroom

My assistant and design consultant:  Whiskers
Whiskers... she often sits right beside my machine  AND hops on to my chair if I get up!

The Thanksgiving holiday is nearly here, and is a perfect time to reflect upon things that we are thankful for.   Blogging  about my adventures in sewing and quilting for a little over a year now has given me more pleasure than I can even describe .I am especially thankful for all of my readers and  friends I have made in the quilting and blogging community!    And for all of the tutorials and patterns and information  that so many quilters share with us all.  (I learn so much from you all!)

The  timing of this  THANK YOU  Blog Hop Party With Giveways,  organized by Michele at Quilting Gallery, is perfect! 

Quilting Gallery  has a huge list of blogs  that have giveways when you visit them!!
Click  HERE to go directly to  Quilting Gallery for  the list of all the blogs that are participating in this fun blog hop! ( There are a lot of blogs to visit !!)

Let's check in to see what I have been working on in Susie's Sunroom ...and then I'll tell you about what you will have a chance to win from me in this blog hop.

Purse:   customized for my sister-in-law

Pattern:                     ps026  Mini Bow Tucks Tote   by Penny Sturges  
                                         {available at Quilt Illustrations. com}
Mini Bow Tucks bag  @
My SIL  prefers: 
  •     no ties (no tucks) 
  • 38 inch long handles
  • a magnetic snap closure 
  •  2 outer pockets
  •  specific pocket sizes in those  2 handy, slip pocket rows inside.  

I also tried something different this time, because she wanted the purse to be stiffer . The pattern calls for  Pellon Fusible Fleece 987 on the outer pieces and the lining.   I added a piece of Pellon Peltex 71F to the front and back piece ( cut 1/2  inch smaller  on the sides).Then I ironed on  the FF987  on top of the Peltex.  Both  layers fuse to the back of the fabric and are sewable.  I just left a bigger turning opening in the lining.  It didn't turn out to be any harder to pull it through this larger opening.

Fabric:   Simon + Kabuki   Eandl Design 2011  Quilting

              Iron  Gray  Kona Cotton

The customized mini bow tucks

Inside lining  ,  with the 2 rows of pockets and magnet snap

The top view   and  a key fob to match

I hope she likes it!  (If she doesn't, I 'll use it!)

Now, time for the giveaway! The Giveaway is now closed.                 

The Giveaway prize :     Spa  charm pack    by Deb Strain for Moda    and
                                    1 1/4 yd  Moda Marbles fabric     powder blue color

Spa Charm pack  and 1 1/4 yd Moda Marbles
Dates to enter:      Thursday, Nov. 21 -   Tuesday Nov. 26, 2013  11:00 pm EST
Who can enter:     Everyone!  International entries are welcome
How to enter:    Leave me a comment.     Simple  :)
                      { If you need a starter...  tell me something that you are thankful for.}
          I am thankful for all the people who continually encourage me to sew and quilt.
                (And for my husband not complaining when I buy fabric!!)

Mr. Random Number Generator will pick out a comment number, and I will email you .

**If you are a no-reply blogger, for comments, you must leave me your email address.  I contact the winner by email.  If I can't reach you,  I will have to draw another number. **

Good luck to everyone!
And thanks for stopping by to see what is going on at Susie's Sunroom!
I'm off to my sewing room!

"I KNOW I saw that tonal white on white dots back in here somewhere...."

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Patchique Week 3 Block Talk

Block Talk
Patchique' Quilting Project....with The Patchsmith

Working on the Patchique blocks, with Amanda at The Patchsmith, has become a very pleasant way to spend my time!

I am having fun learning how to make different blocks, and seeing the way that Amanda makes her blocks and how pretty her blocks look using her fabrics! The book is a pleasure to work from.

Patchique' Week 3:  Blocks  4 and 72

Block 4:
Yotsu kumi sujikai    photo by Susan Briscoe
Yotsu kumi sujikai  translates into Four paired braces.  I like the woven effect this makes.

My block ~
Block 4    made by Susie's Sunroom

Block 72:

Itsutsu matsukawabishi   Block by Susan Briscoe

Itsutsu matsukawabishi  translates to Five pine bark diamonds

My block~

Block 72   by Susie's Sunroom

My finished blocks so far

You might ask.... how do you pick the order to display your blocks?  Why, my assistant helps me choose the order....

My design assistant,  Miss Whiskers
My  finished   Patchique Blocks

I'm off to my sewing room!

Next Block Talk will be Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks.....