Sunday, November 17, 2013

Patchique Week 3 Block Talk

Block Talk
Patchique' Quilting Project....with The Patchsmith

Working on the Patchique blocks, with Amanda at The Patchsmith, has become a very pleasant way to spend my time!

I am having fun learning how to make different blocks, and seeing the way that Amanda makes her blocks and how pretty her blocks look using her fabrics! The book is a pleasure to work from.

Patchique' Week 3:  Blocks  4 and 72

Block 4:
Yotsu kumi sujikai    photo by Susan Briscoe
Yotsu kumi sujikai  translates into Four paired braces.  I like the woven effect this makes.

My block ~
Block 4    made by Susie's Sunroom

Block 72:

Itsutsu matsukawabishi   Block by Susan Briscoe

Itsutsu matsukawabishi  translates to Five pine bark diamonds

My block~

Block 72   by Susie's Sunroom

My finished blocks so far

You might ask.... how do you pick the order to display your blocks?  Why, my assistant helps me choose the order....

My design assistant,  Miss Whiskers
My  finished   Patchique Blocks

I'm off to my sewing room!

Next Block Talk will be Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks.....


  1. Your blocks look so good together. It is the taupe fabric - it pulls it all together. Love the pops of red and green. So nice.

  2. Boy do i feel like a heel!!! This was the last post i received of yours and it took me 2 months to figure that out!! I am a terrible friend and i am so sorry!!!!


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