Saturday, November 9, 2013

Block Talk

Block Talk

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Well,  technically, it is Saturday , but I got to sew some blocks. 

First block:  The  Friday Night Block Party, over at Elaine's blog.
I started sewing the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks , along with Elaine and Amanda, The Patchsmith.  I enjoy making one block at a time, and seeing my pile of blocks grow.

Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt Block ~  #5  Bat Wing

#5  Bat Wing
I decided to paper piece my block, after Amanda told me that she had a special way to make her block. (Then I saw "flying geese", and I know that I have issues with the triangles being the same size in my flying geese!)

#5  Bat Wing

Completed Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt blocks    by Susie's Sunroom

Second block:   Modern Blocks  

November's  Modern Blocks Quilt A Long at www.
November  block:  the Pogo Stick block   designed by Jessica Brown
   (page 142 in Modern Blocks book     compiled by Susanne Woods  )
Roslyn has a tutorial for the Pogo Stick block  over at Sew
Pogo Stick block     made by Susie's Sunroom
This turned out to be a fun block to make!  It has more pieces than I thought it would have , but comes together easily.  I chose to feature the brown fabric, and accent it with the turquoise blue.  I could have fun making a quilt with this block.

7 blocks made in the Modern Blocks Quilt A Long  by  Susie's Sunroom
I will be making some Patchique blocks next... I love working with those browns and blues ...  Amanda will be sharing the newest blocks on Sunday.

I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. Your block talk is always fun!! I see you have a fun little chart to keep track of your FW blocks. Isn't funny how some blocks turn out to have more pieces than you anticipated and how some blocks just seem more fun to make?! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!

  2. Flying geese are not my friend !!! Your blocks look great!

  3. You are making a lot of progress, one block at a time! I love the little chart you have for the Farmer's Wife blocks, too!

  4. These blocks look so pretty! I love the brown and blue too.



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