Monday, October 2, 2017

Kitten Kaboodle Quilt

A Kitty Quilt

Cuteness Alert!!  There 's another  cute, new quilt pattern being released today, by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts!   ( She's @SewFreshQuilts on Instagram)

It's the Kitten Kaboodle quilt!!  Awwww,  it's a  quilt with kittens!! 

Kitten Kaboodle Quilt by Lorna McMahon
Sew Fresh Quilts  { avail here }

 Here's what one of my  sweet little kitten looks like....

A sweet kitten block:   10.5 " x 14.5 " unfinished

And here's my  litter of kittens...

Six sweet little kittens!  by Susie's Sunroom

I finished my flimsy quilt top, and plan on using the gray dotted collar fabric for the binding.  The background fabric is a bright turquoise fabric, with little stars.  Sorry the lighting made it hard to capture the true turquoise  color.

 This is a nice quilt size for a child.  The six kittens make it a finished size of 36" x 38".  It would be easy to add kittens to enlarge the quilt.

Lorna's directions are excellent  and easy to follow !  She creates detailed diagrams and charts.  
And as an option, the Kitten Kaboodle pattern includes the directions to make the kitten without the collars, too. 

Whiskers made an inspection of the kittens.  I think she prefers being an "only furbaby." LOL  

Check back  here on my blog soon, to see my completed Kitten Kaboodle quilt!  

And hop on over to Sew Fresh Quilts  ( here ), to see this Kitten Kaboodle pattern, and loads of other awesome patterns in her shop!!  You will be sure to find something you want to make!   You can see the Kissy Fishy Quilt I made by clicking HERE.

Thank you, Lorna, for giving me the opportunity to test the pattern for you!  I just love it!
I think it will be a great quilt to make for baby gifts!! 
I'm off to my sewing room!

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Mr Whiskers Meets a New Friend

Mr Whiskers Meets a New Friend ( or meal? )!

September was a busy month for me, as my choirs at church started rehearsing again, and I worked on  project testing some new patterns for some fabulous designers.

Today, the newest edition of " Paper Piecing 1/4" Digital Magazine  " is released!  These cute , modern foundation paper pieced patterns are created by the talented  Janeen, of Quilt Art Designs.   { avail HERE }

If you have been following my blog, you may be guessing that I will be sharing  the third block in QAD 's  " Adventures of Mr Whiskers " .  And you are right.

Adventures of Mr Whiskers #3
.... included in Paper Piecing 1/4" Vol 15 Oct-Dec 2017

Miss Whiskers took a moment out of her busy day to pose for Mommy
and show you the newest block...
Pattern:    Mr Whiskers #3          avail at Quilt Art Designs   {here}  
Size:  18 " finished block

In the third block, Mr Whiskers happens upon a strange  creature...  is he friend or food ?   A "Freal" ( Friend/Meal) ??

Adventures of Mr Whiskers 3      by Susie's Sunroom

Now one thing I love about Janeen's designs, is the attention she gives to the eyes.  Look at the details in this fish!!   I am not exaggerating....  the fish's left eyeball has  31 sections to it!

The fish close up

Mr Whiskers #3    by Susie's Sunroom

Want to see all three of my  Mr Whiskers's Adventures blocks?

Mr Whiskers's Adventures 1-3  by Susie's Sunroom
My other posts :  #1 here  and #2 here

This Issue 15 has lots and lots of other fun patterns in it .... seasonal ones, too!  Here's a peek!
**  I see cute mini quilts!!

Previews of Issue 15   Paper Piecing 1/4" magazine

I have keeping busy and "out of trouble" , sewing some items for my Etsy shop. 
If you want to see what I have in the shop, just click on the SusiesSunroomShop  button under the header, to the far right .    
I also  started sewing a Gypsy Wife Quilt this fall, too.   ( Pattern by Jen Kingwell.  )   I just couldn't resist. It is a fun sew along with   GnomeAngel  , and Instagram  @GnomeAngel .  You can see my IG pictures, by clicking on my IG pictures on the right sidebar.  I am having a blast putting together brash and bright fabrics, and mainly from my stash.  I realized I had some fabrics stashed away in a bundle from Tula Pink, Amy Butler and Alison Glass !

Hope your fall is off to a great  start!

I'm off to my sewing room!

Pattern provided by QAD Publishing

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