Monday, October 2, 2017

Kitten Kaboodle Quilt

A Kitty Quilt

Cuteness Alert!!  There 's another  cute, new quilt pattern being released today, by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts!   ( She's @SewFreshQuilts on Instagram)

It's the Kitten Kaboodle quilt!!  Awwww,  it's a  quilt with kittens!! 

Kitten Kaboodle Quilt by Lorna McMahon
Sew Fresh Quilts  { avail here }

 Here's what one of my  sweet little kitten looks like....

A sweet kitten block:   10.5 " x 14.5 " unfinished

And here's my  litter of kittens...

Six sweet little kittens!  by Susie's Sunroom

I finished my flimsy quilt top, and plan on using the gray dotted collar fabric for the binding.  The background fabric is a bright turquoise fabric, with little stars.  Sorry the lighting made it hard to capture the true turquoise  color.

 This is a nice quilt size for a child.  The six kittens make it a finished size of 36" x 38".  It would be easy to add kittens to enlarge the quilt.

Lorna's directions are excellent  and easy to follow !  She creates detailed diagrams and charts.  
And as an option, the Kitten Kaboodle pattern includes the directions to make the kitten without the collars, too. 

Whiskers made an inspection of the kittens.  I think she prefers being an "only furbaby." LOL  

Check back  here on my blog soon, to see my completed Kitten Kaboodle quilt!  

And hop on over to Sew Fresh Quilts  ( here ), to see this Kitten Kaboodle pattern, and loads of other awesome patterns in her shop!!  You will be sure to find something you want to make!   You can see the Kissy Fishy Quilt I made by clicking HERE.

Thank you, Lorna, for giving me the opportunity to test the pattern for you!  I just love it!
I think it will be a great quilt to make for baby gifts!! 
I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. Looks like Whiskers approves! Lovely little kittens, well donr!

  2. Your kittens are super cute, Susie. I love the turquoise background. It really makes those white kittens pop! Thanks so much for helping to test the pattern!

  3. These kitties are so cute! You did a great job bringing them to life.

  4. Each month I think Lorna's patterns can't get any cuter or cleverer but they do. This is gorgeous.


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