Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pouch Adoration

I am Sooooo in love with this zippered  pouch....

I think, if you have been  reading some of my blogs for awhile, you might have noticed that I have a few "strong attachments " ( to pincushions, tote bags,  mug rugs, paper piecing, and pouches of all types.

Susie's addictions... so far!

To my delight, I  saw a  blog post , in 2013,  on  Geta's Quilting Studio, that really caught my attention.
Geta's Quilting Studio     Geta makes beautiful quilts and bags !

This blog featured a pattern that Geta had been designing, for a zippered pouch.... with a divided ZIPPERED section in the middle
   'This is genious!'  I said to myself !!

Geta's " 2 in 1  Zippered Pouch"    photo by Geta
These fabrics are gorgeous

Geta's zippered pouch pattern 
photo by Geta
See her gorgeous quilt as background?!!!
I commented on these gorgeous pouches to Geta,   and  before I knew it, she asked me if I wanted to test her pattern for her!   YEE-EHHHH-SSSSSS, I sure did!!! (I was shouting at my computer screen as if she could hear me in Romania!)(Maybe she was really loud!)

So, that very evening,  I dug around in my stash of fabric, to find which fabric I would use.  I saw a new charm pack, given to me by my daughter .  It is ~ Moda  Audra's Iris Garden.

Audra's Iris Garden by Moda     a charm pack { Very rich in colors}
photo from Missouri Quilt Co. com
I laid out  these beautiful 5 inch squares on my floor and put them into 3 color groups, of purples,  red and greens, and then  brown and golds.
I  found that I could combine 4 charms for the front, 4 charms for the back,  and then add some tonal blender to create the correct width .  Then I used  4 more charms total , for the inner zippered divider pocket ( which makes the inside pocket front and back), with a little lining fabric added to them to make them tall enough .     I also used some Pellon fusible fleece FF987 on the outer fabrics.
Oh, and the 2  (yes, there are TWO)  ZIPPERS!!  

I have a good supply of zippers, in lots of assorted colors at the 14 inch length.  I found  the perfect purple one for the purple fabric colorways.  (Squeal ) You can read about zippers while I settle myself down.... :)

( Want a great site to order zippers from?  Etsy Zip It  has great zippers, color selection and prices. I don't have any association with Zip It, but truly love getting them from this  Etsy store. Her service is exceptional, and you can get any assortment of colors that your little heart could desire!  And different sizes , too! Oops, have I gotten you squealing now, instead of letting me settle down?!)

Susie's Sunroom   2 in 1 Zippered Pouch 

Peek A Boo.... I see the zippered divided section in there!

I suggested the name of  Twice As Nice  double pouch ....   and Geta chose that name for this pouch pattern!
So, for one charm pack, and some lining and front/back tonal fabric, you can make three                         Twice As Nice double pouches!  

Geta also includes measurements for TWO more pouches, in smaller sizes, in her directions.  The pouch I made  (the large) is ~
  • 8" wide at bottom
  • 11'' wide at top
  • 7'' tall; 3½'' deep
Where can you get this super cute and functional pattern?   Just click HERE  for a downloadable pdf pattern at Geta's Quilting Studio!!   Her instructions are detailed and precise, and easy to follow, with lots of pictures.  

While you are at Geta's blog,  Geta's Quilting Studio, take a look at all of her beautiful quilt and bag patterns, and her incredible quilts that she has created.    They are all just simply gorgeous.  I am in awe of her designs and quilting skills.  
My mother saw this pouch... and took  it home with her! She loves purple and that purple zipper really  "got her" !

If you are anything like me, you will have found yourself making up multiples of these Twice As Nice double pouches before you know it!  I kept looking at the other 2 piles of my charm fabrics, and couldn't resist making them up.  They go really fast after you make the first pouch and know what to expect.

A second Twice As Nice Double Pouch   , from the same charm pack
This one has the red and green colors  

See the little lady bug button on the leaf , in this little  garden

The inner zippered dividing pocket.... and some gingham!

Next, I made a set using some Japanese print linen. It looks like patchwork, but is a single piece. 

Another  Twice As Nice Double  pouch.... this is made with Trefle  by Kokka  , with cute sewing notions.  See the key charm in the middle of the big pouch?

The inner zippered pocket is turquoise gingham, and of course  that pretty turquoise zipper is from Etsy Zip It
I simply love making this divided zippered  pouch, and can't wait to make some more! They make beautiful and useful gifts.
                      Geta's Twice As Nice Double Pouch Pattern   click HERE
 I better order some more zippers!!

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I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Great post, Susie. You've got me all excited to make more pouches and will definitely give the Twice as Nice pouch a try. I love the fabrics you used. I also have a pouch, tote, paper piecing love.

  2. These look wonderful ...they would make carry along project bags! Somehow I wasn't getting you Bloglovin feeds anymore :-( I missed your posts!
    Hope all is well for you this winter!

  3. These pouches are super sweet, no matter which size of which fabrics you used! Of course, my fave is the turquoise one! ;)

  4. Very pretty in the charm squares you chose!!! I'm like your mom, I love purple too. And the lady bug button is just the right accent. Thanks for showing us.

  5. Beautiful zips Susie!!! They are all sewn together so beautifully!! Who knew you could get so many pouches out of a charm pack?!?! My favorite is the turquoise one! Great use for a cheater print making it look more complicated than it is :)

  6. I do not receive updates of your blog; only now I see your post. I adore all the pouches you made, it was a nice surprise to see the latest one, in Kokka fabric. Thank you for sharing my patterns and for your valuable help!

  7. These are just super-cute, and I really love the fabrics you have used!

  8. These are great! I admired those on Geta's blog as well. I was lucky enough to win her pattern but I haven't made it yet. Hopefully I will as yours are lovely.


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