Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Patchique Blocks

March Patchique Blocks

With the arrival of MORE UNWANTED snow, I decided to ignore any  and all winter weather, and bury myself deeply in the making of some Patchique blocks!  This is always a calming and refreshing activity for me.  I know which blocks are the next to make, and I have all of the fabrics gathered in a laundry basket in my sunroom. (No wasted time trying to decide which project to do and which fabrics to use!)

Making Patchwork and Applique Japanese Taupe Quilt blocks along with
 Amanda, The Patchsmith
First block:  # 16  ‘Kasuri kawari igeta’          “Kasuri well curb variation”
          (I have no idea what a well curb is, do you?)

Block #16  Kasuri kawari igeta   by Susan Briscoe  from the book

I liked seeing that redish/orange center square of Susan Briscoe's block , and rushed to dig out my reds and the dark brown fabric out of my laundry basket for this block!   I sewed it carefully, making sure to use my scant quarter inch seam allowance, as Amanda warned it is hard to make this block the correct size.  I think I over-compensated in the center blocks, because my block came out to be a bit larger than 9 1/2 inches.  {But.... no complaint here!!}

#16   Kasuri well curb variation     By Susie's Sunroom
I counted the number of pieces of fabric that this block uses... it is 45 ! I have decided not to count the number of pieces of fabric in these complicated blocks untilafter  I have finished the block up!!

Second block:  # 94  Block 94   ‘Kikkō guruma’    " Bellflower wheel"     

Block # 94  Kikkō guruma  by Susan Brisco from the book
Ah!   Do I see a yoyo in the center of this delicate Bellflower!  Yep!

Block # 94  Bellflower Wheel   by Susie's Sunroom

This Bellflower wheel block is one of my favorites so far. I will add embroidery to each flower to make the sections appear.    I actually have White Peachleaf Bellflowers  growing  in my front yard!  They are so lovely and delicate !  And they are shaped like a bell! 

 White Peachleaf Bellflower       photo by Susie's Sunroom

This is Amanda, The Patchsmith's # 94 block....  I love her pink and green color pallet !   Isn't this a gorgeous block?  

Block #94  Bellflower wheel   by The Patchsmith
You can see all of Amanda's beautiful blocks on The Patchsmith blog,  and on her Flickr group !  I like to see how differently  2 people make their blocks, using the  exact same patterns!

Completed Patchique Blocks   by Susie's Sunroom

I think that Amanda has figured out that we have made half of the blocks needed for a queen size quilt!  

And, after looking at my flower pictures, I am so ready for spring and summer to arrive! 

I'm off to my sewing room!


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  2. Beautiful blocks!! I love the grid with the neutral tones and the pops of red! I definitely would not count pieces... But I am sure that would. Be difficult with all of the cutting :). I hope the unwanted snow did not undo the wanted flowers!!

  3. Well done to get that block to size. With 45 pieces this shows some serious talent and accuracy, I am loving your blocks and the color palette.


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