Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Two Zip Hipster

Customizing a Two Zip Hipster bag

 I love making bags for my daughter.   She usually looks through my fabric and picks out fabric that she wants me to use for the project.   A few years ago, I made up my own messenger bag pattern for her .  She wanted a large size, and an over-the-body strap.     Here are the two bags I made for her:

Chrissy's Messenger Bag  in Pink  and  gray and green

Chrissy's Messenger bag   in Sherbit Pip fabrics!

The last time she was home, she  found some cute fabric, in my stash, and asked me to maker her another messenger bag.... and I suggested a few new features .  The  fabric is really fun... Type Fabric  by Julia Rothman Windham Fabric

Type Fabrics   by Julia Rothman   Windham Fabric
After I studied my own pattern,  I realized that I  could use a great pattern that I already used  ,  the Two Zip Hipster, by Erin Erickson ( at Dog Under My Desk).  (Excellent directions and pictures!!)

Two Zip Hipster   by Dog Under My Desk   pdf  available  here

 Some of you may remember that I made a  bag for my tablet, on an earlier blog. I knew I could simply modify it for the specific features my daughter wanted.  ( I found the Two Zip Hipster pattern long  after I made the two messenger bags for her.) 

A tote for my tablet          Two Zip Hipster    made by Susie's Sunroom

So what I basically did, to make this Two Zip Hipster into a  custom Messenger bag:
  • Added an outer front flap with a magnetic snap
  • Enlarged bag dimensions-  2 inches taller,  2 inches wider and 2 inches deeper
  • Inside pockets-   2 - 6 inches wide x 7 inches tall pockets Plus a zipped lining pocket
  • Strap-   44 inches long x 1 1/2 inches wide
  • Place the outer zip pocket and slip pocket on the Back of Chrissy's bag {featured on the front of Erin's Two Zip Hipster bags}  (see above)

 Chrissy's customized Two Zip Hipster:

Chrissy's  modifed  Two Zip Hipster

The back side .... with a slip pocket AND a  zippered pocket

Zippered pocket on the back

See the slip pocket, right above the zippered pocket.  

Had to show you the cute lining in the  outer slip pocket on the back, too!

The front side with the flap

Paper clips lining, in gray

INside:  Slip pockets on both sides, with an added zippered pocket in the lining

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. "
My daughter is getting her PhD in Linguistics... isn't this fabric so appropriate?!
                                    { She loves her bag. }
I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. What beautiful bags you've made - perfectly suited to Chrissie' needs. It also seems that being talented runs in the family.

  2. it is so awesome that you can make exactly what your daughter needs! you did some awesome modifications to customize the bag!! Type is one of my favorite lines...i love those typewriters!!!

  3. I love these bags Susie! They are so cute and gorgeous. You always are able to put just the right combination of fabrics together. Lucky daughter too :) Thank you for sharing your modifications :).... and I love those typewriters too!!

  4. You make such wonderful bags, Susie!! These are wonderful, perfect for a doctoral candidate in linguistics. That's hard work!!



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