Saturday, May 24, 2014

Patchique Blocks 30 and 85

Patchique' blocks 30 and 85

 It's been another fun  ( and rewarding )day while making the next two Patchique' Blocks!

Making patchwork and applique' blocks,  along with The Patchsmith, from the book   "Japanese Taupe Quilts", by Susan Briscoe
The patchwork block:   # 30  Kasane itsutsu me  (Five layered squares)

Block #30  Five Layered squares  from Japanese Taupe Quilts book
It is made up of 29 pieces of fabric.... not  5 bigger squares.

Block #30  Five layered squares     by Susie's Sunroom
 It is really very pretty (in real life), with subtle browns and a muted red. (Love ya Moda Fabrics!!)

The Applique' Block:  # 85  Hanakaku  (Flower square)

Block #85  Flower Square   from  Japanese Taupe Quilts  book

 My #85 Flower Square block:

Block # 85  Flower Square   by Susie's Sunroom
This block actually reminded me of an  crochet  Granny Square.   And it was another opportunity to make a yoyo for the flower center!

Blocks # 85  and # 30

And here is a picture of the completed blocks so far:

28 Japanes Taupe Quilts blocks finished so far!  (No we aren't making all of them!)

Hoping you have a great Memorial Day weekend.    I am so thankful for all of those that have  lost their lives in  military service for the United States.  Thank you to those who have risked their lives to defend us all.

I'm off to my sewing room!
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  1. amazing blocks Susie!!! they look quite complicated and you made them beautifully!


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