Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More Patchique' Blocks

Patchique' blocks 12  and  90

Some new  Patchique' Blocks

Patchwork and Applique' blocks from the book, Japanese Taupe Quilts

I made two very interesting Patchique'  blocks , sewing along with Amanda, The Patchsmith. And I totally admit that I would've felt quite scared   intimidated  to make  Block # 12 , if I  wouldn't  have  had Amanda's excellent tutorial and tips to  guide me !

Patchique' block 12:  Atsuita koshi  (means "Noh robe check")

Block 12 - Noh robe costume  photo from book
There are 61 separate pieces in this block!  Luckily, Amanda figured out a better way to create the block....using some strips.   (  And, I am so happy to have finally figured out the " all important scant quarter inch " combination on my sewing machine!)

Block #12    Noh robe check      by Susie's Sunroom
 I was able to make it the exact size!  (Close your eyes if you don't want to see me do the  Happy Dance here!)

Block # 90:  Yayuki  ( means Snow Arrow)

Block 90   Snow arrow    from book

This block also has a lot of little appliqued pieces....43 and  a yoyo center.
I machine blanket stitched around each little piece.   (This is good practice for my blanket stitching!)  I have decided to practice making more yoyos.  I'd like to make a yoyo project sometime soon.   Anybody else out there want to join in with me?

Block # 90  Snow arrow    by Susie's Sunroom

Once again,  the time spent on making these blocks was well worth the effort!  I like both of the blocks very much and felt relaxed while creating them!  

Completed Patchique blocks   by Susie's Sunroom

I'll be making the next blocks soon... blocks 30 and 85.  

You can see my blocks, along with Amanda's beautiful blocks, in her fabric choices , in the Patchique' Flickr Group.

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Beautiful blocks Susie!! They look like complicated ones to make and you did a beautiful job!! I am loving the pink/red pops in your grid of blocks!!!

  2. I love seeing the graph getting filled in little by little. This is going to be a lovely quilt and agree with Gina that the pink and red (and also aqua) pops are great!

  3. Your blocks are beautiful and I know you quilt is going to have the perfect balance of Western/Eastern influence. You did better than me on Block 90 - I didn't manage to get all the little leaves on. As for Yo-Yo project - if it is little then count me in.


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