Sunday, April 21, 2013

Learning to make Hexies

What do you do when you get sick and really don't feel well enough to sew up  a big project ?    You find some hand sewing to work on!

I looked up several tutorials on Hexies and decided to try sewing a few.  When I started out, I didn't have a specific project in mind.   Echinops and Aster  has quite a few projects and tutorials on making hexies. After reading her blog,  I sort of lost my fear of making a hexie, and decided to make a few and see where it led me.

I found some great free hexi patterns at Echinops and Aster, and decided to print out the   1 1/4 " size on computer paper .

My fabric pieces tended to be about 3 1/2 "  x 3 1/4 "  , to wrap around my little hexagon paper template.  I enjoyed basting them by hand , while watching tv.  They only took a few minutes to starch and press into shape.

After I made 8 hexies, I started playing around with them, to see what shape to put them in.  I ended up liking the straight line.  I realized that if I put three in a row, that would fit on the front of an eyeglasses case.

Last week, I made a simple  eyeglasses case , for little "A"....

Pouch set   including an eyeglasses case
I had attempted to make a more tapered pattern....  from a pattern found at  Sewing.    But it had a part in the directions that I couldn't figure out  messed up... and so I ended up adapting this making it 2- toned on the outer fabric, and straight across the open, top side.

I decided to try this glasses case again, and then decorate the front and back sections with a row of 3 hexies.

So, I whip stitched the hexies, 3 in a row.  I fused them on the back with HeatnBond.
I ironed them onto the front and back of the outer fabric, and stitched them along their outer edge to the fabric.  I then simply stitched the outline of the hexi string, a scant quarter of an inch from the outer edge.

I had some problems again, finishing the case, at  the junction  where the the lining  and outer meet  (step 5), and sewing up the lining-to-lining and cover-to- cover edges.  (step 6 in directions).  (the pivot area she refers to in the directions)
After several attempts at trying "something different", I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I didn't look at the pictures in the instructions.  I used "common sense".
And it worked! 
So I WROTE IT down quickly, so I wouldn't forget what I did! And took a few pictures.
 I went to my computer and began to study the online tutorial. I  realized it was from the early 2000, and it was not as detailed  as we make our tutorials today.  I then found a "related" link below, and it mentioned "printer friendly" eyeglasses case.  It was actually the same directions, but had DIFFERENT PICTURES to show the steps, and was all on one page , for printing.  USE THIS ONE: Sewing  Make an eye glass case

If you make the pattern,   use this link  Make an eye glass case , and these pictures will make sense.  (And a more experienced sewer would probably know this already!)
The other directions showed sewing the 1 inch seam on the right sides of the fabrics in step 5.  I finally figured out that it needed to be wrong sides
Step 6    

My hexies glasses case  
I like this pattern, because the right corner (seen on left upper corner in my picture), is shorter and shows the lining peeking through. (This is the hard part I had in the pattern. )

The back side

Simple stitching along the outside

My "hex-cellent" eye glass case      (sorry for that one)

I want to make some more things with hexies now.

Have you made anything?  Any fun suggestions for me? Let me know!
I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. Your "hex-cellent" eye glass case is great! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Lovely glasses case and excellent hexies.
    Hope you feel better real soon.

  3. what fun little project thanks.

  4. How cute! Great small project to work on.

  5. Super cute glasses case.

  6. Ha ha Hex-ellent!

  7. HI I am happy to tell you that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!!!


  8. Hexies are fun to make and you turned yours into such cute projects!! Hope you are feeling better soon!


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