Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun Spring Colors

Trees are in bloom, colors and  leaves are popping out all around, and I got to make some fun gifts with lots of colors.  So now , I feel that Spring has officially arrived and is sticking around!

My first project is a Mini Bow Tucks tote

I love this bag  pattern, by Penny Sturges, at 
It is a practical bag and with just a few changes it can become a  bit more contemporary in shape.  Plus,  it comes in 2 sizes.  This mini size is approx.  9 " tall x 16" wide x 4 " deep (with no bow ties).  

 I made the basic bag pattern,with a few modifications:

The Mini Bow Tuck Tote  with  no side ties 
                My changes:

  •          28 inch handles length
  •          no bow ties on the sides (for gathering in sides)
  •         added zippered pocket inside
  •          magnetic snap closure

Inside row of slip pockets .  I added some main lilac fabric to piece the top edge of the pockets
Inside zippered pocket on one side

I really like the black and lilac colors in this fabric

The next project was a cute and wild-colored Pouch set .... for my sweet little grand niece. "A" had  her First Holy Communion this weekend.  I wanted to make her a little pouch set to go along with some money.

So what else should I add to the zippered pouch?  Little "A" wears glasses, so I made her a simple glasses case. And most kids have a set of ear plugs  to listen to some music.  So a small zipped pouch would be fun as an addition to my set.

I chose one of  my favorite Pouch patterns....Noodlehead's   Open Wide Zippered Pouch,  by Anna Graham. These pouches are adorable , and they do open wide!  
I made the medium size , which is 12" wide x 9 " tall.  Check here for the different sizes tutorial .  

Earbud pouch:  Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial  by Erin at  Dog Under My Desk
I used her free tutorial, but she has a pattern in her shop available for sale, also.
This is fun and is a great first zipper project!  (I didn't even use a zipper foot!)

Eyeglasses case:  I basically winged it... I cut a lining and an outer piece, each 7" x 7" square. Cut one piece of Pellon FF 987   7 " x 7 ".  Fuse it onto the outer piece. Sewed the top edge of the lining and outer fabric right-sides-together  (this is open edge of the glasses case at the end).  Then I  folded the lining remaining raw edges together (leaving a 3 " wide hole for turning it through) , and folded the outer fabricraw edges together, sewing it all the way around.  I pulled the case through the hole in the lining, and sewed the gap hole up. I  tucked it the lining back inside the outer cover.  I pressed it well and actually spray- starched it.  (This is not a hard protective case, but suitable for my grand  niece.)

Fabrics:   I found out she just picked out an orange outfit recently, with orange sneakers.   Her bedroom is lavender.   

My Zipper Pouch Set for "A" 
I used some tie-dyed fabric for the lining and a  loop inside, so she can hook up her circle zip to it and not lose it!
I think she likes it!
The only thing that was more fun than making this pouch set gift, was seeing little "A"  stash some little gifts into her pouch!

Now, onto some more projects on my list...
I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. I like that tote bag and all the fabrics that you've used!

  2. That bag is beautiful!! Love the fabric

  3. great gift ideas. Got to love zippered anything.

  4. Such pretty bags for spring. The lilacs are my favorite, but that orange zipper is just perfect for pop!

  5. Your spring projects look great! Love the orange zipper!

  6. Adorable - both the projects and your neice.


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