Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Lambs Mug Rug

Spring is here!

Yay for spring's arrival!  Today we are getting rain, and I am not even complaining a wee bit.   We do need the rain for flowers to bloom in May!  ( And hey, it isn't snow!!)

In March, I wanted to make a small project for my sister's  (Amy) birthday.  I remembered seeing a cute little mug rug,  called "Spring Lambs."  Isn't this the just the dearest thing?  Have you already guessed who the designer might be?
                         Yes, of course, it's Amanda, The Patchsmith!

Spring Lambs  Mug Rug    pattern by The Patchsmith
photo courtesy of The Patchsmith
Don't their little  blanket coats look so cute??

Here is my version of  "Spring Lambs"  ....

Spring Lambs     by Susie's Sunroom

Fabrics used:     Various DS Quilts   by Denyse Schmidt    from my stash
                        Felt -   cream for the bodies and black for their heads and legs

I love how the field grass has  little flowers spread throughout .
The  cream colored felt for the little sheep bodies, gave them some texture.
I cut out a little flower and appliqued it to the mama's blanket coat.

I machine blanket stitched around the bodies and the blankets.  I used a straight stitch for the black stitches, since they were very small and curved.
I used the gray polka dot fabric as backing AND the  binding... by folding the excess over and  then machine stitching it on the front.   This kept it all neat and tidy.

If you need a small project , with big heart, for a gift, that can be embellished a little or a lot, these mug rug projects can't be beat!  When I am  adding the details ,that give each pattern their  "heart", I feel like I have just  made a mini quilt!   To date,  Amanda  has 71 different patterns in her Craftsy shop.   There are  2 e- booklets (that have 10 patterns each- for Special Days and Christmas !).... There's bound to be something there to "fit your occasion" ! 

"We'll be baaaaah-ck  when Susie makes one for her desk!"

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. I am enjoying my sweet spring lambs every day! Thanks to you both...Amanda for the design and YOU for the execution. It has so many of my favorite things in it!

  2. Your (Amy's) little lambs are so sweet! I love the colors you chose and what a thoughtful sister you are!!!

  3. Love that and the colors are beautiful!

  4. So pretty! Love how you cut out the flower for the blanket!


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