Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Patchique' blocks 27 and 114

Patchique' blocks #27 and #114

Today , Amanda and I have passed the halfway mark in  making the blocks in her "Patchique'  Quilt Project" Journey.   
Listen... Is that my dear hubby calling out to me, " I say, dear,  this calls for a celebration....  time to place a huge fabric order  in honor of this momentous occasion!  "
{Oh wait...  I was just daydreaming for a minute there...} 

Sewing applique and patchwork blocks with Amanda, The Patchsmith
  This week's patchwork block:  #27    Hira yotsu me  (translated Four flat squares)

Four Flat squares    from the Japanese Taupe Quilts book

This block as 27 pieces, and since I have my scant quarter inch foot and machine settings "nailed", it came together so smoothly!

Block #27  Four Flat Squares     Susie's Sunroom
 The applique' block:   #114  Kikuhs  (Chrysanthemum circle)

Chrysanthemum circle   from the Japanese Taupe Quilts book

I had fun making this large flower into a block!  I got to  pick out 8 different fabrics, and a center feature fabric , to fussy cut.  I used my Moda Martinique fabric for the center.
(Hey, I just noticed "Martinique" has the "-ique" ending like applique!  A perfect fabric for this quilt!)  (You can see that I am easily amused!)

#114  Chrysanthemum circle    Susie's Sunroom

And here are the two blocks, side by side.  Two fun to make blocks!  I just know I'll be making these blocks again in the future.

Chrysanthemum circle and Four flat squares

My completed Patchique' blocks so far!
You can see the blocks that Amanda, The Patchsmith, is making here.  Her fabrics are so pretty and her quilt is going to be gorgeous,... and so Patchsmith!!
I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Such pretty blocks! It is fun to see this quilt grow!! Is this a year plus long project? And did you do the blanket stitch by hand or machine?

  2. I am loving these blocks - your chrysanthemum block is stunning. You've managed to combine western patchwork with Eastern style. Very nicely done Susie.


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