Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Blocks

April Blocks... Farmer's Wife Quilt Sampler blocks and Modern Blocks Quilt Along

I am really enjoying making blocks from The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Book
                                                   ( by Laurie Aaron Hird)

The Farmer's Wfie Sample Quilt book   
 I am not in a rush to complete the book.  My strategy is :    make a block "in between" my projects.   I enjoy knowing that I make the blocks in alphabetical order (that's one less decision to make ). And  I have  all of the fabric gathered into a laundry basket.  This makes the process relaxing.  I end up usually making 2 blocks at a sitting , using the paper pieced patterns (available after buying the book , through the Yahoo groups FWSQ group.)
Ready to see my latest two blocks?

Here's block # 17:  Cats & Mice

FWSQ Block # 17  Cats & Mice     Susie's Sunroom

 Block # 18 :  Century of Progress

FWSQ Block # 18  Century of Progress     Susie's Sunroom

 I really like how Century of Progress turned out.

FWSQ Blocks  Cats & Mice   and  Century of Progress             Susie's Sunroom

My Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Blocks so far.....    Susie's Sunroom

If you want to see other FWSQ blocks, hop on over to my  Share Your FWSQ Blocks Flickr Group.
And Sew We Craft's quilt along  

Now here is April's block for the Modern Blocks Quilt Along at  And Sew We Craft  :

The Stacked Squares Block   designed by Amanda Sasikirana   page 176 in book
Tutorial  by Ros at   Sew Delicious

Here is my Stacked Squares Block.  This is the last block in the sew along!

Stacked Squares     design by Amanda Sasikarana  page 176 in book

This block has four Flying Geese units in it .  I decided to use the 3 D  Flying Geese Method, that Amanda,  The Patchsmith , has made directions for!  I understand them when she writes them up!    In the past, I have had "issues"  making flying geese the correct size. Happily, they are turning out the correct size when I use Amanda's directions!  Yay!

And here is a picture of all 12 blocks!

My Blocks in the Modern QAL

I like how they turned out!   They are 12 inch finished blocks.    Now, I'll be figuring out if I want to have strips between the blocks, and if so , what fabric to use...  I think I'll make the backing pieced in some way...   Stay tuned for the final quilt!

I'm off to my sewing room!

Linking up at:  Modern Blocks Quilt Along @  And Sew We Craft


  1. You did an awesome job! I love the fabrics and colors you have going on in this. I was just watching this great tutorial on binding you might like. You will be at this point very soon!

    1. That is a great tutorial video by Patrick Lose! Thanks for the link!!

  2. The Century of Progress looks so complicated. Your block is perfect. And I love your casual attitude with the Farmer's Wife blocks. Perfect.

  3. I'm also enjoying your journey, step by step with each new block! They are looking great!

  4. When I get back to my FW blocks I will get the paper piecing patterns; your blocks look awesome!! Yay for an almost quilt top :)

  5. Wow!! You have been busy. These are some impressive block collections. Congratulations on finishing the Modern QAL blocks! They are beautiful.


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