Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Patchique Week 5 Block Talk Time

Patchique Blocks 10 and 110
This part of December is decidedly busy, with shopping,   preparing things for the holidays, and making gifts.  But I have found a pleasant "oasis" amid all of this hurriedness ... making some Patchique  blocks, along with Amanda, The Patchsmith.

It is Patchique' Week 5 (already!)~

Block #10:  a patchwork block

Block 10   from book, page 41.  Kauri kawari hana  ( means Kasuri flower variation)

This is my Kasuri flower variation block:
My block went together pretty smoothly.

Block 10     Kasuri kawari hana    by Susie's Sunroom
And Block #110:  an applique' block

Block #110 , page 98     Matsu guruma  (means Pine wheel)
This block intimidated me a little bit at first.  It has 12 bias-cut strips, those skinny strips on each petal, and a yoyo. This would be  my very first yoyo that I made! I did have the handy dandy Clover yoyo maker, though!

Also, I had not planned on any striped material in my basket of fabrics for this quilt.  Luckily, there was a  taupe and red striped Moda fabric in my fabric stash for making the flower petals!
Naturally, I read Amanda's blog  first, to see how she approached making the flower petals.
I  decided to cut my striped fabric in strips , 2 1/2 inches wide, on the bias (Yay for me trying this!) ,  for a length of 5 inches. Then I sewed  these bias strips  together, and cut the flower petal shape out around the template, like Amanda did.  (I just LOVE Amanda's helpful tips and  the way she constructs blocks with piecing!! That's why her mug rug patterns are so popular.... she makes it easy to make beautiful patchwork and applique' mug rugs, using patterns that she expertly designs!!)

Block #110  Pine wheel     by Susie's Sunroom

I  blanket stitched around each piece of the applique, by machine. And sewed my little 1 1/4 inch yoyo on to the center of the flower.
I like the way my block turned out!  And my first yoyo was fun to make!!  

Here are my completed blocks so far:

Block #110  turned out to be my favorite block so far!  I can see making a pillow , featuring this block...
This experience  is exactly why I am attempting to make the blocks from this book.  I will find little gems of patterns that I would've completely overlooked if doing them on my own!  (Yes, there will be some blocks that don't turn out very well.... I accept that as part of the learning curve.)
Thank you, Amanda, for starting  your fun (and educational) Patchique' Quilt Project Sew Along.... I love working on several blocks a month from this book, alongside  you!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Hi Susie! I'm getting up to date with the blogs I follow....so I'm here now!!! I've been admiring the blocks in which you have been working and they are "beautiful". The block 110 is amazing, I love the yoyo on to the center of the flower!!!!! You've done a very nice job. The project in which you are involved is interesting and most importantly it gives you motivation to learn, go ahead with the experience, because it is worth it. Thanks for sharing your blocks with us !!!!
    Marisa from http://passionetcouture.blogspot.ca/

  2. Love the yo yo center! I once was going to make garland for my tree out of these....ended up just enough to go across the mantle:) I was a little over ambitious! These are looking great.


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