Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Laptop Case

Trying a new pattern...

A quilted laptop case     pattern by Jennifer at Sewplicity
Last week, I had the chance to try out a new pattern , that I found at Sewplicity  blog.
A friend of mine asked me to make her a case for her laptop.  She wanted a zipper at the top, so she could slide her laptop in and out easily, and store the cord along with it.

I looked on the net, and found this great tutorial, by Jennifer, at Sewplicity blog.  I gathered up some dark fabric , by  Susan Winget, for the outer fabric , and another coordinated  ' texty' and bird sketchy  fabric for the lining.   

Fabric used:                                 
Le Cerise Script Black    Susan Winget

Le Cerise Bird   Susan Winget
Interfacing:  Pellon fusible fleece FF987

 Zipper:  Sport  Coats&Clark   24 inch  black separating 
Velcro:  for easy outer pocket closure
I quilted some simple  parallel lines , on the diagonal, two inches apart, for the outer pocket.

The pattern is easy to follow and  the laptop sleeve didn't take long to make.
 My friend did not want handles, but the pattern includes  directions to add handles to this sleeve.

The outer pocket easily holds her power cord

Some thoughts and observations:
  • I did wish that I had a surger, to finish the raw edges of the material, as the seams show in the interior of the case.  I used zigzag stitches on the raw edges.  
  • And I would make my zipper thread the same color as the zipper, as you  can see the thread when you look inside the case. 
  •  After using the case for a week, a tiny bit of the outside pocket became loose from the seam,  at the bottom seam .   I simply restitched the area with a satin stich, and then made another STURDY seam above this original seam, all along the bottom.  (To make sure this area could withstand the weight of the laptop . I had room to do this,  because the case was oversized.)  Whew!  An easy save.
  • This winter, I might try to make a zippered pouch, with lining that doesn't show the seams.  Adding that to my "someday, when I have time.." list
She loves the zipper top

 The Quilted Laptop Case          

This was a fun project to make.  Thanks, Jennifer, for a great pattern!
You may be seeing more of this fabric...  just sayin' I love it!!
I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Looks great, and those fabrics are just awesome for this project...and a few dozen others I could think of. So beautiful!

  2. I need a laptop cover. That's one thing I haven't made myself yet. LOVE the fabric you chose! Merry Christmas, Susie!!


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