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Acorns and Pins
Acorn Pincushion    pattern by Susie's Sunroom

This week, I was  "on pins and needles" at times,  while making up my own pattern for a fall pin cushion.  I  wanted to sew a little acorn for the top of a  small pin cushion for the fall season . Looking around  I found a few applique patterns online, and then I got the idea to try to make up my own, very simple,  paper pieced pattern.  (I am stressing simple... this is my first attempt at a paper piece design,)

Acorn Block  # SS01:  click  here for a  paper pieced  pattern  - a 3 1/2 " square block
Acorn pincushion   acorn design by Susie @ Susie's Sunroom

 Basic Tutorial  of how I made my little Acorn  Pincushion:  

Dimensions:       3 1/2 inches  x 3 1/2 inches x 2 inches high

Fabrics:    fall colors -various  scraps ( from my Tumbling Leaves table runner  ) Tic Tac by Andover
               background fabric- for top and bottom pattern
Side gusset:  cut piece  14 in long  x 2 1/2 in wide
Stuffing:   polyfil  or  ground walnut shell kitty litter  (I use Blue Buffalo) 

  • The top and the bottom of the pincushion are the  3 1/2 in  x 3 1/2 in   acorn blocks.
  • Make a top and bottom acorn block.  Remove the paper from the back after completion of the block.  
  • The side is a gusset  ,  which is sewn to the top section first. Before sewing,  I laid it out  and pinned the gusset to the outer edges of this acorn block, RST aligning raw edges,    so I could see where to sew the gusset ends together.  There are corners where you can "give and take" or round off or add a little pleat, to make it fit. Just plan ahead!  Attach the gusset all the way around , after having  adjusted the length and sewing the ends together to make a loop.
  • Then I pinned and sewed the bottom block to the remaining raw edge of the gusset.  LEAVE a 2 inch opening for stuffing the pincushion.  

  • Turn the pincushion right side out, press it a little, and fill it.  I use a funnel to add my crushed walnut shells, propping it up inside of a Rubbermaid  container (to catch any spilling!)  (I do spill a lot!)
  • After it is nice and plump , ladder stitch or slip stitch the opening to close it.  

Please note:  in the picture above, you may notice some  pieced sections in the body of the acorn (brown-gold color A and B). This is because I patched  my scraps together to make it big enough to sew with. ( I am saving that fabric for something bigger to make later!)  
A is one piece of fabric in the pattern.  B is also one piece of fabric

Acorn Pincushion     Acorn Pattern  by Susie @ Susie's Sunroom

I had fun making a little seasonal pincushion, and would love to know if anybody makes one of their own!
Email me and let me know.  (I can add a Flickr group if we get a few to share!)
And email me with any questions or if you discovered any errors...

I'm off to my sewing room!

I am linking up to~

 Amy, my sister,  suggested  that I enter my Tumbling Leaves table runner in the Quilting Gallery's  Fall's Glory Quilts Vote and Giveway this week.  If you click HERE,  it will take you to Quilting Gallery and you can look at all of this week's entries for Fall's Glory quilts. You  can vote for up to 3 quilts that you like the best.  I am the last entry... at the end.   
  • Voting is open Friday to Monday, October 7, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. (EDT)
 I would gladly accept any quilt love going my way!

Tumbling Leaves table runner at Quilting Gallery  Fall's Glory Quilts


  1. Such a sweet pincushion! Looks like a fab pattern too Susie!!

  2. I LOVE your runner! I entered my "Anticipating Autumn" in the Quilting Gallery contest too but totally voted for you too! ;-) Would love if you added to my flickr group:
    I'm kind of in a 'maple' mood these days. ;-)

  3. Well done on making your own pattern!!! Yay for learning new skills :)

  4. I love the acorn block and as soon as I've finished writing my blog I'm going to turn it into a coaster. Thank you Susie - very clever.

    1. The acorn block worked a treat and I now have a lovely autumnal coaster on my coffee table. Thank you.

  5. Cute acorn pincushion Susie! I voted for your table runner. ;) and another two which I also liked.

  6. The pin cushion and the table runner are both awesome! Great job making your own pattern!

  7. Love your little pin cushion, and that runner is amazing! Whoop whoop!!

  8. That's cute pattern and your runner is lovely.


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