Monday, October 28, 2013

Patchique Blocks 3 and 71

Patchique Quilt Project     Week 2   Blocks #3 and #71

I love sewing on a  fall day, with a blue sky, the cooler temperatures, and  the beautiful leaves turning gold, orange, and red.
And I actually  got a lot of sewing  accomplished this weekend.

Sew Along with Amanda @ The Patchsmith blog
with Japanese Taupe Quilts book by Susan Briscoe
This week's first block:    #3  Sakiori shima  (Rag -weave stripe)
Block 3    courtesy of Susan Briscoe
The directions - sew together 27 small pieces of fabric. (Yikes!  Will my block be square after all of that?) I shouldn't have worried ....  Amanda figured out a more concise way.... sew together long  strips of the two colors, and cut them into 3 segments, to then piece together.  See her blog post on how she made her block.  I love Amanda's gift of un-complicating patterns.  

My #3 block:
#3   Sakiori shima (rag-weave stripe)  Susie's Sunroom
The next:   #71  Mizuno kengata rokuyo   (Mizuno sword-shaped six leaves)

#71  courtesy of Susan Briscoe

I decided to bring in some of the  red colors now , with this block.
I love how it popped out!
Block # 71  Mizuno kengata rokuyo    by Susie's Sunroom
 Here are all 4 blocks so far.....

Patchique Quilt Project blocks so far             by Susie's Sunroom

I have had so much fun making these blocks!   I think I will make a pillow someday, using the #71 pattern.
(Don't tell anyone that I have the #3 block in sideways in this group picture....)

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Pretty blocks Susie!! You are ambitious to make these and the Farmer's Wife blocks!!! But they both have very different aesthetics!

  2. Beautiful blocks! They look very challenging!

  3. This Japanese taupe quilt work is very interesting. Love that mizuno block!

  4. Stunning. I love the touch of red you've introduced. And I think block 3 looks rather good sideways on.


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