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Patchique Week 1

Patchique Week 1 blocks #1 and #76

Patchique Quilt Project Sew Along  with Amanda, The Patchsmith

One thing that I have learned, is that I have a lot more fun  "learning  as I sew" and trying  new techniques out, when I am  sewing along with someone else.  Or with  a whole group of quilters.   This is why I like to be in sew along groups. I love to see all of the variations and special touches .

I  also love knowing  if there were any problems along the way  ,so I can also "look out for" and hopefully avoid these problems.  (I run into enough of my own problems  mistakes , without adding on any others! lol)  I  know that the more piecing and patchworking that I do , the better I will become at making blocks of all kinds.

Look what Amanda, over at The Patchsmith blog has  lined up for a sew along !  This is a brilliant and beautiful  idea that I felt I would love to be part of!

Amanda is using the patterns from this book, " Japanese Taupe Quilts"  by Susan Briscoe
The book says these blocks make cool, calm quilts that are at home in both  modern country settings  and  chic urban settings.

Here are the details about Amanda's  Patchique Quilt Project Sew Along...

She will be creating a quilt based on 9” blocks from Susan Briscoe's  book.  The main section of the quilt will consist of 49 blocks (seven rows of seven blocks) and she will  be making one patchwork and one appliqué block every 2 weeks.  This is what The Patchsmith calls  Patchiqué.  We don't have to do the  taupe colour theme. Amanda is  using beige, tan, green, cream and raspberry colors. 

Every 2 weeks , The Patchsmith  will  detail two blocks that she made from the book,and she'll give us her hints and tips.  (This is my favorite part!! Help AND tips!! ) Amanda absolutely excels in these skills.      Her  pattern designs are concise and clear and easy to understand! { They will spoil you!}
Amanda will  then write about her  Patchique experience  on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.  

That's when I will read about those 2 blocks and see what I will need, to make my own version of those 2 blocks.   I may be late some weeks,  and I may pass on certain blocks, and end up not making every block in the book   (I want this to be a fun learning project, so that is ok with me.) 
I  think that I would like to make a lap quilt.   The book has directions for other projects, too,  using the Japanese taupe blocks... like a pillow and wall hanging and a tote bag. I will be making some of these other projects with the blocks!

My fabrics:                 I decided to use fabrics mainly from my stash (Yay!):
My fabrics      They make me feel happy and calm

The foundation: 
Brown and cream toiles~  Fa La La La La Noel A'La France  by French General for Moda

What I began with        Fa La La La La    by 3 Sisters for Moda

Taupes and colors:
Light taupe floral, paisley ~  Martinique by 3 Sisters for Moda  (these have taupes, reds, light sage, light turquoise colors)

To bring in color     Martinique  by 3 Sisters for Moda

Stash ~  blending in with  reds, sage, turqouises , taupe , etc
Blenders~   cream   Essentials  by Wilmington Prints,  and
                cream   Grunge  Essence Cream  by Moda

Various colors and blenders to go with Martinique and with brown

Geometrics- for color , interest and some directional~  Painter's Canvas  Magnolia Lane Collection by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller

I love brown and turquoise and aqua  
Just in case... if all of the blocks don't look good together, then I will make other projects that  use the blocks that "work" together!  
My Patchique fabrics

So, here begins my journey on The Patchique Quilt Project!

Week 1:          First, I read  The Patchsmith's blog post for her comments and help:
                                                      click here

Patch Block  ~  #1:   Kasuri square check  (Kasuri koshi kaku)

Block 1 - Kasuri koshi kaku from the book

Susie's Sunroom block:
#1  Kasuri sqaure check    Susie's Sunroom
It turned out well,  using scant quarter inch seams.  9 1/2 inches unfinished

Applique Block  ~  #76:   Nine bamboo leaves wheel (Kumai sasa kuruma)

Block 76 - Kumai sasa kuruma from the book

Susie's Sunroom block:
Amanda offers this good advice -to use a protractor to place the petals 40 degrees apart , around  the circle.   (She said you can google ' printable free protractor'  (look for full circle and print it out.)
I used Heat n Bond lite fusible and  ironed the bamboo leaves onto the block. Then all pieces were outline stitched using the blanket stitch (by machine.)
Nine bamboo leaves wheel           Susie's Sunroom
I am happy with my first two blocks in the Patchique Quilt Project.  (They are prettier in real life with some warm tones.)

What's next?  Amanda is working on blocks # 3  and #71 .  That's what I'll be doing!

If you 'd like to learn to  make some beautiful blocks, and try something different, won't you join in with us?  The more making these, the merrier!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Great job! I love your versions of the block!

  2. You're off to a great start. Thanks for showing the stash fabrics you will be using. I love the Martinique print that includes all of the colors. The little splashes of aqua, green, and red will make this project sparkle!

  3. I prefer the bamboo leaves block the way you have done it - the RIGHT way. It is more in keeping with the Japanese theme of the blocks. I also love the turquoise and mocha - great colour choices. Nice start Susie.

  4. Et Tu Susie;) Love your fabric choices. The Martinique range is gorgeous. Your blocks are lovely too. I have looked in my stash too even collected some fabrics together but..... still at the resisting stage. Thank you for sharing yours. :)


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