Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Strawberry Delight

A Strawberry Swap
Strawberry pincushion swap    photo  by Erin @  Why Not Sew

Recently, I was reading the blog Why Not Sew  , by Erin, and saw that she was making strawberry pincushions.    She made soooo many beautiful strawberries, that I couldn't pick just one out as a favorite ! (This is where I kept squealing out loud with glee!)   Her post gives inspiration, great tips and excellent resources  for making strawberry pincushions .  

At the end of the post, she asked if  "anyone would be 'interested' in joining" ...
                  a Strawberry Pincushion Swap with her...  
                              What do you think I answered?  
                                                               *hint below* 

photo from  my post in the  Pin It Pincushion Blog Hop  Sept 17
YES!    I'm in!!  I love making strawberry pincushions!

Erin (one clever and talented quilter )  then created a Strawberry Pincushion Swap group on Flickr.  Everyone in the swap can look there and see what other participants are making. But we didn't know who was making a strawberry for ourselves.  My sister, Amy, 
joined in the swap , too, and we had so much fun looking at the pictures and guessing who our secret partners were.  (We didn't get each other... that would've been fun!)
The strawberry I made for my partner              
I decided to make my partner a strawberry,  using the pattern "Strawberry Shortcake" by Fig Tree & Co. It has an fabric cap, embellished with a  vintage style button.  I filled the pincushion with crushed walnut shells kitty litter. Then,  I found some coral/pink tiny glass beads to sew on, in the center of each of  the little rose clusters on the fabric.  This gave the fabric a little bit of sparkle.
Strawberry pincushion  in  Fig Tree fabrics and tiny glass beads
 I also wanted to add something that coordinated with the berry's fabric, so I decided to make her a patchwork fabric basket,  from the tutorial by  Ayumi @ Pink Penguin. This is a sweet little basket that I love.  I used some Fig Tree & Co. fabrics from my stash, cut into  2 inch squares, and white Brussels Linen, for the outside.  I made the lining from scraps of bigger pieces that I had.  

A Patchwork Fabric Basket    tutorial  by Ayumi at Pink Penguin

See the strawberry's fabric in the basket patchwork....
The last step was to gather up a few goodies to put inside the basket, with the little strawberry..

I made a key fob , in a strawberry print,  and added some pretty feather pins
 Everything got wrapped up and sent to my swap partner....  Gina .
I was thrilled to be making my strawberry pincushion for Gina, because she has been a fellow paper piecer in the BoM  And Sew On, by Kristy @ Quiet Play.  I have admired her sewing and artistic style for a long time now!  I also squeal over her beautiful sewing projects!  If you'd like to meet Gina and read her fabulous blog... hop over to Party of Eight .

Well that accounts for half of the swap fun.... now it is time for me to share with you what I received from my partner who made the strawberry pincushion for me!

Before I show you what arrived from NEW ZEALAND.... tell your family to cover their ears , so that any loud squeals won't hurt their eardrums!  My secret partner was Wooden Spoon, aka Rachel!

My  gifts from Wooden Spoon... strawberry pincushions, card and adorable needlebook! 
These are sweet enough to gobble up and eat!  I love the fabrics she chose and the precious details she put into everything!  

The felt caps have embroidery on the flower and leaves and a button

They are so cute and classic, hanging on my shelf in my sewing room
Opening up the needlebook  .... love the twill ruler ribbon and polka dots!!

The needlebook is made with the cutest bunch of fabrics... in little 1 inch squares! It makes me happy to  just open it up!  (Uh- 0h.... I can foresee a new addiction coming on in the near future...)

Berry Sweet swap gifts
Lucky me... what a super fun swap ! Thanks so much, Rachel , for my beautiful swap goodies!  This has been oneof my favorite experiences in my sewing adventures!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. That was such a deliciously fun swap! I could look at these pretty photos all day...and still not get tired of them!

  2. Ooh looks like a fun swap! How very fun that you got Gina as a swap partner!

    Love both what you made and what you received! Talented gals!

  3. What generous and talented swappers you all are. I love the quilting world - the friendships that are made, the skills that are learnt and the talent that is shared.

  4. Best swap ever! Thank you so much for all the beautiful goodies you sent! they are all in use!! I have corralled some small items on my sewing table into the basket and the strawberry is decorating my sewing room along side the basket. Pins are in the pin cushion and the the key fob is in my purse. I used to have a hard time finding my keys in my purse but now I just reach in and the strawberry fob is easy to find and grab!!

  5. Rachel does beautiful work! This looks like a fun swap to participate in. Your items you made were beautiful!!

  6. Looks like it was great fun !! I love the gifts you made and received! The friendships you make during swaps snd blogging are just wonderful !!


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