Friday, October 10, 2014

A Plum Fabric Wreath for Fall

Finished Fabric Wreath

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The October theme....   Fabric Wreaths

Ideas and Inspiration.....   

The Patchsmith's fall fabric wreath.... I call this fall splendor!

The No sew fabric wreath and buttons    tutorial by

The plum shades in our fall yard

The Fabric...

A woven fabric with pinks and taupe... from my scrap box for the main fabric  

I pulled out 3 of the darker plum/cranberry fabrics from my scrap box

The  Construction Details....

        The wreath frame:
Mini 7 inch wire wreaths- purchase for One dollar each at The Dollar Tree Store (US)

I gave a haircut to  the "fake ribbon-like greens" on the wreath

   Cut the fabrics:

Cut all  fabrics into strips:   1 inch tall x 5 inches across

My wreath used this many  strips:     Main woven fabric - 38
                     (approximately)                    Accent fabric 1 -  11
                                                                 Accent fabric 2 - 11
                                                                 Accent fabric 3 - 11

    Tie on the strips:

Tie  on  (single tie/not a knot)   a main fabric,  main fabric, accent fabric 1    then,
         main fabric,  main fabric, accent fabric 2    then,
         main fabric,  main fabric, accent fabric 3     then,

  •     repeat this sequence until your wreath is  completely filled.    
You can fill in with extra strips as desired, or  make the length of the strips according to your taste.   You will learn how to twist the fabric, as you tie them  on, so that you minimize seeing the  "wrong side" of the fabric.  

About 2/3 completed

Finished wreath....pretty, but it was lacking something....
   Hot Glue Buttons on:
Buttons-  15  in various sizes and colors

My Fall Plums Fabric Wreath                


  • Amanda, The Patchsmith, gave the tip to use a flannel or  woven fabric... so the back side is the same as the front side!

  • I used the little gold thread loop that came with the wreath, for a hanger.  I simply inserted it as I tied on one of the upper  fabric strips.

  • This project is simply begging to be modified for different holidays!  You can cut the strips and get the supplies all ready , and then tie them on while watching tv in the evening. 


This  mini  wreath  is convenient to use in groupings....

On a table
Or....     hanging on my mantle....

Hanging on my mantle

  Share your wreath if you make one... HERE   ..... in the Across The Pond Sew Along Flickr Group!

I'm off to my sewing room!
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  1. The red and plum colours are so autumn and so reminiscent of your tree. And there are buttons - perfect.

  2. Pretty colors!!! I love your inspiration! Visiting the East Coast during fall is on my bucket list :)

  3. Lovely colours, Susie! That is such a beautiful wreath! Now I want one :)


  4. Love the colours you used. Your wreath is perfect! This project is so tempting. A lovely idea for Christmas too!


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