Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fabric Wreath Fun

October's Across The Pond Project

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October's evenings are crisp and cool,  and they signal  the leaves that it is time to change into their fall wardrobe ...

Amanda, The Patchsmith, has found a really beautiful project for us to make during October, to celebrate the beautiful , rich colors of fall.  She made a really gorgeous fabric wreath with fabric strips ...

Fall Fabric Wreath     made by Amanda, The Patchsmith

Aren't her  fabrics just perfect for fall?  Amanda  used a 10 inch wire wreath and 1 " x 5 " strips of fabric to make it.   (see here for how she made her wreath)

When I saw Amanda's  wreath, I immediately ran to my stash , to pull out some fabric scraps to make my own wreath.   I am stopping by  a Dollar Tree Store (in the US), to see if they carry any wire wreaths.  (A Quilter's Mission suggested this store for wreaths on Amanda's blog post comments.)

All but one of these fabrics were given to me in a scrap box !
Now, you may have noticed that  these  fabrics tend lean to the plum tones...  
I'll show you what they reminded me of...

My palette inspiration.. our maple tree  out front 

There are lots of tutorials online to help you get started on making your own fabric wreath.   I ran across this beautiful wreath...  on . 
Deanna glued little seasonal buttons onto  some of the fabrics on a foam wreath.

No sew fabric wreath   tutorial by

I'll let you know how my fabric wreath turns out!

Won't you join Amanda,  Amy, and I in making this fast and "scrap buster" project?   If you make one, or want to see what others are making, just hop on over to our Across The Pond Sew Along Flickr Group to see what folks are posting!  

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. You have your own maple tree? OMG - how lucky are you? And now you have a wonderful chic rag wreath complete with cool buttons. Love it.

  2. Giggle - I thought that was your wreath - doh! I am just going to have to wait a bit longer. Will there be buttons I wonder?

  3. Can't wait to see your wreath! You have the perfect inspiration!!! Maples are my favorite; we have a red maple :)

  4. Another lovely project this month too! The Across the Pond Team have so many great ideas!


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