Monday, October 13, 2014

Block Talk in October

Block Talk - Patchique blocks #13 and #93

Amanda and I are getting close to finishing up the blocks for our Patchique Quilt Project... Sewing Along with The Patchsmith.   I have 2 more new  blocks to add to my pile of Japanese Taupe Quilt inspired blocks...

Making blocks from the book  Japanese Taupe Quilts
by Susan Briscoe

Block #13:  Yottsu masu  (means Four square measures):

Block #13  from the book 

This was a fun block to make.  We make four smaller blocks, and sew them together.  There are 76 pieces of fabric in this 9 1/2 inch block!

Here is my interpretation of the Four square measures # 13:

Block #13  Four square measures   by Susie's Sunroom

 Block #93:  Hosenji kiri guruma ( which means Elongated paulownia wheel):

Block #93 from the book

And this is my  block #93 -  Elongated paulownia wheel-

Block #93  Elongated paulownia wheel     by Susie's Sunroom

This block was also fun to create.   
What does my  layout look like so far?   I will be adding sashes and a block in each outer corner, too....

Patchique Quilt blocks layout   Susie's Sunroom
I measured my bed ,  and I think I'd like to have my quilt measure at  96 in x 96 in.  

Stop by to visit on Wednesday.... I'll be "Mixing it up" a bit....

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. I think I might be a little sad to see you finish this up as I have really enjoyed seeing these blocks as you make them! The floral block may be my favorite one yet!!

    1. Thanks, Gina! I know I will miss making these blocks! I have learned so much through making them, too.

  2. The flower block looks so pretty and sophisticated with the tan background and red dot accents. Can't wait to see it all sashed. The layout looks good -- it always takes me a long time to figure out my layout and then I usually fowl it up when sewing together even though I make a great effort not to.

  3. Lovely blocks, Susie! Beautiful green in the Four Squares block.


  4. I have that book. I like your blocks. The flower one is just so pretty.


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