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Patchique' and Spinning in the Rain Block Talk

 Patchique' and Spinning in the Rain Block Talk

Hop on over to The Patchsmith blog
~to see her beautiful blocks

My goodness , but time has flown by since we first began to make these Patchique' blocks.
Amanda, The Patchsmith, told us on her blog that we have   only 8 more blocks to make for her  quilt!  That's four corner blocks, and 4 more in the 7th row!    I have a tall bed frame, and really need to go and measure my bed ( yes... NOW !) to  have some exact measurements for my quilt.  

The next two blocks were not complicated and were enjoyable to make.

Patchique' Block #45:  Komochi kume igeta (Grouped well-curb whirlpool)

Block #45 l
from the Japanese Taupe Quilts book

And this is my Block #45:  Grouped  well-curb whirlpool

#45  Grouped well -curb whirlpool   Susie's Sunroom

It has a part-sewn seam in it. The directions were well written, and I finished the block easily.
True confession-   I did start to add the second piece in the wrong direction, and  had to rip out abut 2 1/2 inches of stitches .  (No biggy.)
My  husband caught on to  the "overlap" in the block right away, and liked that concept.  

Patchique' block #70:  Shikishi  ( Calligraphy cards)

Block #70 from the book

The star is formed by laying the blocks of fabric at the right places.

This is my Calligraphy cards block-

Block #70  Calligraphy cards    Susie's Sunroom

Amanda,  always looking ahead, has  created  a beautiful  layout  for her blocks in  our Patchique'  Quilt Sew Along....  

Amanda, The Patchsmith's  Patchique' Quilt Layout
These blocks are Amanda's actual blocks, in her fabrics and colors
Diagram courtesy of Amanda, The Patchsmith

I wondered what  my blocks  would look like in this layout.    So I filled in an excel chart to see , even though I did not put in sashing around the blocks:

Susie's Sunroom   Patchique' Block Layout
I think it will work pretty well for me, too.  (Happy dance!)

Spinning in The Rain Bom  at Sew Lux Fabrics

Now, here's my  Spinning in the Rain block #4:

Spinning in the Rain BoM  #4  Sept.     Susie's Sunroom

This block was paper pieced!  ( Yep, I did a happy dance when I printed out the pattern!)
Block #4 is a vibrant one,  with the green polka dot pinwheels jumping out .

Here they are so far... June, July , August and September       Susie's Sunroom

And here they are with their mini's ! ( Mini pinwheel cuteness!)

June, July, August and September blocks with their mini's   Susie's Sunroom

Is it October yet?

I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. Lots of great blocks here. Both of you will have awesome quilts when it's all done! I think my favorite block so far is Calligraphy Cards, and your interpretation is brilliant!

  2. Pretty blocks! I love how you are continuing to make the mini blocks in the spinning series too! You are a block making machine!!!

  3. These two are Patchique blocks are so interesting!! Yours look beautiful! The mini blocks are so adorable!!


  4. I just love how all your blocks look together Susie! Are you making a mini of every one of them?


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