Friday, January 16, 2015

Back to Farming

Back to Farming... 

              ...Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt Blocks , that is !
It is exciting and inspiring to see quilters starting up new quilt block projects for the new year.  I wish I could do more of them, don't you? 

Just a  few of my  current Sewing Enablers:

 Amanda, The Patchsmith-   with her newest addiction project

                                       Block-A-Day With The Patchsmith
BAD Block #1  by Amanda, The Patchsmith, in her  Block-A-Day 

Amanda is making a block a day, to use up her scrap pile.  It just makes me want to make every block that she is making!  And, then there are all of her delightful mug rug patterns...just begging to be made!  Oh, she is a 'bad' influence on me, for sure!

Snowman Mug Rug  design by  The Patchsmith
Susie's Sunroom version

Janeen,  at Quilt Art Designs-  with her modern paper pieced designs,    BoM's ,  and  a  digital  paper pieced patterns magazine 

The Paper Piecing 1/4 " digital magazine  issue 4

Yes, this is an obsession of mine...
Recent paper piecing blocks and projects  using Quilt Art Designs patterns

Julie C,  The Crafty Quilter-  with  her   Sew Thankful Sunday feature ( first Sunday of the month ) pointing out all kinds of projects  from all over ...  and with  her tutorials and projects... 

Nordic Mini QAL  by Julie  The Crafty Quilter
from this past Dec

Nordic Mini QAL  design by The Crafty Quilter
made by Susie's Sunroom
I am loving mini's know I couldn't pass on  making  this sweet wallhanging!
 It measures about 14 inches by 14 inches.

 I have been seeing so many  fantastic new Sew Alongs and BoMs and resolutions, to simplify and get organized.  So I spent a day away from the sewing machine  (sigh) ,         and filed away  all of the paper I have  been accumulating  (patterns, tutorials and  ideas for the future. ) As I was  picking up ( or "redding up" as we say in my family) my sewing room,   noticed tripped on  my pile of  Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt  (FWSQ) fabrics .   I  suddenly realized that my pile of  FWSQ blocks  were not "growing by themselves" while sitting there!

Blocks from the Book 

 So, 2015.... here I come!

FWSQ Block # 25:    Cups & Saucers

  - note - I bought the book and  use paper pieced patterns (from a Yahoo FWSQ  group)

FWSQ Block #25  Cups & Saucers          Susie's Sunroom

FWSQ Block # 26:  Cut Glass Dish

FWSQ Block #26     Cut Glass Dish                    Susie's Sunroom

I love the bright colors in these two blocks.   Orange and turquoise are fun together!

If you are like me, and have any  Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks started, I invite you to  make a few , as you can, along with me this year.

Add your blocks to my Share Your FWSQ Blocks Group on Flickr.  

You can also see my FWSQ blocks  here  , at the top of my blog.

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Pattern provided by QAD Publishing

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bright and Bold

Bright and Bold in Bleak January

It is dark, rainy, icy and cold here today

I have found a way to brighten up a dark and dreary day in January....

Here's my formula:

1.  Make a cup of white chocolate mint coffee, and add the warm and foamy milk to make it a latte.

2. Pull out Bright and Bold colored fabrics to make a pillow.

3. Print out,  color code , and cut out the pattern pieces for the Triangle Block Pillow.

4.  Sew up  the nine blocks , using paper piecing foundation for each block.

5.  Put the  9 blocks together, and add a pillow back .

A bright and bold Triangle Pillow   by Susie's Sunroom
    Design by Janeen , from Paper Piecing 1/4" digital magazine issue 4

6.  Enjoy looking at my  bright and bold Triangle Pillow... that can warm up a  soggy and bleak day!

Here are the Triangle Block Pillow   details:

Pattern-          Triangle Pillow               designed by Janeen at Quilt Art Designs

                       Pattern  here  at  QAD Publishing  in Issue 4  (Jan -Mar 2015)

                { this issue has a dozen paper pieced patterns to create so many artistic and  fun  projects)

Pillow :      9  Triangle blocks made a 15 inch  square cover  (unfinished)

                I added 1 inch sashing to all four sides and made a back cover (16 in x 16 in)
                Pillow insert-  16 inch sq pillow form

Blocks up close

Go ahead  and grab your sunglasses.... I'll wait for you!

This would make an awesome wallhanging, too!!

See the  border  fabric- black with brightly  colored mini hearts

                  The back - a 16 in square pillow cover , with a covered zipper 
                                 (free tutorial by Amy Made That!   here )

I love seeing the triangles all plumped up!

Now, what could be better than this??

Well.... maybe I could be  looking at my Bright and Bold Triangles pillow, while sitting on a beach chair,   with my toes buried in some sand and warm water....

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Pattern provided by QAD Publishing

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Purrfect fun!

Paper Piecing fun!

Some of you may recall that our cat , Whiskers, is my main only helper and chief inspector...

Whiskers "on the job" 

Inspecting the bag handle

Now, meet my latest project obsession....

Silhouette Cat  #1 block     design by Janeen of Quilt Art Designs   {click here}
~ a 10 inch finished block

Janeen , of Quilt Art Designs, has created some amazing paper pieced cat silhouette blocks that  perfectly capture so many kitty mannerisms.   

What's the big deal, you may be asking? 

 Well look....

Silhouette  Cats  @ Quilt Art Designs

I found my Cat #1 pattern in the latest version of-

          QAD   ' Paper Piecing 1/4 "  ' digital magazine issue 4 (Jan - Mar 2015).   

 The other 11 patterns  are in her Craftsy shop.

( Have you  noticed that I added a little  triangle of white fur on the cat's chest?  
Just have to make her look like Whiskers!)  Stay tuned to see what I make with this ( or will it be "these" ) block (s).

"That doesn't look anything like me!"

I'm off to my sewing room!

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Pattern provided by QAD Publishing

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Patchique' Block Talk

Patchique' Block Talk

I can't believe that it is time to share with  you the last two of  the  quilt blocks, for my future Patchique' quilt!   Amanda,  The Patchsmith, and I began our Patchique'  block-making journey in October 2013.  Every two weeks, we tried to create a patchwork block and an applique' block.    

The Patchique Quilt Project

 I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to "keep up" with Amanda's skills, in making  patchwork  and in applique blocks for a quilt.  But I knew I would learn a lot through the experience.

Patchwork block # 38:  Kasuri juji hishi  (which means Kasuri diamond crosses.)

Block #38  by Susan Briscoe  from Japanese Taupe Quilt Blocks 

This block was fun to make.... even though it  is made up of 81 pieces of fabric!!  (I didn't count how many total blocks, until I finished it up!  I didn't want to get scared before I even began sewing it!)  There are good diagrams in the book , to show you how to join the different sections. 

I chose some favorites for the fabrics- a  red tonal and a taupe .

#38 Block  Kasuri diamond crosses                by Susie's Sunroom

I was totally shocked when it came out as  a 9 1/2 inch square!! (Did you hear my big squeal of delight?!)

Applique' block #104: Hachi hon ogi guruma (which means Eight fan wheel)

Block #104   by Susan Briscoe  from Japanese Taupe Quilt blocks 

Block #104  Eight Fan Wheel   by Susie's Sunroom

My daughter says the fan wheels remind her of the paddles on a  nativity scene that rotates around from the heat of the candle flames.

I cannot create the beautiful layout graphics that The Patchsmith made with her blocks, but this is a layout of my  42 blocks.  I will be adding  a sashing around each block. 

The four blocks at the very bottom will be the four outer corner blocks in my quilt .

Susie's Sunroom  Japanese Taupe Quilt blocks

These  four blocks will be on the outer corners....
I think I have the fabric I want for the sashing.  So when I get enough courage, I'll start cutting the sashing strips out and begin to create the rows of blocks.  

If you want to see the whole collection of Patchique' blocks, you can click:
                     here   -   in my blog  Patchique' page 
                     here  -   in my Flickr page

 You can see all of The Patchsmith's gorgeous Patchique'  blocks, (and mine)   - here                 

The Patchsmith's block #106

                                      Susie's Sunroom's  block #106

I have heard from Amanda that we will  "occasionally" be making some "tricky" blocks in the future... I don't know if I will be scared or thrilled!! ("Tricky" means over 100 pieces in the 9 1/2 inch block.) 
I have grown to love sewing these Japanese blocks and seeing them come to life.   I will consider the "finishing" of  a block,  which contains  100- plus  little pieces,  "a good day for quilting!"  And you may hear a little squealing again!

So keep checking in  to see the progress on my Japanese Taupe Quilt.
I'm off to my sewing room!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Across The Pond Sew Along in the New Year

Across The Pond Sew Along in the New Year  2015

Come on ... sew along with us!
See what we have made  .... click here
Happiness in the New Year... is having oodles of fun projects to make... and making them along with good friends!

January's theme for ATPSA is:    Sewing Machine Cover

There are lots of super cute patterns and tutorials out there.  I've found a few to share with you , if you need an idea to make yourself a new cover for your little buddy!

Sewing Machine Cover Tutorials~

Idea 1:      Patchwork Sewing Machine Cover   at  Sew Mama Sew

Made by Tiny House

and this is another cover using the same tutorial:

Made by Sew Bird Crazy

I love the simplicity of this design.

Idea 2:    Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial   by Ellison Lane Quilts

I love this patchwork  sewing machine applique!

Idea 3:  Knitted Sewing Machine Cover     by  Knitting Minnesota

My daughter would love this one! {She's an avid knitter.}   Aren't the buttons cute?

Idea 4:     Denim Sewing Machine Cover    at  Denim Do Over

This was a pair of old jeans.... upcycled into a cover! How clever is this!
 {I have a pair of white jeans that I have been saving to upcycle... they'd be great for this!}

Idea 5:   Snuggly Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial   by Susie's Sunroom

Snuggly Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial     click here for  free pdf  pattern

I made this sewing machine cover tutorial , in Feb 2013.  

A few details-

This would fit a pretty big sewing machine.  My Viking is 20" wide,  12 " high,and 8 " deep.
(It's plenty big.)

I made  some HST from  charms (5 inch squares) : grays(from a Shades of Gray Swap) and yellow/white/ gray polka dot fabric( DS Quilts).  

The side gussests

The view from the top

Link to my Snuggly Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial:   here     (printer friendly)

Oh, this isn't all....If you want to see even MORE fun patterns and ideas,  go on over to The Patchsmith to see what she has to share.  Amanda is in the process of making a delightful patchwork cover, using   4½” squares from fabric scraps left over from the Wishes SAL  and some Bonnie & Camille off-cuts. She'll be adding some extras!  I LOVE her fabrics!

The Patchsmith -  main panel

Later this month, I'll share another sewing machine cover that I made for my Baby Lock machine.  ( I couldn't leave her out! )

If you haven't joined in making any projects with us, maybe  it's time to make a few projects with us now !  Be sure to put your project in our Flickr group , to share.  We love seeing everyone's projects!
I'm off to my sewing room!