Thursday, January 8, 2015

Purrfect fun!

Paper Piecing fun!

Some of you may recall that our cat , Whiskers, is my main only helper and chief inspector...

Whiskers "on the job" 

Inspecting the bag handle

Now, meet my latest project obsession....

Silhouette Cat  #1 block     design by Janeen of Quilt Art Designs   {click here}
~ a 10 inch finished block

Janeen , of Quilt Art Designs, has created some amazing paper pieced cat silhouette blocks that  perfectly capture so many kitty mannerisms.   

What's the big deal, you may be asking? 

 Well look....

Silhouette  Cats  @ Quilt Art Designs

I found my Cat #1 pattern in the latest version of-

          QAD   ' Paper Piecing 1/4 "  ' digital magazine issue 4 (Jan - Mar 2015).   

 The other 11 patterns  are in her Craftsy shop.

( Have you  noticed that I added a little  triangle of white fur on the cat's chest?  
Just have to make her look like Whiskers!)  Stay tuned to see what I make with this ( or will it be "these" ) block (s).

"That doesn't look anything like me!"

I'm off to my sewing room!

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                            Can I Get A Whoop Whoop @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Pattern provided by QAD Publishing


  1. It looks like Whiskers has posed and you've created a fabric photo of her. Very clever.

  2. Great post! Love everything--the quilt art designs are fabulous, Whiskers is so cute, and your cat block is wonderful!

  3. Susie, I really thought it was made from a photo of Whiskers LOL, How fun that you now have a quilt block of your little tuxedo kitty! Great job making it too!
    Janeen is quite a talented pattern designer!

  4. I am giggling over here, reading what Whiskers has to say about her portrait! What a charming post - filled with beauty!

  5. How cute! Whiskers *should* be proud!! It really IS the spitting image of him!

  6. Blocks like this must be addictive! How much time took this one? Janeen's collection of paper piecing patterns is amazing. You have a sweet chief inspector!

  7. Gosh, those silhouettes sure do capture cat personality, don't they? Your block turned out very pretty.

  8. Fantastic kitty block!! I love when you post photos of Whiskers :)


  9. What a great Whiskers cat block - just made for him. Looks the spitting image!


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