Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nordic Cuteness

Nordic Mini Quilt Along

The Nordic Mini QAL
Look what Quilt Along is going on at Julie Cefalu's blog,  The Crafty Quilter

                                            A Nordic Mini Quilt Along!!   

 I was hooked as soon as I saw these cute little snowflake blocks, and ran to find some red and white fabric.
It is a mini quilt, that will meaure 14 1/2 inches square,  and will have 4  rows.

I had such fun making the  Half Squre Triangles for these little blocks.  There are a few reasons for this...

  • I love that they are going to be 4 3/4  inch square blocks
  • I have been testing some adorable quilt patterns, using many HST, and have gotten much better making those HST  ( Elaine, Summercrafter is designing up cuteness!)
  • I used the tiny LocBloc ruler, that make trimming HSTs  so easy and accurate.  ( I splurged awhile back and got a set ranging from 1 1/2 in to 6 1/2 in.  I LOVE THEM!)

Trimming to 1 1/2 inches with the Bloc Loc Ruler

Julie's tutorial is excellent, and before I knew it, I had one block finished.  I had to take my time pressing the seams open, but it was well worth the extra step.  I did not use steam!  

My first block   in the Nordic Mini Quilt     not perfect, but cute

Row 1                         by Susie's Sunroom

Think you have a bit of time to fit  squeeze in a Nordic mini?   Hop on over to The Crafty Quilter for the tutorial!  Be sure to  use the hashtag  #nordicminiqal  on IG to post your blocks.   I am on IG  SusiesSunroom

These little blocks warm my heart... even on the coldest winter day!  I can't wait to see what we will be making next week!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Your little blocks warm my heart too.

  2. Oh, these are truly gorgeous! I'm not able to join this little sew along, but your pictures are cheering me up. I've got to try this in 2015.

  3. Great blocks Susie!! I love the red and white color combo!!

  4. I love this pattern, Susie, looking forward to see your quilt.

  5. Gorgeous, Susie!! They warm my heart as well. I can't wait to see more!


  6. Susie, I adore red and white and these blocks sure appeal to me! Your's turned out great! All week long i have been designing a Nordic looking quilt and in this same week, yours is the second one I've seen. It must be that time of the year when our thoughts turn to cozy sweaters. It will be fun seeing what you make next!

  7. These look great and show great amount of patience! :) Well done Susie!

  8. Love these HST...I am doing some right now! The blocks look fantastic!

  9. L O V E all things nordic. Will have to try ASAP for my center table, just a mini, right?

  10. Oh and yours looks great Susie!!


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