Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Candle

Paper Pieced Christmas Candle

I had fun starting to make a few Christmas decorations. The Across The Pond Sew Along "girls"  have found some really cut projects to share with you, starting December 1 !
(The Patchsmith will be launching a new FREE pattern, too!!

I wanted to make this Christmas Candle block the moment I saw it!    It is paper pieced.
Christmas Candle pattern ~
                    by Janeen,  from Quilt Art Designs' paper piecing magazine

Paper Piecing 1/4"   Digital Magazine "

I knew that I wanted to  be very organized before I began sewing the candle.  There are a lot of pieces in the pattern.
After I chose my red and gold fabrics, I got out my colored pencils,  and assigned  pencil colors to each fabric.  Labeling fabrics and coloring the pieces can really minimize my  "human operator" errors !

Work in progress..... Christmas Candle   design by Quilt Art Designs

I tried different background fabrics.... and decided to use this black and white geometric.
I was hoping it would give a feeling like the candle was sitting in front of a church stained glass window...
My hubby suggested adding a candle flame to it.  I found some woven gold  fabric and fused it on.  (ironing with a cooler iron and  a silicon sheet)

Christmas Candle block  by Quilt Art Designs  

The unfinished block is 6 1/4 inches x 6 1/4 inches.  This is a great sized block for making tea towels or pot holders or mug rugs.   I made mine into a mini wallhanging.

Christmas Candle      made by Susie's Sunroom
The green sash ( 1 1/2 " wide ) , and black binding gives it a "Christmas Eve at church" feel...

There are more fall holiday patterns in  this Paper Piecing 1/4" Digital Magazine.  Go on over to Janeen's Quilt Art Designs blog  to see more  patterns!
I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. I look at your 'work-in-progress' photo and it amazes me that you create such a delightful quiltie from those scraps of fabric. And the gold in that burgundy fabric is so lovely.

  2. Well done, and I love the little flame, too! Those are wonderful reds and golds you chose, and the background adds drama. So pretty!

  3. The little flame was a great idea and I LOVE the background you picked, Susie!! A beautiful finish!


  4. Vision accomplished! The background design and contrast do lend a church-air to this. Very pretty!!

  5. Very festive wall hanging and I like the little hanger you added too!! You did a fabulous job choosing colors and fabrics!!!!


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