Sunday, August 17, 2014

Patchique Blocks 18 and 109

Patchique Blocks 18 and 109

I actually made these Patchique Blocks awhile ago, but have been too busy to share them with you.  Progress on the blocks has been going well, and  Amanda has assured us that the end "is in sight"....  ( We aren't making every block in the book... there are 125 of them.)

Sewing these patchwork and applique' blocks
 with Amanda, The Patchsmith

Patchique' Block # 18:   Kawari kasuri taikaku ( which means Kasuri diagonal variation)

Block # 18  Kasuri diagonal variation from the book

And this is my Block #18:    

#18   Kawari kasuri taikaku     Susie's Sunroom

I enjoyed making this block.  Amanda kindly pointed out that this block is very similar to block #17  ....  with the center block showing some variation.  

Block # 17  Kasuri diagonal    Susie's Sunroom

Patchique' Block # 109:  Asa no hana  (morning flower)

#109  from the book   by Susan Briscoe

Block #109  Morning Flower     by  Susie's Sunroom
This block whipped up into shape easily, after I followed The Patchsmith's directions, using fusible applique'.   This is one of my favorite applique' blocks so far.

What do my Patchique' blocks  look like so far?

My Patchique' blocks     as of August 2014  

I'm off to my sewing room!
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  1. Ooooo, your blocks are looking so pretty altogether!!! My favorite so far is the flower; it is gorgeous!!!

  2. Your block collection is growing nicely, Susie! I like the Morning Flower!


  3. Susie, this whole Patchique project of yours is wonderful! the Morning Flower block you created is so very beautiful!


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